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Beating The Odds – Episode 20

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Beating The Odds – Episode 20

© Brian Ngoma

Sky quickly got off the car and knelt before Cayn checking him. She put the torch light and the gun on the side. She vigorously shook him but he wasn’t responding. She could feel the blood in her hands but couldn’t see a bullet wound. “Cayn,” she shouted. “Please get up, don’t do this to me, please. I need you. I cannot do this on my own,” she cried bitterly. “Cayn wake up we have to go.” she held him in her arms placing his head against her chest. “Wake up, there is so much i want to tell you,” she sobbed. “I love you.”

“Freeze!” the officer shouted behind her. “If you have any weapon, i won’t hesistate to put you dwon.”

Sky looked at Cayn and he was still the same; unconscious. She could still hear Kayila shouting and crying in the car. Her gun and torch light were on the ground and with Cayn in her arms, she couldn’t reach for it in time.

“Stand up with your hands in the air!” the officer angrily yelled. He reached for his radio. “I got them, officer down though. I need an ambulance and there is a possible death. I might have gunned down one of them.”

Sky slowly laid Cayn on the ground and stood with her hands in the air. The officer carefully walked to her with his gun directly pointed at her face. He told her to turn around. She did as told. She was pessimistic. The only person she could think of was Cayn and she felt like she couldn’t do anything. She had given up.

“Now kneel down!” the officer said reaching for his handcuffs.

As Sky was kneeling down, she saw Cayn move. Was she hallucinating? She couldn’t believe what she was seeing. It happened so fast. Maybe her eyes were deceiving her but that was enough to give her strength. She heard the officer stepping towards her. She could see her gun clearly. The officer put his gun in his holster while grabbing her hands to cuff them. She felt his two hands on her and knew the gun was not a factor now. As he cuffed her one hand going to the other, she swiftly manouvered him he didn’t anticipate it. By the time he was reaching for his gun, she had already clenched her fist with the cuff in it. She punched him on the nose he staggered backwards. She quickly ran to him and kicked his balls he held on to them as he knelt squealing in pain. She got the gun from him and threw it away. She ran back to Cayn and dragged him to the car. Kayila was now sitted up. Sky put Cayn on the seat opposite her. Kayila in her mental state pulled Cayn to her side and put him in her hands. “My baby,” she hummed.

When putting Cayn in the car, Sky saw the backpack on the other side and ran to grab it. She threw it in the passengers seat and ran round the car. She found the officer on his fours trying to get up. She knew he could be a problem. She couldn’t leave him conscious. She kicked him with her boots and broke his jaw. She got the keys to the cuffs, got into the car and drove into the darkness.

Opening his eyes, he was home in his bed. He tried to move, he felt a sting on his head he laid back. He touched his face and felt a bandage just below his left eye. He tried to touch his head.

“That’s not a good idea,” Sky said getting into his room wearing a burgundy bum short and a white crop top.

Seeing her clearly, she walked round the bed to his side carelessly and innocently flaunting her perfect small thick body. The bum short perfectly showed her thick thighs Cayn felt soothed. As if not enough, the crop top revealed her flat tummy exposing the peireced tiny belly button. Below the button was a tattoo of a heart. That was a first he had seen her like that. Embarrassed that she might have noticed how tamed he had become, he snapped out of it

“You gave me a scare Cayn,” she sat beside him. “I thought you had been shot.”

“What happened?” he asked confused. “How did i get……..”

“No questions please,” she held his hand feeling it becoming sweaty. “What matters is you are home.”

He moved his hand away from her and tried to sit upright but he felt like his body had gone through a beating. Slowly becoming to terms with the pain, he said. “When sliding into the car, i hit my head real hard i started bleeding and that bullet almost got me. I felt it on my face, i felt death. My heart stopped beating.”

“Seeing all that blood on your face horrified me, i thought you had been shot. Luckily, the bullet only left you with a scar. I have bandaged it though. The wound in your head is pretty bad it needs to be checked out. In the meantime, it’s taken care of.”

“How did we get to Lusaka?”

“I have a friend in Kabwe, he helped us get here. We couldn’t have made it with that car. He stuffed us together with his cargo in the Container of his truck.”

He looked around and remembered the reason he was all beat up. “Where is my mother?”

“She’s safe but i think she’s having trouble adjusting to the new environment. She needs a doctor Cayn.”

“Where is she, i want to see her,” this time he managed to sit upright. He removed the sheet which he was covered with and found himself naked. “What the ………”

“Oh sorry, i had to take your cothes off,” she looked away. “I’ll let you get dressed up. I will be outside.”

As she walked out, he saw her walk differently than the usual. What is going on with me? He growled at himself. Drifting his mind away, he got into the first short andT shirt he found. He found her waiting for him outside his bedroom. She led him to the bedroom they had specifically prepared for Kayila. He hesitated to open the door. He felt afraid. He didn’t know what to say to her. With his hand on the door knob, he felt Sky’s hand pressed against his. He looked at her and he saw in her eyes an assurance that ‘Its Okay, you can open the door.’ He opened the door and got in. They found Kayila curled up in a corner saying ‘Limbikani’ repeatedly and quickly.

“She needs a doctor,” Sky said.

Cayn walked to her and knelt before her. She moved back against the wall scared. She covered her face. He looked back at Sky who was standing watching them by the door. “Has she been like this since you got us here?”

“Not to me, she’s calm and comfortable around me,” she answered walking to them. “Hey Kayila, it’s me Sky, what’s wrong?”

Kayila raised her head up and looked at Sky avoiding Cayns eyes. She then pointed at Him. “Bad man, he took my Kani and Tasha away from me.”

Cayn felt weak in his knees. He could see how severe her sickness was. He immediately got up and walked to the door. He turned around and saw Sky getting his mother up and leading her to the bed. He left and went to his bedroom. He got a bottle of whiskey and poured in a glass cup. He drank it rapidly gulping searching for a number in his phone. He found it and dialled. It rang for a few a minutes till a friendly voice answered. “Hello Doctor Kunda,” he said.

“Mr. Simfukwe,” Doctor Kunda exclaimed. “Long time, how have you been?”

“I have been fine doctor, how are you?”

“Good good. What have you been upto? It’s been a year now. Ever since we talked about your mother, you haven’t called.”

“That’s the reason I’m calling you doctor, I got her from the village now and she needs attention.”

“Oh i see. Unfortunately I’m not around but my staff will be more than glad to assist you. I’m out of the city, will probably be back in three months time.”

“Doctor i needed you to tend to her.”

“I know but they will do their best. Let me even tell them, is it the same problem?”

“Yes Doc but i think there is more.”

“Don’t worry, we will take care of her. I’ll make arrangements for you, you can take her in today.”

“Thanks Doc,” he cut the call.

He poured himself some more whiskey.

“Take it easy,” Sky said walking into the room.

He turned his head and saw her. His heart raced at her sight. He felt something had changed. It wasn’t just about the clothes but he felt something which perhaps with his concentration on getting his mother out of prison was concealed. What’s happening to me? He asked himself turning his eyes away from her. It was like he had seen a side of her he had never thought he would see. It got him really nervous.

“Is that the Doctor you told me about?” she asked sitting next to him.

He felt her fragrance which filled up the room. In the corners of his eyes, he saw her lips which were pout like positioned. He also couldn’t help but notice the thighs that were perfectly thick. She was playing with her fingers and avoiding direct eye contact with him. For a moment, they all became quiet their heartbeats could have been heard. Lost in their thoughts and thinking about the most daring mission they had accomplished, they felt like something was missing to their lonely lives but who was brave enough to place the piece of a puzzle where it belonged?

“Yes, that’s Kunda. He said we can take Mayi in today,” he gulped avoiding her eyes.

“She’s resting. I think it’s best not to wake her up. We can take her in the afternoon, it’s only 11am.”

“What!” Cayn jumped to his feet. “I have an appointment at the police station. The chief wants me in today.” He rushed to his wardrobe and got a pair of pants and a descent shirt. Hurriedly, he removed his T shirt and put on the shirt. Without buttoning the shirt, he almost took off the short when he realized Sky was still in the room. ” Oh do you mind?”

She slowly stood up and said. “Do you really have to go. You are in bad shape? And what if someone recognizes you that side?”

“She will be more suspicious if i don’t show up today. You will take my mother to Dr. Kunda’s clinic. I’ll meet you up later there.”

“Why are you stubborn?” she got the trousers from him. “You are not going anywhere.”

He looked at her blankly and saw her determination. She was not joking.

“You need to rest Cayn,” she said her head bowed down. “You almost died for crying out loud,” her voice quavered.

“I didn’t die.”

“You almost died,” she forced back tears.

He pulled her to him and hugged her. That was the first she was close to him ever since she knew him. She couldn’t help it but inhale the freshness of his body. With her head rested on his chest, she felt his heartbeat which was tremendously beating fast. In his arms and body, she felt like she belonged. He slowly let go of her which she wished he hadn’t done.

“I didn’t die and I’m not dying any time soon,” he said directly looking in her eyes.

Knowing how stubborn he was, she didn’t say anything but turned around to leave the room. No sooner had she turned, than she felt his hand grab hers. She stood still with her heart racing as fast as the sweat exuding in her hand. He turned her around to face him and once she looked in his eyes, she felt weak and drained. How dare he? She thought to herself. No man had ever made her feel this vulnerable. She stared in his eyes words failing to escape her lips and when she wanted to utter something, her words disappeared on his lips she felt her legs tremble. She felt his hands hold her waist pulling her closer to his crotch. Uncoordinatingly, she lifted her hands and wrapped them around his neck while she felt the exhilarating fervor that came with his lips. Lips locked, he slowly and gently led her to the bed rubbing each others steamy legs. He laid her on the bed while she felt his weight on her as he slowly and sultry parted lips with her looking deeply into her eyes. His warm breath , she felt on her mouth and saw his eyes had become red.

“Sky,” he said panting heavily and hopelessly.

“Please don’t stop.”

To be continued


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