One And Only Kiss – Episode 36

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One And Only Kiss – Episode 36

© Oyebamiji Samuel
Story Continues
Theme: Evil shall not prevail

Feathers and the labour prefect stood and watched as Mary and Owen drove home

“Josh, I think I should know my twin sister’s address ” Feathers said

“I think so, cus we do not know when the evil people will come for them” Josh replied

“But even if the enemy comes against them and we are present, what are we gonna do cus I may have power but I do not know how to use it” Feathers said

Josh sighed

“Wait! Something came across my mind right now. Did you know that Bella confessed Mary, she also did for Vanessa, what if she is the enemy” Feathers said .

“How can you think like that, but , wait! This girl is having a supernatural power , we can speak to her , she may join us to fight the enemy together” Josh suggested

“Sincerely I do not like that girl, not because her eyes is big or because she is ugly , I just don’t like her , but since she’s having a supernatural power, I think I will have to pretend as if I like her” Feathers said

“Good, let’s check her class and see if she is still around so we can just speak to her , I believe she won’t turn us down, after all , she likes you” Josh said

Josh and Feathers went to Bella’s class

That was the exact same time that Bella raised her silver knife up

“Bella” Feathers called

Bella dropped her hand and turned his face at Feathers , as soon as she saw Feathers , her anger calms cus she likes Feathers

She immediately formed a pathetic face and quickly thought of a way to defend herself so they would not think she is evil

“Bella! You are about to kill an innocent boy” Feathers said and walked closer to them

Collins stood up

“She wanted to kill me with that silver knife in her hand just because I advise Owen to be careful. She is evil and I’m sure of that, she is a witch” Collins said

Feathers looked at Bella and returned his gaze on Collins

.”why are you falsely accusing her, how did you know?” Feathers asked Collins

Collins kept quiet cus he didn’t know who Feathers is, he only know Feathers on the day he and Mary debated with Owen and Bella

“Bella, what did he do to you ?” Feathers asked

“Everyone had left the class, just he and I in the class and he came to me trying to touch some private parts of my body ” Bella lied

Feathers believed Bella and he looked at Collins with an eye of contempt

“Hey man, don’t ever try what you did to her again, now leave this class” Feathers commanded Collins

Collins felt sorry for Feathers and his friend cus they believed evil without knowing

Collins slung his bag pack across his shoulder and walked out of the class

“Bella, sorry, do not mind him, but where did you get the knife” Feathers asked

“Oh , this?” Bella said staring at the knife and asking if Feathers meant the knife in her hand.

But during that time of asking , she was seriously searching for a lie to tell.

The first characteristics of a witch is lying.

“Actually, I was using this knife to cut some chickens yesterday and my school bag was on the kitchen table, I was lost in thought that I did not know when I put the knife in my bag” Bella lied

“I see, it’s a silver knife though, but did you really wanted to kill him?” Feathers asked

“No, I was just scaring him, I will never kill ” Bella said

“Alright, we actually came for a serious business” Feathers said

Bella sat

“Tel me about it?” Bella requested ready to listen to Feathers

Josh suddenly and abruptly dragged Feathers out of the class

Bella wondered why Josh behaved that way

“Feathers, we can’t tell her what we intentionally came for, firstly we met her trying to kill someone and now she is saying what looks like a lie, how can you forget a silver knife in your bag, think about it Feathers” Josh said

Feathers reasoned with Collins

“That is true, cus if truly Collins was trying to touch a part of her body , I’m sure we would not meet Collins kneeling and pleading ” Feathers said thoughtfully

“Exactly my thought, there is something suspicious about Bella” Josh said

“Then we better start going before she use her silver spoon on us” Feathers said

“You are silly, Silver spoon or silver knife” Josh said and laughed

They both walked away without informing Bella

After Bella waited for some minutes , she checked them outside and noticed they are gone

Bella ignored, she slung her back pack on her shoulder, she went to her car and drove to Owen’s house.

She parked and stared around the beautiful house with an evil grin on her lips

She casted a spell on the door and it opened gently by itself. She walked inside Owen’s house , she started searching every hooks and crannies of the house for Owen and Mary

To be continued


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