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One And Only Kiss – Episode 29

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One And Only Kiss – Episode 29

© Oyebamiji Samuel

Story Continues

Theme: They Won

“We welcome you all from the short break, now we gonna hear from the ladies mouth” Mr. Faraday said and gazed his attention at Bella

Bella stood up and held the microphone

“Good day Head of Judge, the judges, the representatives of the ministry of Education , my co debaters and colleagues.

My name is Bella and I’m here to support the notion that says ‘Death penalty should be allowed’

My partner here has given the definition of what death penalty is and two solid points that proves that death penalty should be allowed.

My first point is this, The death penalty should be applied, because it is a just punishment for horrific crimes. The Christian Bible has the solution, “an eye for an eye”. Let the punishment fit the crime. If you take a life, you forfeit your life.

Some criminals are so far beyond any hope of redemption that the only way to control them is to terminate their life.

If a terrorist is sentenced to life in prison, he will only recruit more terrorists from the prison population.

Executing the terrorist would be a nice way of saying, “mass murder is not acceptable in our society”.

Secondly, If someone murders someone else, they have given up their human rights, including the one to stay alive themselves

The punishment should ‘fit the crime’ – if you have killed someone, you should be killed too

Giving a killer the death sentence will stop them – and others – doing it again

The very small chance of executing the wrong person is balanced by the benefits to society of putting off other murderers

With this four points that my partner and I had listed, we hope that we have successfully convince you that death penalty should be allowed. Thanks” Bella said and sat.

The crowds of student clapped and cheered her

“Fantastic” Mr Faraday said and scribbled the points she got based on standard

“Alright, let’s hear from this side as well” The principal said facing Mary

Mary had being scared all this while, she was hoping that she would not fumble, her heart was heavy.

She stood up and handled the microphone, her hand was literally shaking. She closed her eye tight and exhaled heavily .

“Good day head of Judge, Judges, representatives of the ministry of education, co debaters and colleague.

My name is Mary and I’m against the notion that death penalty should be allowed

My partner has precisely described what death penalty is and gave us two strong points to back up the notion we are against

The first reason why I think death penalty should not be allowed is this;

There’s no ‘humane’ way to kill

The 2006 execution of Angel Nieves Diaz, by a so-called ‘humane’ lethal injection, took 34 minutes and required two doses. Doctors have said that it is likely Diaz’ death was painful.

Other brutal methods of execution used around the world include hanging, shooting and beheading. The nature of these deaths only continues to perpetuate the cycle of violence and may not alleviate the pain already suffered by the victims’ family.

Secondly, It makes a public spectacle of an individual’s death

Executions are often undertaken in an extremely public manner, with public hangings in Iran or live broadcasts of lethal injections in the US. According to UN human rights experts, executions in public serve no legitimate purpose and only increase the cruel, inhuman and degrading nature of this punishment.

“All executions violate the right to life. Those carried out publicly are a gross affront to human dignity which cannot be tolerated,” said Hassiba Hadj Sahraoui, Amnesty International’s Deputy Director for the Middle East and North Africa.

With these four points that my partner and I had stated, we hope that we had convinced you that death penalty should be banned in the society”

Mary said and sat

Their was a loud cheers from the audience, louder than that of Bella. Majority of the crowd love the precise points of Mary than that of Bella

“Ladies and gentlemen, we have come to the end of the long anticipated debate between Class 8 and Class 7, let’s listen attentively as I announce the individual scores of the winner

Without bias, and with strict standard of measuring who won this fierce debate between class 8 and Class 7. I am pleased to announce that;

Owen who was the first to deliver his speech had 63 points

The multitudes of students clapped for Owen

Feathers who spoke against the notion that Owen support had 75 points

The multitudes of student clapped loudly for Feathers

Bella who was the first to speak amidst the ladies, she had 55 points

Many of the students clapped gently

Mary who is a partner of Feathers and is also against the notion that death penalty should be allowed , she had 93 points

Everyone stood up and started shouting, hailing her and praising she and Feathers

Mary blushed and bowed her head gently. Feathers looked at her and smiled . Feathers covered his face with his two palms and exhaled, he was so happy that they won and made their class proud

After few seconds

“Thanks you, kindly have your sit” Mr. Faraday announced and every student were beginning to sit down one after the other

“Ladies and gentlemen , The total point for Owen and Bella is 118 points

While the total point for Feathers and Mary is 168 points

The winner of this hot debate is Feathers and Mary

Many students that are in support of Mary and Feathers stood up again and rejoiced .

The few students who wanted Bella and Owen to win just sat down silently watching others rejoice

Bella felt disgraced, she bowed her head slightly, Owen felt bad that their team loss.

He felt sad that he couldn’t make their class proud.

The representatives of the ministry of education stepped down from the podium to congratulate the winner which are Feathers and Mary.

The head of judge and other judges also stepped down to congratulate Feathers and Mary

They were awarded and praised.

After the organizers of the programmes had left, many students rushed to hug Mary and Feathers

Owen walked sluggishly outside, Bella followed behind

” Owen, It’s time to fulfil your promise” Bella said to Owen

To be continued


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