Corruption – Episode 46

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Corruption – Episode 46

© Akoto Alexander

Man: You are the Chief of Staff, please find a way to convince him as I and some security officers probe into it.

Hon. Asantewaa: Hmmmm this is a herculean task but I believe this is what I can do to avert a pending war.

After the president is done with his alarming speech he goes round to exchange plesantries with the members of parliament and when he he gets to his close buddies they engage him in a conversation.

Hon. Hajia Ramatu: Congratulations Mr president, indeed you are a lucky man. You woke up today a vice president and you are going to bed the president of the country.

Hon. Nii Nortey: I now feel the victory you spoke about earlier on today your Excellency. Why were you expecting something like this to happen today?

Hon. Johnson: (cuts in) Ah Nii paaaa, how can you insinuate something like that? Are you by chance assuming our president has a hand in that heinous deed?

Hon. Hajia Ramatu: I am equally surprise he made that statement, Nii is everything right up there?

President J. Bugri: It is enough you guys, as we all know, the three of you are my closest allies in the party and political circle. Meet me home after I leave this place for a better celebration. I started my exciting day with the three of you and I will end it with you people, I will see you guys later. (walks away to meet other people)

Hon. Asantewaa: (walks to the president) Congratulations to you Mr president and accept my deepest condolence. Sir there is something important we need to discuss and I think we have to do it now.

President J. Bugri: Thank you for your congratulatory message but I believe this is the wrong place to discuss anything of importance.

Man: (joins the conversation) Congratulations sir for your successful swearing in this evening. I must admit your speech was short, powerful and precise.

President J. Bugri: Thank you so much and I heard you and the police officers have been able to rescue the daughter of the late president?

Man: Certainly so Mr president, she is back home safe and sound.

President J. Bugri: That was a very swift job you guys did, I will promote the officers involved when we are done with the funeral preparations of the late president. Well if you would excuse me, I have other people to meet and share pleasantries with. There is a small and short party in my house after I leave this place, you can join if you wish lady and gentleman. (walks away)

Hon. Asantewaa: What was that detective Akoto? I was expecting you were going to raise the important topic we discussed but you only came to sing the praise of the man.

Man: Madam Asantewaa sometimes you must just know when to strike and when to lay low. This discussion could be best done in the office or when your man is alone his house. As we all can see, he is enjoying the early moments of his glory. He has invited us for a small short party so let us honour his invitation, after that party we can have a short discussion with him and who knows, he will retract his statement.

Hon. Asantewaa: Detective Akoto do you think it is right for us to attend a short party whiles we are in the state of mourning? How would our political opponents see us when they get to know if it?

Man: Madam you know today happens to his 60th birthday and I believe he planned for this small party so let us pass through for a while knowing the mission we have to accomplish. (let us go to the car park as we make a move to the house of our new president)

Hon. Asantewaa: Detective Akoto for me I am not sure my political son Reedolf is dead and James won’t be capable to handle the affairs of this country. Since he has trust in you now and speaks well of you I will buy into your idea.

Back in the Bush:

Twum Boafo: (talking to himself) Eeeeeiiii I have been walking for over an hour in search of this loud explosion that I heard but looking at things, I am nowhere close to the place. Should I ignore the search and go and look for my son or what?

President R. Mensah: Junior I am tired, hungry and thirsty. Can we please rest for a while.

Junior: Mr president this place is not safe ooo, let us go a bit further so I get you some water from the river ahead. There are some fruit plantation ahead of us, I can get something for you when we get there.

President R. Mensah: (moves from the place he is standing) I told you I don’t like snakes so let us go away from this place.

Kwaku Boamah: Yaw Danso is junior back because am not seeing him sitting at where he was earlier on?

Yaw Danso: He is not back Kwaku and I am getting worried over here.

Kwaku Boamah: Kwamina where did you best friend say he was going to ease himself?

Kwamina: Am I his keeper or watchman? My friend don’t disturb me over here.

Kwaku Boamah: Eeeeiiii junior has got for himself a friend papa, see erh, when he comes back I will personally tell him the bad things you have been saying behind him. You are not qualified to be called a friend to anyone of us here. You are greedy, self centered and selfish.

Kwamina: I can even be self meat if you want more ways to describe me, you are going to tell junior the things I said about him. Is he God or does he unrinate milk?

Yaw Danso: No he unrinates Coca-Cola and fanta, I have now understood why Kofi Boateng never liked you.

Kwamina: (gets up to hit Yaw Danso) I told you not to involve yourself in my case, now you will know what I was talking about.

Kwaku Boamah: (intercepts and slaps Kwamina) And I also told you that, if you want to touch Yaw Danso you will have to go through me. If you ever try to lay your finger on him, I will beat you beyond recognition. Today it is only a slap, next time it will be series of blows on your face.

Kwamina: I swear we are not done with this fight, we are in the bush so I won’t mind you. When we get back home, you will see the stuff I am made up of.

At the Residence of Karl Simpson:

Karl Simpson: (going through his record books) Woooow ever since I had that ugly encounter with this man and his son, I have learnt a lot of things. Indeed some problems are blessings in disguise, after I was locked behind bars, I have learnt to be humble and down to earth. Ever since I showed remorsefulness and I was given a chance to write my wrongs right, I have seen a tremendous improvement in my life and business. Infact Mr Ampah I think I should increase your salary, promote you and get you a new car for everything you have done for my late father’s company. I believe if I humble myself much more, I will excel further and I must now make plans to settle down with one woman. If my late father decided not to settle down and give birth to me, I would have been a product in a used condom. From today onwards I have turned a new chapter and my agenda is operation get a good woman and settle down, I am done with slay queens and sidechicks. Let me go to bed and tomorrow before I go to the office, I will pass a showroom and get a car for my life turning accountant. If you don’t have an elder in your house and corner, sorry for you because you will keep repeating the same mistakes you do. (closes his records book and jumps to bed)

At the Residence of President Mensah:

Beverlyn: Mummy why has daddy kept long in coming home, is everything alright?

First Lady (former): (cleans her face) Sweetheart, daddy will be a bit late coming home today so please go to bed.

Beverlyn: I am not feeling sleepy mummy, I have missed daddy and I want to see him before I sleep.

First Lady (former): Baby please don’t make things difficult for me this very moment. I beg of you to please go to bed.

Beverlyn: Mummy why are you crying?

First Lady (former): (lies) My dear I have developed a serious headache that is why I am pleading with you to go to bed because the more I talk the more the tears flows and my head aches. Please do as I have instructed and I will be so happy for your understanding.

Beverlyn: Okay but before I sleep can you call daddy for me to speak with him before I sleep.

First Lady (former) Baby why are you being difficult this evening? Daddy is busy and you know when he is busy he doesn’t answer his phone? Please go to bed, the moment he comes home, he will come to your room so you have your time with him or better still you can sleep in my bedroom tonight so that I can hold you in my arms.

Beverlyn: Mummy if I sleep in your bedroom, promise me you won’t cry because I can’t sleep with you crying.

First Lady (former): Sweetheart I can’t promise you that the tears won’t come but I promise you that I will not do anything that will disturb your sleep.

Beverlyn: Mummy can I ask you a question?

First Lady (former): Sure why not? I am all ears my sweetheart.

Beverlyn: Mummy please when was the last time you lied to me?

First Lady (former): Ah sweetheart where from this question this evening?

Beverlyn: I don’t know but I want an answer to my question please.

First Lady (former): (fakes a smile) Well I don’t remember my dear, I don’t remember the last time I lied to you and besides why should I lie to my only child on this earth?

Beverlyn: Are you sure of what you just told me mummy?

First Lady (former): Yes of course my sweetheart. Now let me take you to bed and no more questions for tonight. Daddy won’t be happy getting to know you have stayed up late till now. Now up you go my beautiful princess.

At the Residence of President Bugri:

Hon. Asantewaa: Detective Akoto I don’t think I can stay at this place for long knowing that our former president is alleged dead and his body is yet to be found.

Man: Yes I understand you and I myself I have in mind plans to go to the area the incident happened this very evening. If I check through the database of the satellite phone I gave the former president, I can pick up vital informations as to the geographical location and coordinate the incident took place.

President J. Bugri: (hits his wine glass with a spoon to catch the attention of the guest around) Thank you ladies and gentlemen for honouring my short invitation, there are a lot of things to eat and drink so please feel at home and enjoy yourselves. (walks round to exchange pleasantries with the guest)

Hon. Asantewaa: Sir I don’t think going to war now is the best idea. We need to probe and do a thorough investigation before we take any form of violent action. Maybe the person or people we might be suspecting might be innocent of the crime.

President R. Mensah: Madam Asantewaa you know I am a one touch man, I don’t show or display signs of weakness and meekness, whether the person or people we are suspecting are innocent or not, I want to throw a strong caution to the other African countries and the world that, Ghana is not a country to mess with. The fact that we are peace and loving people doesn’t mean that we will be taken for granted. Let me quote one statement our former president always quoted when some countries wanted to disturb him. I quote, “you can touch the walls of this country but you can never shake the pillars and foundation of this country”. They have foolishly tempered with the lion’s cud so they should be ready for a fearsome attack, I am going to turn their country into a war zone and at the mention of my name, people will run and start trembling.

Man: (checks his phone and see something) Ah sorry to cut in Mr president and madam Asantewaa, looking at my phone and tracking cordinates on it, I can reliably say the president is not dead. 30minutes ago the president was here and now he is somewhere there, someone is moving with the phone of the president or he is still alive.

Hon. Asantewaa: Then that is good news detective Akoto, if president Mensah is alive, things will change very soon.

President J. Bugri: Did you say the president is still alive?

Man: I think so sir, checking on the tablet I have in my hand, 30minutes ago the red arrow here was somewhere there and now it is here. The red arrow has moved about 200 meters in the past 30minutes.

President J. Bugri: But don’t you think it might be a wild animal that has devoured the late president and might be carrying part of his body and his phone?

Man: That can be true also Mr president.

President J. Bugri: I can’t be here and enjoying whiles the body of my former boss has not been retrieved or found. I gave orders for the regional commanders of the Ahafo region and Brong Ahafo to organise a search party and go to work immediately so we can retrieve all the 12 bodies that we on the plane. Detective I would like to borrow your tablet and be monitoring the movement of the arrow myself. I will travel with the helicopter to the area with some top officers so that we bring the body of my former boss and friend home safely.

Man: (looks at hon. Asantewaa’s face before releasing the tablet) I wanted to travel to that place myself this very dawn with the team that apprehended the abductors of the little girl.

President J. Bugri: That shouldn’t be a problem my brother, you and those officers did a great work and you must be taking your rest by now. The former president was dear to me just the way you were to him, I will take it from here as you and you people take some rest which you guys need badly. We will be staying in touch as I get to the place with the other top officers. Thank you for the tablet and do enjoy the party. (walks away to other guest)

Hon. Johnson: Your Excellency now that you are at the helms of affairs I hope we are in your plans?

President J. Bugri: Of course my brother, see I will give you the Excellency title position by giving you guys some ambassadorial positions. I will send you three to the best countries in the world. One goes to America, the other to Germany then the last one is taken to the United Kingdom, the three of you will cast a ballot so what you choose is what you get. What do you think about that?

Hon. Nii Nortey: That won’t be a bad idea at all your Excellency. May your days be long on this earth and may you countinue to swim in wisdom and knowledge.

Hon. Hajia Ramatu: Then that means we have to relinquish our seats at the parliament house.

Hon. Nii Nortey: Of course Hajia, I am tired of this honourable title and I am glad Mr president is about to change our stories by giving us a bigger and better appointment. I am now feeling the breeze of the new era and the victory Mr president felt in his body earlier this morning.

President R. Mensah: I am glad you have accepted my offer, you guys should start finding ways and means to relinquish your seats in your various constituencies. I will get people who can replace and retain our party seats in the by-elections that will be held when you relinquish your seats in your constituencies.

Hon. Johnson: I trust you our new top striker, infact in this country’s politics, you are the Christiano Ronaldo in it, anytime you are having the ball in your possession, something unthinkable will happen. Sir I hail you (salutes as the others laugh)

President J. Bugri: Well for all this to materialize, I think there is something like a problem that might hinder our progress on this new movement.

Hon. Nii Nortey: And what could that be your Excellency? I believe we have passed the enduring period and what is left is the enjoying period so what is it sir?

President J. Bugri: How will you take it if I tell you it seems the president is not dead?

Hon. Hajia Ramatu: Whaaaaat? Sir please where did you get this information and who conveyed it to you?

President J. Bugri: The detective there gave me that clue and we must get to the bottom of this. I said “we” because we are in it together, if I succeed we succeed together. I and some officers will be travelling to the area the accident took place, you guys can join me so that we go and finalise things over there. Who is in?

Hon. Nii Nortey: I am in your Excellency.

Hon. Johnson: Count me in your Excellency.

Hon. Hajia Ramatu: Why are you all looking at me like that? You think I will give excuse huh? Please tell me the time we are setting off Mr president.

President J. Bugri: I am excited everyone gave his or her support, we will move exactly 3am this dawn. You guys must be at the air force base by half past 2 so that we move.

Hon. Hajia Ramatu: (looks at her watch) That means we have less than 3hours to converge at the air force base? Guys let me take my leave so I can go and change into something better. I will see you soon. (exchanges handshakes with the others and leaves the hall)

Hon. Asantewaa: Detective Akoto I will be on my way now, I guess you will be staying a bit longer here?

Man: Hell no madam, as I said earlier on, I and the team that rescued Beverlyn will be heading to the accident scene very soon. I am waiting for a confirmation on the chopper we will travel with from the inspector who is communicating with the CDS.

Hon. Asantewaa: But how can you trace the phone when the tablet you have been monitoring the president with has been taken away from you?

Man: In our line of job, we don’t put all our eggs in one basket. There is always a backup plan, on my phone is another tracking device and on my laptop, I have the master set up where I can get a better geographical location of the satellite phone.

Hon. Asantewaa: Ah that sounds good and refreshing, I know it is a difficult task which involves a lot of running and vigorous walking but can I at least join you guys?

Man: Ma’am as you rightly said, the journey ahead is a vigourous one and I doubt if you can stay in tune with us?

Hon. Asantewaa: For Reedolf I will go any length and what most people don’t know is that I was once an Immigration Officer before I joined politics, I know all the tactics and strategies in the security field. Don’t underestimate me with my looks because I am a jungle woman.

Man: If you are poised up for action then whom am I to say no to your request? Please go and get yourself ready so that we move on time. We will meet at the air force base to board a helicopter to the place the incident took place. (they exchange pleasantries with the other dignitaries and leave the place)

At the Airport:

Cindy: Baby girl is you guest not coming out from the arrival hall?

Lovia: Take your time my dear, as you can see, people are still coming out from the arrival hall. I am sure he is going to walk out and join us soon, ah see there he comes. (waves to draw the attention her guest)

Denzel: (gives the ladies a hug) Hello pretty damsels, sorry I kept you waiting for long. One of my luggages is still not out and we were trying to sort it out first but I had to come out and meet you ladies then I go back to finalise things.

Lovia: Oh so bad but are they sure your luggage was on-board or they left it when you did your transit?

Denzel: My dear I came with a straight flight, I don’t like boarding transit flights. Please let me go in there and see if the bag is finally out. (walks away leaving his luggages behind)

Lovia: Okay my dear, we will be waiting for you hear.

Cindy: Baby girl that dude is a fresh guy, he even looks handsome in person than the picture you showed to me the other time. This one you have to please link me to him and I promise I will take awesome care of him.

Lovia: Ah Cindy are you for real? What then happens to the guy you spoke to me about just 3days ago?

Cindy: My dear that was 3days ago that I said something about a that new guy, we are talking about today and the new discovery I have come across. Imagine giving birth with that handsome guy Lovia? Our kids will look like black American children and I am willing to give him a set of football team as children.

Lovia: You are so unpredictable and strange, all through out school, you always said that the highest number of children you will bring forth is two, now you are talking about any entire football team. My dear your problem has passed the time a bottle of anointing oil can remedy, you need a barrel of oil to deliver you.

Cindy; My dear don’t be a stumbling block between my future and prosperity. If you do this connection for me, I swear I will always be indebted to you and your household, I will even make you the godmother of all my children.

Lovia: My dear it is strictly business I have doing with him, pleasure is far from anything I can add to the things I have discussed with him.

Cindy: So in other words you mean you can’t help me to achieve my aim right?

Lovia: Don’t please misquote me, he is coming out so let’s end the topic Cindy.

Cindy: If you don’t want to help me fine, don’t forget one good thing deserves the other.

Denzel: (walks in with a lady and 2kids) Sorry for the delay ladies, with me here are my 2 lovely kids and my beautiful wife and better half Audrey. Sweetheart meet Lovia Twum Boafo and her best friend Cindy.

Audrey: (smiles and extends her hand for a handshake) Hello ladies, I am so excited to be in this country at long last in the year of return. I have always heard good this about your country and how hospitable you guys are. I can’t also wait to taste your well prepared fufu with light soup, waakye and your Ghana jollof.

Lovia: (sees the attitude Cindy is displaying and plays smart) You don’t have a problem at all ma’am, tomorrow morning I will get you the finest waakye in town, in the afternoon we will make a stopover in Kumasi for your fufu and light soup when we are heading to mummy’s end then I will personally prepare your Ghana jollof for you in the evening. Please forgive Cindy’s dull attitude. She just got to the bridge of our monthly thing unexpectedly and she is in serious pain.

Audrey: Oh I can relate to that, I brought some painkillers which are very good when things like this happens. When we get to the hotel I will get some for her.

Lovia: (smiles) Ah thanks in advance ma’am, you have a kind heart.

Denzel: Okay ladies can we move from here? I am so tired and I need a cold shower now.

Lovia: Of course my boss, the uber I booked is at the car park so please let us go so you are taken to your hotel. Let me help you with one of the kids.

Audrey: You are so kind Lovia and I know we will get along very well.

Cindy: (walking and talking in her head) Look at her big breast, you were brought here so you can spoil my market huh? We shall see who will laugh last you daughter of Jezebel.

Fast forward:

At the Air force Base:

Man: Madam Asantewaa you are in early and you look poised for this mission.

Hon. Asantewaa: Of course I am very ready for this mission because the president’s is involved over here. I would be dead by now if the president didn’t decline my offer to join that trip you know. Well where are the others and where is the helicopter we are going with?

Inspector Bediako: (walks in) It seems we might delay a bit, the chopper we are to travel with is going through a refuelling exercise and some other maintainace check, we might be an hour late if am not over exaggerating.

CDS: (joins the conversation) Guys I have picked up some information on the ground that our new president is on his way here. I don’t want him to know we are also embarking on our private mission there so please notify your drivers to move away from here as I host you in the air force base commander’s office so we wait for our chopper to be ready. We can even take that opportunity to map up our search strategy. For me I am very hopeful the president is not dead because I know there is an emergency exit booth in that plane.

Inspector Bediako: I will dispatch the drivers so that you move to the commander’s office.

Shortly after the cars move from the air force base, the new president and his entourage drives in.

CDS: (salutes) You and your entourage are welcome your Excellency.

President J. Bugri: Thank you madam CDS but I wasn’t expecting to see you here by this time of the day. You are supposed to be in your bed by now?

CDS: Your Excellency how do I sleep when Ghana is in the state of mourning as our vibrant elected president and Commander in Chief is not in our midst and we can’t confirm if he is dead or alive? I came here to map out a search strategy with a team we formed this evening. I came out to meet you because I picked information from the main gate that you are on your way here.

President J. Bugri: Well that is very good to hear madam CDS, I am here because I want to be flown to the area where my boss was involved in a plane crush and he met his untimely death. I want to be around to see everything for myself how things takes place over there as the bodies of the people on-board the plane are retrieved and brought back to Accra for a better and proper burial service for them. Also on my way here I saw a convoy driving out from here, who were they?

CDS: Oh that were some top officers from the other security services who came to help in drawing the anti-terrorism strategy I told you about earlier. Also I think it will be prudent enough for some of my men to travel with you to the place for your safety. You know the information that came in before the plane crushed has it that the plane was attacked with some missiles from some unknown people. Travelling to that place at this time is a great risk and your security must not be placed under jeopardy.

President J. Bugri: Madam CDS, I am not bothered at all. Whoever is behind that attack should be prepared for war as I am poised up to avenge the death of my former boss, if they don’t know I am a proud son from the North, I am the great grandson of the red hunter. I am the only lion from the north who is into politics, I understand your temperament but worry less about me. I am comfortable with the security I have with me early this morning.

CDS: Sir so can I at least join you to the place?

President J. Bugri: Oh no need for that since you said you and your team a mapping up a strategy to face the people behind that heinous offence. There are many choppers around that you can later join us when you have properly drawn a strategy to give me results.

CDS: But your Excellency you can’t…….

President J. Bugri: (cuts in) No but madam CDS, time is of essential value here so please go to work as we also take leave from here. Whatever decision is taken, do well to notify me even before a command is given.

CDS: Very well your Excellency, I will do as you have instructed and be giving you the requisite information you need.

President J. Bugri: Very good madam CDS, this is the cooperation I require from my Chief of Defense Staff. Ladies and gentlemen please we have a transformational agenda ahead so let us be on our way.

CDS: (salutes the president) Safe trip Mr president and I wish you the best of luck.

The president and his entourage enters the chopper as the pilot gets them into the air.

CDS: (talking to herself and walks back to the commander’s office) I don’t trust this man on some decisions he takes, as to who advices him, if God doesn’t intervene on our behalf, Ghana will run into a ditch where we can’t walk back to track.

Inspector Bediako: I think the president and his team have left the base now.

Hon. Asantewaa: Are this officers not done with the fuelling and maintainace they are doing? We need to be in the air by now.

CDS: W/O Ahu are you not done with what you started?

W/O Ahu: Ma’am please we should be done in the next 5minutes.

CDS: If by 5minutes this chopper is not out of this hanger I will be very mad at you. I hope I am clear?

W/O Ahu: It is transparent clear ma’am.

Man: Guys come and check this thing out, about 25minutes ago, the signal was here, just 5minutes back it had moved to this place and now it is here. The movement happens to be taking place in at a faster pace.

Hon Asantewaa: So does it mean what James said is true? Does it mean a wild animal has attacked him, devoured him and took part of his body which had the phone attached to it?

Man: I am not sure madam Asantewaa, our man is still alive and if not for the bushy area and darkness from nightfall I would have zoomed in for us to see who is moving with the phone.

Hon. Asantewaa: So detective, does it mean our the president is seeing and getting the same information we are getting here on your laptop?

Man: Yes of course madam Asantewaa. The only upper hand I have here is that, I can logout the tablet he is having from here without him knowing I have done anyting like that.

Hon. Asantewaa: Then please take him out from the system right now. Truth be told I don’t trust that man and if you believe the president is still alive, please let us protect his movement.

Inspector Bediako: So why don’t we rather call the phone he is having with him so we tell him the way forward?

Man: I have tried the line severally but there is no answer from the other end.

CDS: That is the confusing part of everything, guys our bird is ready to go airborne. We have a whole lot of work to do so please everyone should have it in mind that what we have ahead is enormous and herculean. I hope everyone is poised for the task ahead?

Man: I am forever ready madam CDS.

Hon. Asantewaa: Why are to guys looking at me as if I am the weak link here?

Man: Don’t mind them madam Asantewaa, I know what you can do and can achieve. We are going as a team and we will stay together as a team.

CDS: My men from the western command should by now be on the road to the accident scene.

Man: Ladies and gentlemen, on this note I render the tablet with the president powerless and blind like a bat during the day. (clicks the enter bottom on his laptop)

In the President’s Helicopter:

Hon. Nii Nortey: Sir that CDS was trying to be stubborn when we were about to leave the air force base.

President J. Bugri: Don’t worry your head my brother, a woman sells garden eggs but not gunpowder. I have my own plans and policies I am bringing on board, I will fire some people Reedolf appointed and bring people I am confident in. That woman should be enjoying her last minute moment in that office she is occupying because I am retiring her shortly after we bury the fallen heroes.

Hon. Hajia Ramatu: Your Excellency then I am please taking the opportunity to lobby on behalf of my younger brother who is a Commodore in the Ghana Navy to take that position when it becomes vacant. He has been a close follower of you even before he joined the army and later to the he university but due to his work, he can’t come out to talk politics.

Hon. Johnson: I was also about to recommend my brother in law who is a senior officer with the Air Force.

Hon. Hajia Ramatu: Hello no Johnson!!! That position can well be occupied by my junior brother who is a loyalist and a ruthless military personnel, please look elsewhere with your interest and don’t let this bring misunderstanding between the two of us, I bet of you. You can go and check on the track record of my brother ever since joining the navy.

President J. Bugri: Enough of this the two of you, I am sorry to disappoint you both but I have already got someone to fill that position for me. I have already drafted my team down so don’t make enemies of yourselves for nothing. Mr pilot, this tablet which had the exact location of where the former president is, is no longer transmitting any information to me, I think the network is bad in the air. Can you read anything from the signals on the screen? (hands the tablet over to the pilot)

Pilot: Sir if the signal and coordinates are accurate then we are not so far from the place.

President J. Bugri: How far is the place from here?

Pilot: In about 400meters from here we should be in the region of accident scene your Excellency but I will have to fly you about 3miles from that place so that a standby team will get you to the scene via road.

President J. Bugri: That won’t be acceptable by me, I believe you can assist us so we use the ropes on the chopper rather.

Pilot: Your Excellency that would be a dangerous thing to do as you and the dignitaries here don’t know or have the requisite military training to descend a chopper and more so it is still dark.

President J. Bugri: Soldier I didn’t ask for your opinion or advice, as your Commander in Chief of the Ghana Armed Forces, I gave you a direct order.

Pilot: Sorry sir, I just had to let you know the matter on ground as a loyal follower to my Commander in Chief. Please get ready for showtime, sergeant Osei get the president and his team tightly buckled up as you will go down with them.

Sergeant Osei: Roger that sir.

Back at the Bush:

President R. Mensah: Junior can you hear the sound of a propeller of a helicopter coming close?

Junior: Yes please but why do you ask?

President R. Mensah: That might be a rescue team so why don’t we scream so they hear our voice and come to our aid?

Junior: Mr president really? Like serious you want to shout in this dark bush? Who would hear your small voice and how can they trace us in this dark and trees covering our heads? How would you know if those in the helicopter are even on your side? Remember you told me that your plane was hit by a missile from people you don’t know yet? Please let’s keep walking till we get to the roadside or we meet a hunter who will help us to a nearby village or somewhere safe.

President R. Mensah: Junior you are really smart and intelligent but I am very tired and I feel very weak, can’t we rest a bit because my legs are wobbling.

Someone screams from behind ordering them to stop or else he will shoot.

Who could this man who screamed be?

So now that a new president has been sworn in what will happen if the president is found alive?

Have you been able to finger out who is behind the bombing of the president’s plane?

To be continued


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  1. Nice one
    The president must not die
    Please post two more, you cant just give us two episodes after waiting from Monday to Friday

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