Hell’s Nest 2 – Episode 11

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Hell’s Nest 2 – Episode 11

© Goddy Francis



We went over to her house and it was empty. We walked into this detached house and we found her mom lying on the couch.

” A sleeping disease.” The exorcist said touching her heart.

Her breath isn’t stable.

” Check upstairs for the girl.”

We went upstairs and she was no where to be found.

” She’s gone.” I shouted climbing downstairs.

” How ? What do you mean ?”

” She’s no where the be found. It seems she ran away.” Jason said and we all sigh.

” She must be around. He knew we were coming.” The exorcist said and we walk out.

We stood outside and look around aimlessly.




Rayne was found dead in his room with a bleeding heart. And it looks as if his heart is missing.

” Oh Elle..” I pondered.

An ambulance drove into his compound and took his body away. His mother was really down , she fell and collapse.

” Oh God.” Toni and I carried her into the ambulance and they rushed her to the hospital.

” I can’t believe Ray is gone.” Toni lamented.

” f**k he’s gone.” I sob gently.

” I need to look for Elle.” I said and rushed out.

I walk on this lonely road and took a turn around an alley. I saw Danielle standing there , she turned to look at me and smiled mischievously.

” You’re going somewhere bestie ?” She asked.

” Elle , you can’t do this , you can fight this out.”

” I’m killing myself right away once I’m done with you. You’re going to hell with me.” She said and chase after me.

I scream and ran away. She stopped and cried. Her eyes were blood including her hands , they were dripping blood.

” Poor Elle .” I stop and look at her , I was forced to cry.

She stood there and cried blood. I heard a car horn , I turn around and got hit by a car. My nose gush out blood and I turned to look at Danielle she was no longer there.

I hold my bleeding stomach and passed out .


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Giselle and the others waited and eventually got tired.

” I’m giving up.” Giselle sob gently.

” You shouldn’t. Jordan might not survive including Christian , she would show up.”

” How sure are you ?” Melissa asked.

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” What if she has committed suicide ?” Jason asked.

” No , I’m not sure. She can’t just die like that.”

” I hope so.”

” Have hope my children , she must come home.” The priest said and Giselle sighed resting herself on the car.

She walked into her compound like an hypnotized victim. Her eyes were dim and it seems she can barely see. She was covered with blood.

” The end is here.” She said and stopped.

” Quick get a sedative..” the exorcist whispered.

Melissa opened her bag and brought out the sedative injection , Giselle and Jason held her tight as she was Injected.

She grunt and collapse.

” Quick, open the door…” The exorcist shouted as she was rushed into the car.

They drove straight to the exorcist’s church. She was still fast asleep.

” Please tie her to the pillars.”

” So how can we remove it ?” Giselle asked.

” It can’t , except Alaster is been cast out .”

” What about Jordan and Christian ?”

” They will be free once he leaves.” James said and sighed.

” He’s eating her up.” James added.

” Poor thing..”

” I guess she has no family left.” Giselle said.

” Yes I think so too.” Melissa said.

Few hours later Danielle opened her eyes. Her eye were pure red , she struggled to break free from the chains as the exorcist try to stop her.

” Leave her alone..” James said.

The demon smiled through her and laugh.

” Her end is near.” He said through her and laughs.

James prayed and touched her forehead with the cross he was holding. The cross turned red and went ablaze.

The girls gasped and tried to catch their breath.

” You’re going back to where you belong..”

” I belong no where , they are my vessel.” He said and tried to break free.

The roof started trembling , a strong wind blew and the glory of God came down as a light. Of course no one saw it , the exorcist prayed hard and Lucifer showed up.

” Son.” Lucifer called.

” I’m not coming with you.” Alaster shouted through Danielle.

” Who is she talking to ?” Giselle whispered.

” I don’t know..”

” His father is here.” James said and stood still taking a deep breath.

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” That’s enough tormenting you’ve done , we are going home.” Lucifer said and pulled out his soul out of Danielle.

The lights disappeared as the wind cease. Danielle exhale and fainted.

” She is free , remove the chains.”

They released her as she fell to the ground , the bracelet fell off her wrist as she inhale deeply.

” What about the others ?”

” Jordan and Christian ?”

” Yeah..” Jason replied.

” They should be better now.” The priest said pacing around.

Jason’s phone rang and he quickly pick it up.

” Hey Mom..”

” Christian is awake.” She shouted on the phone.

” Really ?”

” Yeah , I barely can express my happiness..”

” Thank God.”

” Where are you ?”

” A long story but I’ll give you the details once I return.” Jason replied.

” Alright be careful..” his mom said and ended the call.

” Say it .” Melissa snapped and the others turned to look at him.

” I guess Jordan’s awake too since her boyfriend is safe.”

” Thank God.”

” What are we gonna do about this ?” Giselle asked picking the bracelet up.

” We should bury it.” James said.

” No exorcist , you’re a nice man I’m happy we are all back together. I’m selling it to the London museum right away.” Giselle said.

” Why ?”

” Because it’s worth is about a 300 million dollars, convert that to Rands we are billionaires..” Melissa said and smiled.

” Your choice..”

” Giselle you need to be careful with that.” The priest said.

” Yeah of course I will.”

Danielle got up and stare at everyone around , she was perplexed and nervous. With the look on her face it shows she was weak as hell.

” Ready to go home ?” Giselle asked and she kept quiet.

” Lemme help you up.” Giselle said giving her a hand.

” Thanks. ” She said standing up.

” Thanks James ,you saved us all ”

” I didn’t , God did.” He said and beam a smile.

” Father..” Giselle called and hug the priest.

” Be careful child.”

Giselle smiled and nodded. She kept the bracelet in her bag and they left.

” You’re home.” Giselle said alighting from her car.

” Thanks..” she said turning to face them.

” All of you..”

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” You’re welcome.”

She forced a smile and entered her house.

” I can’t imagine the look on Jordan’s face right now. I almost thought it was over ” Giselle said driving.

” Things are better now.”

” So what’s up with the two of you ?” Giselle asked.

” Mel and I ?” Jason asked and Giselle nodded.

” I think I want her back..” Jason said and smiled at Melissa.

” You think ?”

” Sorry I truly love her.” Jason said and smiled at Melissa who blushed.

” I’m waiting for the engagement ring..” Giselle said and Chuckle.

Giselle stopped at Mrs Smith’s house and they came down. They entered the house and saw Christian sitting down on the couch , he sat up and stare at his older brother baffled.

” Jason..” he called.

” Hey kid.” Jason said and smiled.

” b***h I’m not a kid.” Christian said and chuckle hugging his brother.

” I thought we’ve lost you.”

” I’m here now.” Christian said

” Where’s Jordan ?” Christian ask.

” Must be at home , i will take my leave.”

” Let me come with you.” Christian insisted.

” Alright.. we are all going.” Melissa said chuckling.

They laugh and rushed out into giselle’s car. She drove straight to her house and opened the door , it was quiet just as she left it.

” Jordan..” she called.

” f**k i totally forgot , the loop.” Giselle said and rushed out.

They open the door and saw Jordan’s body lying extremely cold.

” I don’t get it.” Christian said walking straight to where she was lying.

” It can’t happen.” Melissa said.

Giselle was already whimpering.

They touched her chest and her heart has stopped beating.

” She can’t be dead.” Christian yelled and sob.

” Call the priest.” Jason said they Giselle.

She quickly took her phone and phoned the priest.

” Jordan is still not awake. She’s not even breathing.” She said on the phone.

” I’m coming right away.”

She ended the call and cried .

” Calm down..”

” I don’t wanna believe Jordan is dead.” Giselle said and cried.

Few minutes later the priest rushed in with the exorcist. They stare at the body of Jordan. The exorcist shake his head and sob quietly.

” She’s dead.”

To be continued


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  1. Why should Jordan be dead now? Was she stuck to the body she possessed? If so, what's now the fate of that girl that she possessed her body?
    So many unanswered questions but i hope the next update will do justice to that.
    Thank you very much, op.

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