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Hell’s Nest – Episode 10

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Hell’s Nest – Episode 10

A story by Goddy Francis



” Hey Chris , you’ve heard ?” Jones asked.

” Heard what ?”

” Look.” He said stretching a newspaper at me.

I collected it and read the headline.

I was dumb struck.

” Yeah , Jade’s dead. Your petite girlfriend.” Jones said and sat down.

” I don’t get it , an accident ?”

” Chris you saw it on the news paper, it’s written on it, so broad.”

” God , this world is crazy, Jade is dead just like that.”

” Yeah weird , her parents took her body to the mortuary, she will be buried this weekend.”

I sighed and eventually sighed again.

” I need to take a walk.” I said and walked out.

I walk to a beach close to my house, it was so isolated. I stood by the shore and thought about Jade’s mysterious death. Jordan also filled my memory, I wanted to talk to her but Giselle Is trying to make things difficult for me.

I stayed there for a while when I saw something on the water, it looks like someone who drowned. I walk to where this person was lying and it was Jordan.

” Jeez..” I said and lifted her up.

I carried her and took her to my house and hurriedly lay on my bed. She got up at once and threw up water.

I stood still and watch her.

” You’re okay ?” I asked.

” Why did you bring me here ? ” She asked standing up.

” You might wanna shower.” I said.

She sighed and stare at me in rage.

” I wanna go home.”

” You can’t just go home like that , you need to take a bath and I’ll drive you home.”

She kept quiet and looked outside.

” Why would you want to take your life ? Drowning is not a solution.”

” Where is your bathroom ?” She asked ignoring my comment.

” Right there.” I said pointing it to her.

She remained mute and left for my bathroom. I sighed and cleaned the floor.

” You brought in a girl ?” Jones asked in the kitchen.

” Who’s she ?” he added.

” Some one you know. She’s the one I told you about.”

” Your dream girl ?”

I chuckled disappointed and sighed.

” I hope so.”

” Weird. She’s pretty.”

I sighed deeply and carried the tea to my room. Jordan was still bathing. I dropped it on the table and walked to the bathroom door.

I stood there and knocked slightly..

” Hey , I made tea for you , you should take it before I take you home. ” I said but she didn’t answer.

” Jordan you’re there ?” I asked and she didn’t reply.

I heard the noise of my shower , but she wasn’t saying a word. I walked out of the door post and left. After a while I returned and knocked, she didn’t reply. I opened the door gently she was already dressed.

” You didn’t drink it ?”

” I didn’t tell you I was thirsty.” She said and turned to look at me seductively.

” Alright.. you ready to go ?”

She nodded and refused to talk.

” Sorry about that..”

She smiled and nodded Childishly , I led her to my car outside and helped her with the door. She entered and remain quiet till I drove her home.

” So..?” I asked outside the house.

” So you should be leaving..” she said and laugh.

” I guess..” I blurted.

I exhale and stare at her for a second.

” I really wanna know why you tried to kill yourself ?”

She kept quiet and wrap her hands around herself.

” You can talk to me alright . I’m not a novice because I already knew everything . ”

She gasped and wanted to talk when I stopped her.

” No you shouldn’t freak out , Giselle didn’t tell me. She was nice, she’s trying to protect the love ones around you. I found out myself , but all of that don’t matter, why would you wanna take your life by committing suicide ?”

She cried softly and I console her.

” When I was young I was always bullied by fellow school mates or classmates, they call me the weird nerd. At fifteen I isolated myself from friends , I don’t talk to anyone and I’m always alone. My mom was my best friend , she was my everything. She was always there for me and she gave me this bracelet when she was really sick. She called it a lucky pearl..” she said and smiled at the bracelet.

” Have you ever take it off ?”

” No.” She replied.

” Why ?”

” Because I can’t , you may wanna try.” She said and stretch her hands to me.

I held her wrist and tried to take it off , it was really hard. I tried continually but it couldn’t pull off.

” Woah .” I said dropping her hand.

” It’s enchanted , you can’t take it off.”

” Why ? I mean how did your mom gave it to you if you can’t take it off ?”

” Still can’t figure it out. It’s magical and it connects to my memory or affection.”

” I believe you just made that up ?” I ask and she chuckled.

” Yeah , but I still don’t know how my mom got it off..”

” Alright..”

” But why would you wanna get it off ?” Jordan asked.

” Nothing just wanna know.”

” Cool , I should start going..”

” Wait , just wanna say something before you leave.” I said and she smiled.

” Alright , go on.”

I sighed deeply and sighed again , seems I was short of word.

” Jordan what ever thing that happen to us , either bad or worse we should never think about taking our lives it’s not worth it. You have better days ahead of you and I truly wish you could see it. ”

She smiled and stare into my eyes.

” You know I’m really sorry about our last meeting , I was so rude I get it and I’m truly sorry. I just wanna get you out of my head.”

” What ?” I ask surprised.

” No don’t take that personal, pretend as if I didn’t say it.”

I smiled and nodded.

” I’m truly sorry.”

” It’s okay , I understand..”

She smiled and kissed me at once , I was so stoked, I had to kiss her back .

Giselle walk in and cleared her throat.

” Hey G.” I said and she nodded mischievously.

” I should leave you.” Jordan said and walked out greeting Giselle.

” Christian ?”

” Look Giselle chill out..”

” Did you hide her ?”

” I didn’t , Jordan tried to commit suicide..”

” For real ?” She asked.

” Yeah , she was washed ashore.”

” God why will she wants to commit suicide ?”

” No idea , maybe you just need to watch her closer.”

” I should leave you..”

” No you won’t , I saw something. What’s that ?” She asked and winked.

” What ?” I ask.

I know where she was driving at.

” Christian you know what I’m talking about , you guys kissed.”

” Oops I don’t even remember , bummer huh ?” I said and chuckled.

” That’s not funny , I hope you know what you’re getting yourself into ?” Giselle asked.

” Yeah , I truly like Jordan, I know she’s you know..”

” Yeah I get it , just be careful. I hope you don’t get hurt.” Giselle said and I nodded.

” I should leave now ”

” Be careful..” she said and waved and I drove away.




I watched Christian drove away and I sighed.

” Poor thing..” I said in my thoughts and left.

I climbed upstairs to Jordan’s room , i opened the door slowly as she turned to look at at me in rage.

” Giselle you should learn to knock.”

Alright that was unusual and disrespectful.

” Sorry about that.” I said standing on her door post.

She was getting off her clothes to bathe.

” What do you want ?” She asked in a very annoying manner.

” Just wanted to check on you , Christian told me something..”

” You should leave..” Jordan fired.

I kept quiet and watch her walk to her mirror to look at her reflection.

She removed her dress and I saw something.

An hexagon triangle symbol on her back and The eye of Providence on her shoulder close to her back bone.

I gasped in fear and returned my gaze to Jordan who was already staring at me through the mirror.

” Your days are numbered..” She said in a ghostly man’s voice and walked into her bathroom.

” God have mercy.” I said and walked out closing her door gently.

What could a triangle symbol be doing on Jordan’s back. That was a bad sign. Who gave her that tattoo of a triangle ?

The eye of Providence was the most weird one. I went over to my room and called the parish priest.

” Giselle..”

” Good evening father.”

” Evening Giselle, is everything okay ”

” Not at all father , I saw something really weird today..” I said and pace around.

Jordan walk in staring at me in anger.

” What did you see ?” The priest ask on the phone.

Jordan’s eyes were really red and abnormal.

I ended the call and turned to look at her.

” You’re just an irritating gossip. Must you tell my issues to people ?”

” Jordan it’s not what you think..” I protested.

” Oh shut up.” She ordered.

Okay cool, that was unexpected , he was trying to use her again.

” I heard you , gossiping me to your stupid parish priest.” She said and took a step forward.

” I was serious when I said your days are numbered..” Jordan said her pointed her finger to my face.

I felt a force trying to strangle me , my voice started fading , I couldn’t feel myself anymore I was loosing it.

I choke and catch for breath , but I couldn’t find it I fell to the ground and everything was void.

To be continued


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  1. Your brave ooo this Giselle. She told you your days are numbered and your still in that house.
    I wish this story could be updated everyday. Thumps up. Your good

  2. Since the demon is afraid of the Holy Water and The Cross, and Gisele is determined to help Jordan, I think she should keep those items at the strategist points of the house. But this Gisele too is stubborn, what kind of love is that? Thanks man, can't wait for the next update.

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