Blood Legacy

Blood Legacy – Episode 27

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Blood Legacy – Episode 27

© Brian Ngoma

Unshaken, Hunter stepped towards Naveen and stood face to face with him. “I know you can kill me right here right now but i don’t have any beef with you Naveen. I have no problem with you or your family. I came here for Devi.

“This is my house!” Naveen pushed him back.

“And it so happened Devi is here. He almost killed an entire family in Chisoti village to get you that land. He didn’t succeed because of me.”

This was news to Naveen, completely different from what he was told. “I don’t care what you tell me, you killed my father Hunter.”

Irritated, Hunter said, “I didn’t kill him for crying out loud. I might know who did though.”

When Naveen wanted to speak, they heard tires screeching outside and Hunter instantly figured it was Devi. Not minding Naveen in his way, he took off bumping him out of his way and found his way outside. He found two guards who seemed ready for him. Behind them was Devi’s car heading to the gate. Hunter ran past the guards hitting them throwing them into the air. He sprinted as fast as possible towards Devi’s car and dived on top of it sliding to the drivers door. He grabbed Devi’s head and banged it against the steering wheel. Devi lost control of the car and hit the wall fence. Hunter jumped to the ground and pulled Devi out of the car. He lifted him up and banged his back on the wall.

“Don’t kill me please,” Devi begged for his life.

Hunter dropped him to the ground and felt pity for him. As he was about to step back, Naveen came and pushed Hunter away from Devi. The next thing Hunter heard was a gunshot.

“If what you said is true then this man lied to me and he deserves to die,” Naveen said looking at the gun.

Hunter was in shock. Yes, he wanted Devi to pay for his crimes but not by death and Naveen had just killed him without hesitation. He looked at Devi again and saw blood oozing out of his mouth and his eyes widely opened. He had met his fate. Live by the gun, die by the gun, it’s true what they say, Hunter thought.

“I am not going to ask you again Hunter, who killed my father?” Naveen turned.


Caesar pulled his car over. He and Ludo had reached the designated location Lance and pinged them. They looked around but the place seemed deserted and only one room seemed to have had the light on.

“We should check it out,” Ludo said unbuckling her seatbelt.

This put Caesar on his edge. “No No No, let’s wait for that friend of yours. Isn’t she in the police force?”

“She’s a soldier yes,” Ludo opened the door. “And she’s not here yet. What if Lance’s life is in danger?”

“But….” Caesar stammered watching her leave the car.

“It’s been an hour since i called her, she must be near.”

As the two got out of the car and stood beside each other, Kate’s car pulled up by them. She hurriedly got out of it and walked to them.

“You are here,” said Ludo nervously. She saw how Kate looked at her and knew whatever was about to be said wasn’t going to be nice. “We thought you weren’t coming so….”

What do you mean you thought i wasn’t coming? Go back in the car,” Kate pointed at Caesar’s car.

“Where is Hunter?” Ludo ignored Kate’s words.

“I left him at Naveens.”

“Anyway, i texted him the location. He will come.”

“Go back in the car Ludo!” Kate yelled and looked at Caesar.

“Ludo do what she says,” Caesar said trying to get hold of her hand.

Ludo took off running towards the house. They followed her and it was too late. They found themselves crawling and any noise they could make spawned from their argument of who was to go back to the car would blow their cover. They reached the house and Kate took the lead. She told them to wait. She tiptoed to the door. She reached for the door knob and slowly turned it around and it badged. She pushed the door and found her way inside. Slowly and carefully, she crawled in the dark space and took cover behind a wall. She peeped into another room which had a light on and saw a man tied to a chair muffling with a knife to his neck. She couldn’t see who was holding the knife to his neck. She heard some footsteps from where she had come from. Looking clearly, it was Ludo and Caesar, they had followed her. She was angry at Ludo and wished she could shout at her but she couldn’t. She looked at Caesar who only nodded indicating that he couldn’t do nothing to hold her back. She motioned them not to make noise. They stopped in their tracks. When Ludo got a look at who was in the chair, she quickly identified him.

“It’s Lance,” she whispered to Caesar. “The one with the knife is Stone,” she looked at Kate.

Kate ordered her to shut her mouth. She looked around the room and figured if Stone was alone and only had a knife as his weapon, she could take him down. She just needed to distract him and get him away from Lance. With her plan completely mapped in her mind, she told Ludo and Caesar to stay put as she would go into the other room. Ludo and Caesar stepped back and as Kate wanted to go, a voice shouted. They all looked at each other surprised.

“Come out, I know you are there!” Stone shouted again.

“Go back outside, call for help. Where are your phones,” Kate whispered to the two.

“In the car,” Caesar answered.

“Go to the car and call the police.”

“I said come out!” Stone was getting frustrated.

Kate walked out of the dark room alone. “I am here.”

“You two, don’t you dare leave the house or i will kill this man,” he pressed the knife on Lance’s neck.

Lance screamed in pain. Ludo and Caesar were at the door about to go out but once they heard Lance scream and Stone’s angry voice repeatedly shouting at them to go back, they had no option but do as told. They went back and joined Kate.

“What are you doing here?” Lance asked Ludo. “I pinged that Location for you to call the police.”

“She’s a soldier,” Ludo shrugged pointing at Kate.

Lance nodded.

“Put the knife away and no one will get hurt,” Kate said scrutinizing Stone. “As it is, you have a homicide on you. Stop piling up your crimes.”

Stone looked at Kate and laughed. “I know you. You are that lady soldier who grabbed that man off him. What’s his name again? Oh Hunter,” he continued laughing hysterically. “You saved me and i am sorry about your fellow soldier i shot. It was an accident.”

Kate was fuming. “For the last time, if you want to get out of this alive, drop the knife.”

“You don’t give me orders lady,” Stone pointed at her.

“Do what she says cousin,” Lance joined.

“Cousin, cousin! Still trying to pull me out of hell.”

Please,” Ludo said. “We can help you. Your cousin is a good lawyer.”

“What’s wrong with you people,” Stone was irritated. “Who told you i need saving? This is what brought Lance here. When i left him tied up to a chair, i didnt leave him to die. I thought that was the last time i would ever see him and he followed me. He came here to tell me that he knew i am the one who shot Mr. Patel, so what? It’s so funny how you people still use your moral whatever to reason. I am past that and I am going to kill you all.”

Whilst everyone was busy engaging Stone, Caesar was slowly moving towards him. Stone underestimated Caesar and didn’t think he could do anything. Caesar saw how unfocused Stone was to his presence and decided to take a chance. He jumped at him. Stone saw him and missed his punch stepping away from Lance. Infuriated, Stone charged towards Caesar and grabbed and pushed him backwards he fell to the floor. When he wanted to step towards him, a punch heavier than a bag of cement landed on his face he staggered backwards till he was on his knees. He looked up and saw Kate running towards him. She kicked him on his face he fell to the ground. She got on top of him and with all the anger that had bloated in her, she repeatedly punched him his face was bleeding. He managed to get her off him and grabbed the chair and tried to hit her with it but it didn’t fly as he wanted to. She had made him weak. She stepped towards him while he stepped backwards. He looked at the knife which was close to her legs. She kicked it away. He looked as if he had given up and surrendered. What startled her was the grin in his face.

“Kate watch out!” Ludo screamed.

As Kate wanted to turn, she was hit with a metal rod from behind. She blacked out and fell.

“You b******,” Ludo yelled.

“Nice to see you again too Ludo,” Hamuumbu dropped the metal rod on the floor. He then removed a gun from his coat and walked to the chair on the floor, picked it up and sat. “I was getting tired of all this. What could a man do to deserve some peace? I am an old man, don’t you think i deserve that Ludo?”

“You deserve to die!”

Hamuumbu laughed. “I don’t die my dear. I am a master of facades and you seem to be master of uncovering them.”

Lance was untied by Caesar but with the gun pointed at them, they couldn’t do anything. Stone stood beside Hamuumbu looking at them.

“It seems like this won’t stop happening. I have to get rid of you Ludo now. Together with the two gentlemen. Let’s go to the river bank,” Hamuumbu stood up. “Tie them up,” he told Stone. “Don’t try to do anything funny otherwise i will blow her head off,” he pointed at the unconscious Kate.

Stone cuffed them together. He looked back at Mr. Hamuumbu and nodded.

“Alright, let’s get some fresh air outside. It’s a nice night to die.”

“What about her boss?” Stone pointed at Kate.

“I hit her so bad she won’t wake up now. Let’s get going!”

They were led to the river bank. All they could hear was the noise of the river flowing. They knew even if the gunshot was to be fired, it would be almost impossible for people to hear it.

“So who dies first,” Hamuumbu looked at the trio.

Stone laughed. “They can die at the same time boss.”

“Him,” Hamuumbu pointed at Caesar. “Uncuff him.”

Stone uncuffed Caesar and left him standing away from Lance and Ludo. Caesar begged for his life but his plea fell on deaf ears. All Hamuumbu and Stone did was laugh out loud. Ludo tried to plead as well but it was like they didn’t hear her.

Hammuumbu stepped towards Caesar. “I hold nothing against you young man but i don’t want any complications. I killed Mr. Patel and you know that. No loose ends and no hard feelings.

Before Caesar could say anything, he was shut down with a gunshot to his face he died in that very moment.

“No!” Ludo fell to her feet taking Lance along with her. “Caesar,” She wept uncontrollably.

Stone walked to Caesar’s lifeless body and dragged it into the river. Lance and Ludo watched as it Caesar was carried away with the currency of the river. So this was happening, Ludo thought between sobs. Caesar had been gunned down. She blamed herself terribly. If it wasn’t for her, he would still be alive.

“Whos next?” Mr. Hamuumbu interrupted her thoughts

To be continued


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