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Victims – A Mind Blowing Story

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A Story By Rosemary Okafor


I realize that we are not always the same all our life time

People change, our beliefs… our convictions, our faith

Everything we hold dear and have learnt over the years

The cloud gets dark at some point

The storm comes thundering down

And our walls, comforts, faith and almost everything come crashing

We question even our very existence

Life is a baggage

Sometimes we get sandwiches from them as we take the journey

And sometimes, it is filled with stones too heavy to lift

But we will have to move on with it…

People do change, but not because they want to change

But because their baggage toughens or weakens them

Turning them to either monsters or saints…

Or even both, one hidden inside the other.

They say Humans should learn from us, the Ants

But there are so much for me to learn from this Human

I would have love to tell this story personally, but I would rather let the story tell itself

And watch, laugh and cry when the need arises

So how did it start?

Okay, here it goes…


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