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Love Of An Assassin – Episode 4 & 5 (Updated)

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Love Of An Assassin – Episode 4



The station was filled with many pressmen interrogating the DPO. He was restless. Series of question were thrown at him. Few he was able to answer about the death of Chief Elvis, the ones he couldn’t answer, he waved them off quietly.

His saviours soon came as Detective Riman and the officers together with the forensic scientists who drove into the police station.

“Young men, I will get back to you soon, let me have a brief chat with my men on how the investigation goes” the DPO said and walked out from the presence of the pressmen to his office where detective Riman and the Chief of forensic scientist were already seated. He walked to his seat and sat down uneasily.

“Young men, sorry for the delay. Without wasting much time let’s go straight to the main point. How was the investigation?” he asked with so much eagerness in his voice.

“It went well sir, we found out many things” Riman said and brought out a notebook and a recorder which he handed it over to the anxious DPO.

The DPO collected it and scanned his eyes through the note nodding his head intermittently.

“This is really good for a start,” the DPO commended smiling.

“What about you? What else did you find?” the DPO asked again staring at the Chief of the forensic scientists.

“Sir, I and my boys ran some tests on the body of the dead men. They were all shot except the gateman who was strangled.” the chief explain calmly.

“Oh my God!”the DPO exclaimed exhaustedly staring at the tired men before him. “Do you have any idea on the type of gun used during the operation ?”

“If am not by any means mistaken, it should probably be a c-52R7 automatic silent revolver” the chief explained.

“Gosh, this is really bad. The assassin in question seems to be highly trained and skilled” the DPO said with a chucked in his voice.

“Yes sir, I think so too” Riman said smiling evenly.

“Nice one guys, we are getting close to the truth. The investigation continues tomorrow, the culprit must be found and brought to justice, for now visit your homes and freshen up” the DPO said and dismissed them.



{Episode 5}



===3 weeks later===

Leo parked his latest sentinel 505 at a bar. He stared at the picture before him. The Chief had given him another target to kill.

Mr Amadi Obi, the Inspector general of police. He knew that it wouldn’t be easy but he was ready to do it. Five million naira had being transfered to his account for the job and another seven million naira was awaiting him when he finished the job.

“Chief,” Leo said to himself and chuckled. That was only what he knew about his sponsor. He knew his name was Chief but he doesn’t know more about him or have ever seen his face before.

Chief was always careful. He didn’t show his face to Leo not out of trust but the Chief was just covering his tracks, should in case Leo is being bursted by the police, the chief is always on the safer side.

At most times, the chief do call with an encrypted phone number or sent text messages that can’t be traced.

Leo checked his time, it was few minutes to nine. As expected, everywhere was was very dark. The bar was now filled up with guests.

He looked around but couldn’t find his target. He sat down and continued drinking his beer.

“Hi handsome, are you in for a ride to paradise?” A hooker said to Leo.

He smiled,the b—h had a wrong timing. He can’t be distracted from his job, never.

“Not now, maybe later” he said to her and she walked away, probably to look for another man.

As usual, Mr Amadi Obi visited the bar every Friday when he will drink to stupor before taking two hookers to a hotel nearby. Leo knew this Friday will not be different and true to his thought, Mr Amadi Obi entered the bar with some policemen as escort.

Everyone shouted and hailed him while Leo took advantage of their shouting to study his prey and the guards with him.

Today he is with five huge and rough looking bodyguards.

Mr Amadi Obi bought drinks and wine for everyone. After they have drank to stupor, he took two hookers and they walked away from the bar.

“About time” Leo said to himself. He was getting tired of just sitting down without any action.

He walked out of the bar, got into his sentinel 505 and followed Mr Amadi Obi to the hotel close to the bar. He made sure he parked his car first and allow Mr Amadi to go in first.

Thirty minutes later, he drove inside the hotel. He walked up to the receptionist,a cute looking young lady.

“Hello beautiful,” Leo said and she blushed.

“Hi, how can I help you”she said smiling at him.

“I need an urgent room right now”

“Erm, room 34 have been taken, here room 36″ she said giving him the keys.

“Thank you”

“Do have a nice stay and call me Jane”

“Alright Jane thanks alot”


Leo peeped from behind the wall, the five guards were still there, outside guarding the room.

He brought out his C57 automatic silencer and added more bullet to it. He hid the gun and walked towards the guards.

“Hi, i need your help”he said getting close.

“Get out of here you” one of the guards shouted but Leo didn’t listen. When in close range, he grabbed one guard across the neck and used the guards body to cover his body, he then brought out his his silencer and shot the ones standing.

He was able to shoot two guards at the head with his C57 Auto silencer but the remaining two that were standing brought out their guns.



They shot but only killed the guard who Leo held by the neck and used as a sheild. Without wasting any time, he shot them and threw away the body of the dead guard that took the bullet for him.

“D–n, the guards should be on their way now. I have to complete my mission quickly and get the hell out of here”he said as he broke the door with his leg.




Written by danyyoung


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