The Elder's Daughter

The Elder’s Daughter – Romance Story

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The Elder’s Daughter

By Jennipher Duru

Beautiful in and out was Esther, she was born and bred in a village but will be studying at the University in the city. Her over protective father reluctantly released her, but then she left for good.

Coping with the city life was quite tough, but with the help of her class mate; Angela and her first friend; David, it was bearable. Everything would have been perfect if she didn’t have room mates like Janet and Naomi; the one and only slay Mamas in the university, the room turned to nothing but hell, thanks to them.

After escaping the room in her second year, everything seem to be in place until she got home again and found out that she have been betrothed in the village without her consent.

She went back to school but things were not the same again, she was raped by her so called fiancee and almost lost herself completely.

She was almost going to accept her fate, but trouble seem not to be done with her yet; it is becoming more difficult by the day.

A war struck in the family; her father landed in serious debt, he became terribly sick. Looks like things will never get better.

How will Esther survive all these? Will she still be standing at the end of everything? She’s just Nineteen! Find out from this action packed story.



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