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The Outcast – Episode 21

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The Outcast – Episode 21

Written by Amah

I waved them goodbye and promise to return as soon as I sort things out with my Pah, I even went as far as telling them to inform the boundary keepers to let me pass whenever I returns back, I know my way now and i see no difference between me and them, so I wouldn’t be needing anybody to guide me down again,

life at the outcast clan is very peaceful, they have everything they need except that is not so civilized, my tribe is well civilized, there are good sandy road and a good means of transportation, some animals too are used for that purpose, beautiful houses carved and decorated with different colors of rock, marble and concrete, big chambers with comfortable bed to sleep in, different types of good food, we have people who do things for us and we pay them after the work is done, we have tribe leader who are held in utmost respect, they are well respected and honored, leaders like my Pah, and lot more others,

But in the outcast clan is not like that, their only means of transportation is leg, and their road are not widely carved and is surrounded by trees and bushes, some of their road is not straight, it formed like zigzag, from corner to corner, their houses are built with mud, sprayed with white clay and they use palm leafs as roof covering, a small hut that has a small round window attached to the wall, their bed is built with long baboon stick, a knitted grass pillow, there is a fire side to keep warm at night if the weather gets cold, their cloths are mostly made from tree trunk, animal skin and leather, they built separate huts for strangers who happen to lost their way, separate hut that non of them goes into, like the one Zila lives in,

the strangers stays their until they are ready to leave, no royalty just normal people going about their day, they only wear face covering when a stranger or somebody from our comes into their midst, they don’t want the person to become like them, they will wear their facial covering to avoid eye contact with the person, they know all the healing medicine, they discovered different ways to cure an illness, they know the exact thing to use for a particular illness, despite their simple life they are warm and welcoming, they treat you well, making the stranger in their means feel so worthy than they are, they belittle themselves because of their tagged, being called a forbidden soul means they are no longer alive to their relatives or friends, if they had relatives before they become outcast they will be as good as dead person to their people,

That is why some of the outcast take their own live ones they are cast off, they will think there is no more hope for them.

I was in a deep thought analyzing the whole thing and still wondering how to face Pah with the truth,

I waited to night approach as usual before sneaking into the house,

Riko who was always on a look out, by the gate, he some times stay and watch over the house while we sleep until he feels tired, he was the only one that saw me come in, we talk in whisper, we silently whispers to ourselves so that we will not attract danger to ourselves, he asked about my journey and I filled him in, everything needed to be said I told him because he is the only one who knows and understand what has being going on,

Riko gave me a very useful advice I have never thought off before, he said

“Before you go to your Pah with anything first go to your mother, your Pah listens to her more, he pays more attention to her more than he does with anybody, your mother is a kind woman, she has more human feeling than any woman I have come to know…go and talk to her first thing tomorrow morning after greeting your Pah, tell your Pah anything about your journey, anything convincing and then go to your mother and lay your heart to her feet, she will help you present it well to your Pah,tell her that Zila is alive and well, tell her that it was from the outcast clan you got the leaf that healed her, after all the medicine men has giving up on her, let her know that something good can still come out of the outcast, think over everything tonight Mbazi, I will pray to the gods for you, go to sleep now, you look tired.. Go now, I will also do the same once the time clicks mid night, has being looking out for you till this moment… tomorrow will be better

“Thanks Riko, I know I can always count on you.. let the day break well and let tomorrow be better for us.

I went into my chamber and fell on my bed like a bag of sand, I slept off immediately.

The following morning I was up, I got ready for the day, I was giving brown oat, smachine mixed with beef as breakfast, which was one of my favourite meal but food was the least on my mind, I don’t have appetite for food, I went to Pah’s chamber and greeted him, which was like a ritual in our tribe, once the day break we will go to our parents chamber and get their blessing for the day, there is a general believe in my tribe that your parents are the god you see with your eyes, while the other gods we pray to are the unseen gods of the land,

Pah was already told of my arrival, he asked me how it went and about Kumar, I gave him the reply that I have already cooked up in my head, after talking with him I left to see mother who was by her potatoes garden with some workers, working for her, she smile as she saw me walking towards her, as I got close I bent down and touched her feet in greeting, she blessed me in her usual way

I love my mother but I’m more close to my father, I hardly spend much time with mother, Pah knew mother can be very petty, Pah will tell me to work with him and stop spending too much time with mother before I loose focus and start acting like a woman, he want to leave a legacy for me and my siblings and he desire to see me at the top, whenever he says that mother will laugh at him and tell him to give me some break,

“the boy needs break Bazi, he cant be perfect no matter how you try to perfect him, if my son spends time with me I will teach them not to be so harden as their father is, I’m more petty with you than I am with our children, you never get enough of me, you still run home to put a smile on my face, so allow Mbazi to breath in some air too and also spend some quality time with me, Bazi there’s time and season for everything on earth, time to cry and time to laugh, a season to cultivate and to harvest, give Mbazi freedom, stop over lecturing and working him so much, he needs to understand the things he has being thought already…

“Tabi you won’t understand…a little folding of hand and a little break he will just forget everything he has being thought. That is why I remind him everyday so that he won’t make a mistake, Tabi you are my wife and we are spending forever together, Mbazi is a man, he should go and get his own wife so that he can spend all the time in the world with her and I won’t complain…

I remember mother laughing whenever Pah says that, I even join in the laughter, laughing at the way they still act like new lovers, Pah loves mother and does not joke with her same with mother, he hardly get cross with mother like he does with us, mother knows when to stay away and when to show care, Pah is not always in a perfect mood mother understand him perfectly well,

Did I mention to you that they have names they only call themselves, mother’s name is Tabitha, Pah calls her Tabi while mother calls Pah Bazi, most times, If my Pah is angry with me or my brothers you will hear mother saying this

“Bazi, they are boys and they have hot blood running through them, this is their prime time don’t deny them that pleasure, is only when they make mistake they will get to understand life better..allow them to experience a world of their own…so that they will grow into strong men, and will not be afraid to challenge their mates in the street…

“Tabi.. you always have ways with words, I never get tired of your correction, and I still can’t say no to you after all this years… but Tabi you know if they are not quickly corrected on a mistake, it will become grave, it becomes dangerous for them..that is why you see me talking and disciplining them just because I don’t want them to fall astray, they are my children and my name is well respected in this tribe and beyond, I don’t want them to soil it, I want them to live with dignity and make us proud, I don’t want them to keep making mistakes…all the time..

“That is why they have you as that you can always guide them..i wish Zila was here, I will teach her the importance of being a woman and how to be a mother…I miss her..i miss her much Bazi.. everyday I looked forward to her coming home…something within me tells me she is still alive, even the gods reveals it to me in the dream..i don’t know what they are trying to tell me with the dreams, I pray to the gods to keep her safe and faraway from harm…

Pah will go to her and hold her close until her sob subside,

Just watching my mother now reminds me of the beautiful things about her,

she cares too deep and love like the moon,

I told her I had something to discuss with her, something far too sensitive to be overheard by others, she asked me to follow her to an olive tree far from eavesdrop, we sat under the tree and I began to talk to her because I know mother is my only hope to get to Pah, I hope she understand and also hope she will be able to help me out with my troubles.

To be continued


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