The Angel And The Fugitive

The Angel And The Fugitive – Chapter Eight Part B

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© Reginald Obetta

Four women expatriates had visited the Governor, Tunde Oyim in his Governor’s house to discuss about the inactive participation of women in the politics of the state. The women were the leaders and runners of Women Empowerment Initiative, an NGO in the country that advocates for the women to have a niche in politicking of the country. Gender inequality had been a disturbing issue in the state as no women occupied any political seat in the affairs of the state. The speakers each narrated the plight of the women, why they should be voted and ways they can improve the state by implementing their ideas gallantly. Mr Tunde Oyim saw it as a welcome idea and bold steps, the women took in the interest of their fellow women and ensured, he will act accordingly to make sure women benefitted from his administration.

The sunset diminished as evening came by, paving way for the moon to show a little of its superiority over the clouds, even though, the earth’s dead satellite illumination is from the sun itself. The streets was boisterous, and not quiet as Baigari or Moguil states that had lost nearly one-third of its citizens. These people never had any history of that, so they were calm. The women expatriates lodged in the quarters till night, where they actually said, will return to Abuja. They climbed into their jeep, waved at the governor and left. They were to pass through coyant district into Agatha street in 4th Avenue where the airport situated, but before they got to coyant, three masked individuals came out from the road side, hijacked the jeep with threats to driver to get down or be killed. In any way, the driver complied, ran away for his life, and the women were held hostages, in their vehicle that was locked. Not many cars were present at the time of the night generally, and the threats raised no suspicion, it looked casual but with a gun pointed at the driver, they all knew, it wasn’t a game. The other partner seized all their bags and made sure they, had nothing that will implicate them.

“Please, who are you? Don’t kill us please”, pleaded the women.

“shhh”, the driver put his index finger on his lips.

“We are who we are”, he replied and continued driving the car. The women didn’t have a clue of who and why they were kidnapped. They majorly guessed, it was the nature of their jobs, protecting the interest of the women and some politicians, weren’t happy about their advocacy. It’s the Government, it’s the Government, they kept assuring themselves. Each of them maintained an impeccable silence till they got to a stop. It was all bushy and a lot of dry grasses were blown out by the wind. The driver stepped down, led the women to the corridor of the house, that somehow, hid in between the bushes. It was another location, different from their residence. Bin-Ahmed, crept out from the door of the sitting room that opened to the corridor, trailed by the rest.

“Oh, yeah. We have quite a number of angelic guests. They say beauty beholds the eye and I can see that quite vividly. Good job Aina and you too Gamaru. Your first mission was successful”

“Thank you boss”, both chorused. Aina and Gamaru were new members which according to the rule must successfully complete their mission to fully become a member of Al-hida. The women fully knew what they were up against, they have become victims of the dangerous terrorist group, that had caused a havoc and still causing in the country. Their previous conclusions was now a theory, this group were financed by the government to kidnap them.

“I can see that stupid Man up there, still deserved to be praised after all for his dexterity in his craft. Sorry for the way you must have felt but we would like you to be our wonderful feel get company. It’s not a plea or a request but if you don’t want to comply, then, it depends on your lives”

“What do you want from us? We know you all are financed by the Government”

“On the contrary, the Government are our foes. They are the problem not you. They are full of gluttony, ridiculous and mean towards humans. So you see, we are only using you as a bait against them. Some consequences may arise though”, he whirled around them in slow motion while he spoke.

“And what are they? ”

“If the Government doesn’t rescue you in the time we set and doesn’t yield to our demands, we will use you for our supper but if they do fine, you go. Pray, your loyalty and hard work isn’t going to be in vain. We will see if your lives are of importance to them or not.”

Rogers led them inside, bound them in chains and shackles forcefully into the four chairs that was in a spider infested room, an uncomfortable place not even deemed for a chicken to reside. It would be a day of tales to tell when they actually escape from the dungeon alive.

To be continued



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