JODA – Episode 19

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JODA Epsode 19.

Denis was charged to court, there was enough evidence to nail him, the phone recording help a great deal, and also the house CCTV, he couldn’t alter a word because he knew everything was working against him, Even his lawyer was left speechless, he signed all the necessary papers, including the divorce paper, i collected everything I put in his name include the House and his car, he was stripe and tortured, at the end Denis was sentence to 56years in prison with hard labour,

The Police where in search of Vanessa and she was later found, because she was an accomplice and she and Denis teamed up to drug me and also rob me off 10million, which he later return 5million, Vanessa was sentence to 4years in prison without bail.

After they were put behind bars I wasn’t still myself, I cried everyday and I refuse to see any Man, even Kuria, Binta was the only person I allowed close, I was constantly visiting my father’s grave to beg for his forgiveness, I had a choice to choose wisely but I chooses wrongly, I began to see meaning in the dream I once had, that father suddenly appeared to stop the wedding between me and Denis, I saw all the warning sign, I should have being able to know something was not just right, I should have known but how blinded in love I was, oblivious to things around me, I hated myself, I don’t know how to forgive myself, I live in guilt and pain,

Binta was trying to console me but it did no good, I told Kuria to stay away, I don’t know how to love or trust another man, if Denis could turn out to be the devil himself then I should be careful with men,

I knew Kuria was coming everyday but stays down to talk with Binta and play with his daughter, Luella.

The sadness was too much, the fear, the pains and regrets was what I fed on for three months, I started mourning Fathers death all over, I wore mostly black dresses, guilt was eating at me, anytime I thought of Denis, killing my dad gradually without him even knowing, until he finally died of overdose, and I gladly fell in love and married a murderer, it was just too painful, I gradually started losing weight, I couldn’t take proper Care of Luella, Binta took over the motherhood thing from me, sometime she carries Luella down to meet Kuria who I banned from seeing me, they stayed there for hours, I like it More when there’s nobody to tell me to stop crying, i like to stare at an empty space and imagine how I messed up my own life, how it would have being if father was still alive, or Even mother, how easy it would have being if I wasn’t the only child, how pleasant if I have a family member close by, I felt so lonely and weak, father Left so much behind for me, I can’t even spend anything without guilt, it was his sweat I was lavishing on Denis, how could I do such a foolish thing? what could I have done without Binta who was practically my only companion, my only friend who turned out to be mean everything, Binta was my only family. I grew weaker everyday, I became flesh and bone, I started hating my house because it reminds me of Denis

“Joda, do you want to kill yourself, is this how you want to end up, your father will not forgive you if you cut off his lineage, you made a mistake, let’s thank God for his correction rod, God saved you from Denis because you are very important to him, show some gratitude to him for revealing this at his own time, stop beating yourself, your baby needs you, I need my Joda, and please stop punishing Kuria for Denis mistake, Kuria loves you and it hurt him every time you pushes him off and wouldn’t see him, Kuria is patient and he never stops praying for you, please see Kuria, he is going crazy Joda… Please.. I’m begging you snap out of this, please allow him in…please..

” Binta… Denis killed my father, I married the man that murdered My father, I don’t know how to live with myself… I…I…is just too painful Binta…

” I understand how painful it could be, stop eating yourself up, stop hurting yourself, please…time will heal all wound, you have to learn to forgive yourself, i know your father will love to see you bounce back, be a strong woman, let this build you up and not weakens you, you are saved just in time Joda, please stop punishing Kuria with the sins of Denis, Kuria truly loves you…I need my friend back, Luella wants her mummy back, God works perfectly well, he didn’t allow any offspring to come from Denis, he will spend almost all his life in a cell, he will die lonely and a sad Man, he will have regrets at the end but it will be too late because no time to correct his past mistake, he had opportunity to be better but he decided to sell his soul to the devil, God is still our judge… He will never allow the wicked to go unpunished, God fight for the weak and innocent, he fought for you and defended you from Denis, Denis is under the law and nothing could save him, except if God decides to have mercy on him, but I know the wicked will never go Scot free, even the law can’t save them if God opens their Case.. Get up and take away this black dress… is time to start another phrase…

Binta talks and I paid attention because God has used her to save me severally, she was smart and filled with wisdom, I got up but I was too weak to stand, i fell back to the bed, Binta shouted Kuria Who was carrying Luella downstairs to come he was up within a second, he handed Luella to Binta on seeing me, Binta told him to take to the hospital, he lifted me up, I was like a feather in his arm and rushed me to his car, Binta followed suit carrying Luella, I was rushed to the hospital where I was admitted, Kuria Sat beside me and held my hand while the doctor administer drugs and drips..

Within a month I was fine and Free to go home, I started working on recovering, Kuria and Binta did all they could to put Smile on my face, it felt so good having this two wonderful friends around, I cherished their company.

For the first time in 7months I laughed so hard from Kuria’s Joke, I started loving him all over again, and when we finally shared a deep kiss, it felt so good, he asked me why i never told him about Luella, he was sad that I kept such thing away from him, he deserved to know that i was carrying his child, I quickly apologized and explain my reasons,

Which he understood. I fell in love all over again with him. And thanked him for his loving patient.

Binta has a good news, she and James will be wedding in three months time, I was happy for her and told her not to bother about the expenses I will foot it all, she rejected my offer and said she and James have done a lot of savings towards the wedding which wasn’t a Big wedding, James will love to spend from his savings to make her proud, I understand Binta so I decide not to push further,

After a month of Binta’s Good news, Kuria asked me to marry him, I felt safe and loved but I couldn’t say yes immediately, I needed to make sure I was ready for another marriage, I didn’t want to hurt kuria because of my past, I wanted to be sure that I was healed from safe hurt, so I asked him to give me time, which he did, kuria was always patient with me and never rushes me up, and just within two weeks I know there was no better Man for me than Kuria,

Our wedding was on same month with Binta and James, since my wedding was a week before Binta, I begged her with a brown new car to Best me, she was so happy and was willing to hand me over to the Man that is meant for me, it wasn’t a big wedding like my previous but it was exactly what I wanted, our little daughter Luella was our ring bearer

After we were pronounced as husband and wife, I suddenly burst out crying because it took me lost, pain and a difficult journey to finally arrive at the right place, I felt God’s kind of love where I was, i imagined my father smiling down at me and saying “Joda, you finally did the Right thing… I’m so proud of you my daughter”…



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