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No More Room For Love – Episode 38

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No More Room For Love Episode 38
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Kate peeped in. Nectar quickly jumped to his feet when he heard the door open.

‘Food is ready, you can come down now.’ Kate said and walked away quietly.

Nectar nervously followed. They were all silent at the table which was unusual.

‘Kate you look unkempt. Have you been crying?’ Jane who hasn’t been around since morning asked and everyone ignored.

She turned to Nectar who seemed not to be enjoying his food, then to Matts who was watching the two couples sternly.

‘Kate can we talk after lunch.’ Jane asked.

‘Sure Grams. Will find you first before you do.’

Nectar tried to signal her to decline but she ignored till their meal was over.


‘Catherine, thank you so much.’ Wilson said with smiles. He raised himself off the bed walking unclad to the bathroom.

‘Wilson you don’t need to thank me when I’m supposed to be your wife.’

He paused for a while to process what she just said.

He stood in the shower for quite some time. Wilson stood in front of the bathroom door for a while with a towel wrapped around his waist whiles eavesdropping on Catherine’s conversation.

‘Kate I’m not sure I want to discuss Jane with you right now. I’m in a good place with your Dad now and I don’t want him snapping again.’

‘Mom what did you do this time. You finally succumbed to his touch so you want to sideline me right.’ Kate asked her mom with sadness on the other side of the call.

She convinced herself she wasn’t really bothered about what happened between her and Nectar earlier but somewhere within she was shattered but she must hold on for her Kids. She murmured.

‘What did you say Kate?’ Catherine asked when she heard her murmuring.

Then Wilson’s shadow distracted her.

‘Kate, let me call you back when I’m done here.’ Catherine was in a hurry to hang up.

‘Is that Ka…te.’ He stammered. Catherine nodded her head, raising herself from the duvet exposing the full view of her naked body.

‘Can I speak with her?’ Wilson finally found the courage to ask.

Catherine surprised and with her shaky hands quickly dropped the phone in his hands forgetting to tell Kate her Dad was going to speak next.

‘Mom, what do you see in this man! I mean he practically takes you by force. No sane man would do that.’ She said and heard his husky voice.

‘It’s your Dad Kate.’ He said almost choking on the dad part. ‘And sorry your mom didn’t tell you I would be answering next.’


‘Please I would like you to come over for dinner sometime soon. We need to talk.’ Wilson said with closed eyes almost expecting the usual Kate to rant about how he is a bad father.

Kate took the phone off her ear, looked around surprised.

‘Dad, you just said please!’ She managed to say.

‘Yeah kind of.’ He replied.

‘What did mom do to you now? Are you sure you are my dad?’

‘Kate, I just want us to have a father to daughter talk, for the first time. Can you grant me that?’ Wilson said with courage now.

Kate glanced at the phone for a while and quickly hanged up.

She rushed upstairs and dropped herself gently on the bed, then Nectar came out of the shower.


‘She hanged up Catherine. Is it too late to make all these right?’ Wilson asked Catherine who pulled the sheets to cover her unclad body while pushing herself towards Wilson seated at the edge of the bed.

She made to hold him but he pulled away.

‘Catherine don’t get any ideas yet. We just had sex, that is what it is and no strings attached.’

But Wilson the difference this time is you asked and it meant a lot to me. Since I came into your life, you made an honorable woman out of me today. And if today is the last time you’d ever respect me as a woman, then I’m fine. At least I know where I stand with you.’ Catherine said softly while dressing up to leave.

‘Please wait, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it that way Catherine.’

‘Then what was that?’

‘I don’t deserve whatever you feel for me right me right now.’ Wilson said holding her back.

Wilson I don’t expect you to feel anything for me, I understand you. You are still hang on to Claudia. The more reason why I locked up whatever feelings I developed for the past 19 years. You probably didn’t notice I shy away from you anytime you force yourself on me, unlike the few years when I had to cry.’

She walked out of the room after fixing her attire and rushed down the stairs.


‘Kate thank you for lunch and what should we do about our situation because……’ Nectar was about to say and Kate interrupted.

‘Nectar can we not keep hurting each other already, you said whatever you needed to say and I understand I opened the door to whatever sexual drive you can’t control or obsession you have for another woman aside your wife. For now, I’m not healthy to talk about it anymore.’

‘Kate don’t do this to us, what I did doesn’t make my love for you any less.’ Nectar said still drying himself with the towel in his hands.

‘Great.’ She retorted.

‘At least let me know where I stand with you because I don’t know what I would do if I lost you to another man.’

Really Nectar, unlike you I’m not sure I would be able to defile my home no matter how pissed off I am at life.’

‘I’m sorry.’

‘The most annoying part is I have to live with this scar forever and the dirt I can’t wash away because you’ve hurt me so bad. Yet another man has succeeded in breaking a heart which was already healing and warming up to the same man who has hurt her now.’

Nectar walked slowly to the wall and leaned against it, staring at her wife struggling with her blouse, obviously too tight.

He wondered where she was going to but he knew better not to ask, already he is having a hard time handling his mess.

He walked closer to Kate, fidgeted with his hands for a while. ‘Let me help you fit into that, if you don’t mind.’ He said with his wavering hands.

Kate turned around, glared at him for a while and turned around. ‘You can go ahead; I’m running late for my mom’s place.’

Nectar who was walking away earlier, took a step back. While zipping her up, he couldn’t comprehend how he could hurt this woman with a perfect body.

There was silence for a while, obviously having a moment until Kate broke the silence.

‘So Dad wants to see me soon for what I’m not sure of yet, so don’t ask me why Nectar.’ Kate said walking away from him to locate her sandals.

‘You said soon but why are you going now.’ Nectar said trying to make a conversation.

‘Whatever he has to say must be important for my Dad to acknowledge me as his daughter, so I better get it done today so he wouldn’t get an excuse to change his mind.’


‘Do you have a problem with that Nectar?’ Kate asked looking in his direction.

‘No, I wanted to spend the day with you alone but that’s fine I can come with you then.’ He said watching her reaction.

‘Nectar you don’t need to follow me to my mom’s.’ She said smiling that instant.

‘Yes, I know, but Sylvester called while you went to get lunch, your test results are not looking good so we should take care right now to avoid any bad news.’

Kate walked away ignoring him. How is he being so nice and caring all of a sudden when he obviously has wronged me. She was about to say out loud but no words came out, but Nectar couldn’t stop talking.

He quickly followed her to the car.

‘Knowing your Dad, I can’t take that chance.’ He said and sat beside her driving wheel after snatching the key from her bag earlier.

‘You are stubborn Nectar.’ Kate said and sat quietly in the car.

Getting to the main house, they heard voices. It became clearer when they got to the entrance.

Kate recognized that as her dad’s. ‘Annoying man, always shouting.’ She hissed and continued to the room.

She quickly barged in and rushed upstairs.

‘Take it easy Kate, you might fall.’ Nectar advised. Kate saw Nectar rushing after her, struggling with her bag.

Then she paused after her mom’s revelation.


‘I’m sorry you wish Claudia’s baby with you lived but she didn’t make it and Kate lived so accept it because I’ve waited for far too long for you to accept her but you are so heartless.’ Catherine said amidst tears.

Catherine who rushed in to the kitchen earlier came back upstairs and Wilson just had to get on her nerves again. She got furious and blamed herself for falling in love with him when she pledged not to.

‘Can you stop shouting Catherine?’

‘No, i won’t because i’ve had enough. What have I done to you or was it my fault I had to be a surrogate for your child.’


She was angry and wasn’t paying attention to him. ‘Your wife wanted it that way and I respected her a lot though i was naïve focusing on the better life she promised me after birth. If i had known it would take been raped several times to bore a child, I would have gone back to my street.’ Catherine cried.

‘You knew i never wanted any of this.’ He muttered trying to be calm.

‘I only agreed to carry a child for you because I owe your wife, a decision I came to regret. She had no problem with me sleeping with you on several times just to make a baby when the artificial insemination failed on countless occasions.’ Catherine sniffed in between her words.

‘Don’t remind me of details i already know.’

‘Why? Is it because you knew even after she found out she was finally going to have her own child after just two months of announcing my pregnancy she still preferred me around and you didn’t.’

‘Haa, you think Claudia likes you that much.’ Wilson laughed.

She treated me right and you think she made us sign that contract with her dying breath just for you to ignore me for 27 good years.’

‘What do you want Catherine?’ He knew lashing back at her won’t solve anything.

‘I just gave myself out to you a while ago and you said thank you then I thought finally you have realized I’ve learned to love you but you couldn’t even wait for a day to pass before rubbing it in my face.’

Wilson tried to talk but a frown appeared on his face as if what he wanted to say was an abomination. For a moment he seemed like some one who was also secretly in love with his wife.

‘Ho..ld o……’

‘Hold on for you to rape me again? You know how disgusting I look at myself in the mirror anytime you jerk off and run back to your wife.’ Catherine yelled out. ‘Then i see the smile on your face anytime you drag on your Pajamas.’

‘You have no idea what you are even saying.’ Wilson managed to say.

‘I remember those days perfectly where Claudia pleads with me every time to bear with her. I did all that for her because she was the only one who never looked down on me like your mother did and your Dad of blessed memory.’

‘Don’t bring Daddy into all this Catherine.’

‘Wait, do you know what even killed your Dad?’ She laughed weirdly. ‘Of course you have no idea and whatever I saw that day made your mom to hate me so much.’

‘Really, you know mom hates you because you wanted to take over Claudia’s home right.’

‘Claudia was there for me even when she knew I could take over her matrimonial home if I so want to but she was desperate, your mom constantly asking for a grandchild all the time was putting a lot of strain on her already broken heart.’

‘Look woman, you think I wanted to sleep with you. I fake that smile for the sake of my wife. Why do you think I take you forcefully?’ Wilson blurted out.

‘Now he glorifies his wife who unfortunately wouldn’t be able to hear him tell his usual lies.’

‘Claudia gave me her kidney, even though she knew her health was not the best at that time. I owe her a lot, so don’t stand there and tell me you love her more than I do.’ Wilson finished saying with a loud tone.

‘Wilson, Claudia married us with her last breath, if you loved her you would have acknowledged my presence in this house but i allow it to fade away, besides I had no room for loving you in the first place. All I wanted was to treat your daughter right.’ Catherine said with sadness in her voice.

‘Whatever i did to Kate was because of you and that doesn’t mean i didn’t care about her.’

‘Care? You that couldn’t even ask for a proper punishment for the sake of your daughter’s torture and you stand there ranting about care. And I knew you asked for a lawyer for Mandy, so he comes back destroying her life.’

Then he laughed again. ‘You are so naïve woman, I asked for his release because unlike you I have a conscience to know framing a man for murder isn’t the right way to go. I may be many things but that certainly will destroy my family’s reputation.’


‘So instead of you whining and defending your acts, be grateful to your son in law because Mandy could have pressed charges but he didn’t. I have no doubt he loved your daughter in his own small way.’ Wilson said sternly.

Kate flashed an accusing eye towards Nectar, who only murmured he was sorry. For a while it seemed like the noise had subsided. As they were about to continue upstairs, the voices started again.

‘Kate was an innocent child, who just wanted her father’s love and nothing more. You could have just pretended you loved her and i’m sure she would have really appreciated it.’

‘You have a problem Catherine because i don’t see how i could have helped you break the law back then.’

‘I came to you for help; I couldn’t wait around and watch my daughter get hurt by that Mandela and i begged you to use your influence to get him out of her life but you refused. And what did you ask for in return?’

‘Don’t even go there now.’ He frowned.

‘You asked for my body and i had no problem with that but you chose to rape me in my most vulnerable state. What kind of a man does that?’

‘The kind of man who just slept with you.’ He teased as if he had won a trophy.

‘I can’t believe I just slept with you Wilson? Gosh.’ She snarled.

‘I had sympathy on you earlier so don’t make me regret.’ He chipped in almost like he was just trying to get on her nerves.

‘I have nothing to lose in terms of that but now I can go to the cops with that video the house cleaner took and you know what that means.’

‘You dare not Catherine.’

‘You can’t bribe me to stay again this time and yet still treat me anyhow. I’ve endured enough. As you always say Kate is mine alone. I suffered nine months alone while you parade yourself with your wife and left me helpless.’

‘The wife you murdered?’ He asked angrily. Wilson hates to hear Catherine refer to his precious Claudia that way because to him, she was always going to be blamed for her death.

‘You killed your wife yourself. You always forget I called you first when I was in labor and you told me to suit myself. If you had listened to Claudia’s plea when she called later, she wouldn’t have worried so much and drive into a trailer that night.’

‘What does that have to do with me when i had no obligations towards you then.’

‘You left two pregnant women home alone at night, doing God knows what out of town and you still don’t see anything wrong with that.’

‘You still had no right to drag her in to driving you in her condition and for that i hated you and dragged my daughter into your mess.’

‘Your selfish desires turned you against your daughter. I hope you live to tell her your story some day because i’m done taking care of your needs. And if you don’t tell her you tried to force yourself on her I will do that for you.’ Catherine said throwing things out of her wardrobe into a bag.

‘What has come over you?’ He sounded sober, probably to convince her not to snitch to Kate.

‘I will leave you to your conscience to judge you and good luck with getting a new kidney.’ She responded.


Nectar practically was holding her down on the floor on the last stairs where she sat in tears listening to her parents rattle their secrets out.

‘How could a man, treat a woman that way? She is my mom. Somehow, I always felt she was more than a stepmom. That bond and the affection for a stepdaughter was just deceiving. She has suffered enough.’ She murmured to herself even though Nectar was looking on.

As what looked like her Dad got his dose of his own medicine, Kate managed to get up and bumped into her mom dragging her luggage out.

Catherine saw the tears in her eyes and hugged her so tight.

‘Mom.’ She cried.

‘Yes, my dear, how long have you been here.’ She wanted to be sure Kate heard nothing.

‘Long enough to know I’m yours alone.’ She looked up and saw her Dad with his hands in his pockets facing the window.

‘I’m sorry, I didn’t want you to find out this way Kate.’

To be continued



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