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No More Room For Love

No More Room For Love – Episode 35

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No More Room For Love Episode 35
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Nectar sat across Pearl in the Bar during lunch. They kept staring at each other until he spoke up.

‘Do you know you are stupid and that obsession you have for me would cause me everything i worked and longed for.’ Nectar said in an angry tone.

Pearl’s face colored up as she has never seen that side of the gentleman she has travelled miles for. But she doesn’t have to give up now, she thought.

‘Pearl are you listening to me at all. I said you should leave my wife out of our business and this should be your last time you contact her without my permission.’

‘Nectar what’s the problem with you. After all that i’ve done for you, you still choose her over me without a compensation.’

‘I love her and not you.’

‘It seems you have a short memory. I picked you up when you were drowning in Keisha’s thoughts.’ Pearl said sternly.

‘What is that supposed to mean? Do you plan on ruining my marriage again Pearl?’

‘Ahuh!’ She smiled wickedly.

‘This obsession has to end please. You have ruined one marriage, don’t ruin another for me pearl. I happen to love Kate too much to sleep around.’

Pearl hissed! ‘So?’

‘This marriage i really want to make work. I’m already struggling with the truth and the lies so don’t add to my problems.’

Nectar said reducing the tension between them now.

‘Look you ruined your own marriage, i was just the perfect mistress you were unable to let go. If you had listened to me Keisha wouldn’t have died because I wasn’t asking for much Saint.’

‘Perfect mistress, you say.’ Nectar took off his gaze on her.

‘That’s the same truth, i told Keisha the night of her fall.’ Pearl said and received the slapping of her life.

‘Saint did you just lay those hands on me. You shouldn’t have done that because you just provoked me.’ Pearl warned.

‘Yes i did and what will you do pearl.’ He asked furiously.

‘I know you lied to Kate about what happened to Keisha. I’m done covering up for you because I get nothing in return.’ Pearl said mischievously.

So all this while i was thinking Keisha found out because i spilled the beans myself, not knowing you stabbed me in the back.’

Nectar furiously hit his hand on the table raising his head and then realized everyone was staring.

He took another look at Pearl who was just staring without remorse and stormed out.


‘Mrs. Glover?’ The mail man asked.

‘Who wants to know?’ Kate replied peeping through the door. She just had a weird feeling that afternoon.

‘I have a mail for you.’ The gentle man replied.

‘From?’ She questioned.

‘Madam relax you just have to find out yourself after signing here.’

Kate grabbed the envelope after a minute of signing and looked around, then walked in.

‘Who was that Jane questioned?’

‘Grams you startled me.’ Kate said staggering back for a while.

‘Kate are you okay? And what’s the envelope for.’ Jane asked curiously.

Kate got a hold of herself and decided to open the envelope but ended up gasping for air.

“Don’t open if Jane is around. She can be nosy and you know it.” She read silently.

Kate kept staring at the writing on the right corner of the envelope. She was brought out of her trance when Jane spoke up.

‘What’s with the worried face?’ Jane asked Kate who looked so lost. Earlier in the morning she practically avoided Nectar after breakfast.

‘Grams I’m fine, just my hormones i guess.’ She smiled and walked out on her locating Matts in the kitchen.

Jane was surprised Kate just gave her that attitude.


‘How is it going with Drake?’ Kate asked feigning a smile upon walking in on Matt’s.

‘OH that one, he is stubborn but we are fine.’

“Good for you!” Kate said and broke down in tears.

‘Hey, come here!’ Matts said and immediately left the dishes she was washing. ‘Talk to me love, what is going on.

Matts asked now holding her down.

‘Matts I’m fine. This is just tears of joy’ .

‘Finally you are happy but you scared me.’ Matts replied sighing heavily.

‘I need to get going but do you know if your brother is coming home for lunch?’

‘Katie I should be asking you.’

‘Call and find out Matt’s. I need some rest.’

‘Do that yourself since i’m busy here besides I don’t understand why you insist he eats lunch from home.’

‘I think you didn’t see his Dad’s accusing fingers pointing at me when he consumed that poison.’

‘Yeah I remember but I still won’t make that call for you.’

‘Matt’s please, I couldn’t find my phone earlier. Still looking for it.’

‘Okay fine, on one condition.’

‘Which is?’

‘I will name the twins.’ She laughed.

‘Agreed Matt’s. Give me feedback when he answers.’

‘Yaay.’ Matt’s giggled.

‘Who wants to allow Matts give her children weird names.’ She murmured quietly and smiled.

‘See you during lunch.’ Kate said holding the envelope so tightly while walking out of the kitchen.

‘Okay love.’ Her friend shouted back.


‘Whatever it is, i just have to handle it myself.’ Kate murmured to herself on the way to her room. No third parties anymore.’ She encouraged herself.

Kate rushed to her bed after locking herself up.

‘Mandy let’s see what you left behind.’ She quickly took the note out of the envelope and opened it.

Someone’s wife. I love you, you should know that but now don’t hold on to it.

Life gave me lemon instead of making a lemonade out of it I decided to play with it.

What I mean is I lost you. I finally agree, your husband though with a good heart may have his own flaws and past.

Please let it pass, forgive him for a lot of things he is about to do and then don’t judge him with his past.

Enough of a failed love, i’m crying already! I know you just chuckled.

But be careful of Jane. She probably have everything to do with your sorrows lately.


Kate stitched her eyes on the paper for a long while. Which Jane is he talking about? She thought!

Katie lunch is ready and Nectar isn’t coming home for lunch.’ Matts knocked on her door few minutes after.

She sealed the envelope up and dropped it by the bedside then rushed down to meet Matt’s.


To be continued



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