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My Journal – Episode 10

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By Amah

Dan was not able to sleep through out the night, decided to close all the curtains in the leaving room where Zavi was lying down so that anytime she wakes up it will look like the day hasn’t break yet, every where will still look dark, with that she won’t be quick to prepare to leave, Ken will be able to meet her, he put on a dime colourful light in the living room and also removed the wall clocks around, he kept Zavi’s phone where she won’t be able to get to it, probably to check time, the time was already 7am and Zavi was still sleeping, Dan prepared Kris for the day as he wakes up and ask him not to disturb his mum, he also told him that his dad was on his way down to take them home, after Kris had breakfast, Dan took him to his daughter room and put his favorite cartoon, he lowed the volume and closed the door behind him, he checked on Zavi she was still sleeping, is almost 8am,

Dan called his wife who he has already told about having visitors in the house and will like her to be back as soon as possible to meet them before they leave, she promises to be home soon since her mum’s place is like an hour drive to the house, Dan also called Ken who told him he left the house since 5am and will soon be there.

He checked on Zavi and Kris before going to the kitchen to prepare breakfast, he would have like to cook food but he is not so good with cooking, his wife laughs at him sometimes whenever he cooks, his learning from Eliz his wife, with time he will be better off.

He thought to himself and smiled.

He checked his wrist watch it was 8:45am, almost 9am. He had a noise and quickly rush down and check, his phone was vibrating he checked it was Ken, he was outside, the noise was coming from the living room he thought probably Zavi has awaken, he pee through the door and saw that Zavi has woken up but was still lying down, probably waiting for the day to break since everywhere seems dark, Dan laughed and knew his plan was working out fine, he went outside and met Ken.

Ken on seeing Dan walking towards him saw that he was truly handsome, not too Slim and not too tall, just an average guy, he saw the reason why Zavi ran back to him, he has an attractive look that will make most ladies to fall, unlike him, his tall and not as handsome as Dan maybe that’s why Zavi choose Dan over him.

” I’m glad you are here, I’m Daniel, nice to meet you,

Ken shook his hand and replied

“I’m Kendrick, thanks for everything, I’m here for my wife and son, are they ready,

“not really, I was trying to delay her so that you can get here, she’s still lying down and I didn’t tell her that you are coming, Kris is watching cartoon in my daughter’s room, please come in.

As they turned to enter inside a car drove in, Ken stood as Dan went towards the car, there was a driver carrying a pregnant woman and a little girl, Ken watched as Dan kissed the woman as she steps down with the little girl, the woman was full of smile, she was not so beautiful in the word description of “beauty” and not tall too, Zavi is more beautiful but there was this look on her face, a plastered smile that was so warm and homely, Ken watch as Dan lifted the little girl up and with a second hand held the woman as they walk towards him who. He was just observing everything, the driver carried their luggage inside and bow in greeting as he saw him standing by the door, he watched Dan and knew this was a lovely and happy family, he wish for the peace and love that sparked in their eyes,

“darling, please meet Kendrick, Zavi’s husband… The one i told you about”

“Kendrick, this is my lovely wife Eliz and my little Princess….

Ken and the woman exchange greetings, she was full of smile.

Zavi search through the living room with her eyes wide open, the place was dim, no much light, she scanned through the walls hoping to see a wall clock but non was available, she was hearing noises, “who could be making noise by this time of the night” she thought to herself.

she remembered the previous night with Dan and felt very bad, she regretted every of her actions, she regretted coming down to her ex place, she wondered if Ken will ever forgive her, she wanted to go home to him but wondered what was waiting for her at home, she thought of her journals and saw that she was too attached to it and in the process hurting the man that loved her unconditionally, “maybe Ken was right’ is high time I get ride of them and start my life with a lovely note, it will be so painful and i will feel empty without my journal but I’m willing to do anything that will make Ken happy, I wish Kris was his biological son, but that doesn’t really matter anyway, Ken has being a great father to Kris, what more can i pray for… I wish i can write in my journal right now and tell it what almost happened last night with Dan…””no, no, I’m trying to break that addiction, and i will, there’s nothing impossible in life if you put your mind to it.. Is not everything i suppose to write in my journal, anything that will upset Ken when he reads it won’t enter my journal again.

Zavi thought of Kris, and wanted to go and check him up and prepare for their journey ahead, by the time they are done preparing the day may probably break well by then, she stood up and wondered where she left her phone, she was hearing noises, one of the voices sound like Ken, she waved it off knowing how impossible that Is, she heard a woman voice too, then there was laughter, the voices where coming towards her, she hurried to the window to see if there’s a glimpse of day break, she held her breath as she saw sunlight, everything outside was so bright, she rubbed her eyes to make sure she’s not dreaming but it was real, she opened the curtains as day light flooded the house, she wondered why Dan didn’t wake her up or he probably did it on purpose, but for what exactly, why will he do such, let me go and ask him why he closed all the curtains and only left the dim light on, what do he want to achieve from that and i told him that i will leave early….That’s not right if he did it on purpose”

Zavi was about rushing out when Dan came in with a woman she suppose is his wife and a little girl, she didn’t know what to do all the question she wanted to ask him disappeared from her mouth, the woman greeted her as Dan introduced them, she was pregnant and was looking plain, she wasn’t tall but not too short either and she was fat probably because of the pregnancy, Zavi access her from head to toe and noticed there’s something special about her, it wasn’t in her look or appearance generally because she won’t be notice if she’s in the miss of crowd, but her looked is welcoming, her smile was real and warm, she guess Dan didn’t go for the look or height but what his heart find at peace.

Dan started apologising for keeping the place dark and making it seem the day is still far, he said he wanted Zavi to meet somebody that she shouldn’t be angry with him for doing what he did, Zavi was already trying to recover from the shock of having to meet his wife and also realizing that is almost 10:30am, she wondered what other surprise will pass the one he has already giving me,

Zavi stood there watching Dan talk while his wife was full of smile, she wondered if Dan’s wife ever get angry, because the smile on her face looks like she was born without trouble, Dan went to the window and brought down the curtains making Zavi feel something was going on, she was not sure she will like this surprise, everywhere returned being dim, he went to the door and a huge tall man stepped in he was holding Kris, Kris left him and came to him, shouting mummy, she bent down and hugged her son who said “Mummy, mummy’! Daddy came for us, he came to get us so that we can go home together”

Zavi tried to talk to Kris that his Dad was at home and they will soon be on there way home, Kris was well dressed and she thought that was the surprise Dan was talking about, She never looked at the tall man standing close to the door, she couldn’t tell what he looks like every where seem a little dark except for the little day light penetrating in, and the dim light that was on was as good as darkness, She thought of Dan taking care of Kris while she slept was the surprise, so she thanked him and his wife for the warm reception, Dan shocked her further by saying Kris wasn’t the surprise he was talking about, he pointed towards the man who was relaxing by the wall, Kris went back to him.

Zavi wasn’t sure what was going on because Kris hardly go to stranger like that, she quickly cautioned him to come back, “mummy is daddy, he is here to take us home”

Zavi was trying to make sense from what Kris was saying when Dan opened the curtains again and put on the normal light, and lo and behold it was Ken, she opened her eyes wide to make sure this isn’t a night mare, but that was Ken for real, why couldn’t she notice him even in the dark, she thought within herself

Zavi was shaking all over, she still couldn’t believe her eyes.



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