JODA – Episode 18

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JODA Episode 18.
© Amah

My lawyer brought the divorce paper, and Denis on seeing I wasn’t joking About divorcing him flared up, he became violent and started destroying things in the house, Denis asked my lawyer to leave,

I remain calm as he went about with his rage, Binta who was outside rushed in on hearing the whole noise, Denis walked Binta out, Binta refused to step out, he was trying to engage Binta into a fight, Binta was a strong willed person, she was also Strong physically, having gone through karate back in school, where she learnt defense moves, back then I use to Joke with her that her husband or boyfriend is in big trouble if she ever gets angry and she will laugh and say she only learnt how to defend herself from bad people out there and will never engage in a fight with her spouse,

As I watch her argue and held Denis from destroying things in the house I started wishing I have her kinds of strength and courage,

Luella woke and started crying, the noise woke her up, I rushed to My room and carried My Baby, I nursed her back to sleep.

The noise was becoming too much, I came out and saw Binta still holding Denis as he struggle, he kicked Binta hard on her stomach, she fell to the ground in pain, Denis Left and said before he returns back binta should make sure that she’s gone,

I rushed to her she said she was fine but I can see she was in serious pain, I asked her to leave before Denis hurts her more, she said she wasn’t leaving me and him alone I urged her, because i thought Denis won’t be able to hurt me physically he can only destroy things and use words to spite me,

she stood up and said she will leave but she will be back in 30minute, Binta whispered something to my ear, she asked me to get my phone and put it on record, so that I can personally record every word Denis said to me, because he may tries to threatens me just as he did with Vanessa after she vanished with his money,

After Binta Left, i put my phone on recording and hide it within, when Denis came back he was a bit calm, he looked around at the things he has destroyed and sighed, he sat hard on the chair before looking at me

“How could you Joda, how could you do this to me, your husband and the father of your child, Luella my daughter Will never forgive you for doing this to her father, I Will make sure of that, and I will never sign that divorce paper, I will never…. you can go to hell with your lawyer, your stupid friend Binta, she was Lucky to leave I would have disfigured that her face that no Man will be able to marry her again, she was trying to show me she got the strength of a man, Not knowing she will always be woman, ” weaker vessels ” daughters of Jezebel, your friend Vanessa is the first daughter of the devil himself, women can never be trusted, very strange deceiving creatures, Joda you where naive and foolishly in love with me, you do My every bidding until Binta started influencing you, you allowed her because you can never make your own decision without being told what to do, you are that stupid, and you think you succeeded by giving me a divorce paper to sign, how foolish can you be, thinking I will sign the papers, since you plan to discard me after your friend Vanessa has done the worst by striping me naked and taking every dim I suffered for I will Tell you what that will break you into pieces, your Jezebel friend Vanessa was My whore, I used her Even in our matrimonial bed, I used her through out the night while you slept like a log of wood, then I used you in the morning for early morning tea, hahaha…Vanessa was so sweet, we even did it right in the the same bed with you after you passed out, Vanessa use to stuff her pants in to your mouth as you snore and I Will watch and laugh, I still own this house, and yes I collected 10million from you because you are too slow in putting my names in the other properties, you did not make me a signatory to the company’s account or your father’s, anytime I ask or remind you of it you will tell me to calm down because “your money is my money” how is that even possible when you are still in charge of everything, you became very stingy and wicked, all thanks to your stupid friend Binta, who you allowed to Wash your brain with her lies, I hate you Joda for making me to go through so much pain, my only Joy now is my daughter and you can never stop me from being in her life,

I listened to him talk and talk, he even tore the divorce paper into pieces, I didn’t want to say much because I was recording, but when he said he hated me and talk about Vanessa, and then my daughter Luella as his hope in getting to me in the future I spoke

“Denis, you are a loser because all your plans has failed you, you said you hate me, hahahaha….that makes two of us, I hate you more my darling ex husband, now let me blow you away, I knew about your constant cheating with Vanessa that even made you to insist she Best me, I knew it even resulted to you drugging me so that you can feel safe during the night, and do your dirty deed right in my presence, yes all thanks to my Binta, is good to have a smart and reliable Friend not the one that Will betray me as Vanessa betrayed you and milk you dry, I know you Will be wondering how I got to know lots of things, well my wonderful Friend Binta is a prophetess, even if I’m naive and stupid my friend is wise and blunt, please get ready for another shocker, hahaha….i love this our confession, the only thing i learnt from You is how to cheat, yes my stupid and naïve self was feed up with your constant cheating, you never wondered how I managed to remain calm after accusing you of cheating with Vanessa, because you aren’t my problem any more I was busy loving the right person which resulted to Luella, sorry to burst your bubbles, Luella is not your daughter, because you are a cursed being, I guess you are even impotent, all through the times I have being with you, even small pregnancy did not enter… Hahaha, I guess you don’t Even use protection on Vanessa yet she never get pregnant, I so much thank God that very soon nothing will connect us both,

Denis was looking at me like he was in shock after hearing that Luella wasn’t Even his daughter, he suddenly pounced on me and started hitting me, I fell to the ground, he asked me to repeat what I said about having affair and getting pregnant, I was in pain but I was glad that I hit him on the right spot i gladly repeated it, this time I added More spices so that it can be juicy, he kicked me and said it was a lie that I can’t cheat on him, I don’t have that nerve, I told him to Wait until Luella is a year old, I will do a DNA test to prove it to him, on hearing this Again he slapped me I managed to get up and hit him with the flower vase that was close to me, he staggered back as blood drip from his Head, he came Again at me and I try to struggled to get up and run into the room where I will be able to lock the door and call the police, but I couldn’t get free, Denis was the devil him self as he hit me while shouting and calling me a harlot, and all kinds of name and then he said the last word that I almost fainted, Denis opened his mouth to my shock and said

“I will be so glad to kill glad to kill you and your b****** child and end your generation, I started it with your stingy father…I killed him, yes…i did it.. Hahaha… should really be scared of me because I’m capable of anything, oh Joda, no one crosses me and gets away with it…I Will kill you Joda like I did to your father… Your stingy father was nice in the beginning but changed later with the excuse that money wasn’t forthcoming, I knew he has the money but suddenly became stingy and started focusing More on less important people, I was his P.A, i deserved more than he was offering me, well when I couldn’t Bear it any more I started adding some killer drugs to his coffee and drinks, gradually it was eating his lungs and intestine, I did that without care, unsuspicious, because he trusted me, I did it gradually watching him wrath in pain until he died, I knew you Are next in Line…I needed to get to your heart…I saw your weak point and did all I could until you couldn’t do without me, I’m a winner my darling wife, you and your father are fools, you can’t take my word to anywhere because nobody Will believe you, no evidence, naïve spoit brat like you… I will..

He was still talking when the door was kicked open Binta and Kuria came in, on seeing Kuria he attacked him, saying he was the one all this while that i was having affair with, which resulted to My pregnancy, Denis caused and throw punches at Kuria, Kuria dodged his blows and slapped and kicked him and he fell to the ground, Binta was holding me I needed to unhear that Denis really killed my father, Binta was telling me that the Police where on the way, Kuria came to me but I kicked everyone screaming, I was crying my head was heavy my heart was shattered, I wanted to revenge my dad’s death, I was going crazy as I scattered my Hair and tore my cloth… Oh the pain in my heart was too much to Bear…my body was soaked with tears and sweat, I felt pain from Denis beating but it can’t be compared to the heaviness in my heart…my father was killed by Denis, I actually fell in love with my father’s killer and married him…just that realization alone was enough to kill me…



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8 Replies to “JODA – Episode 18

  1. Denny boy, its over now. D popo are on their way to arrest ur sorry arse. I just hope d phone recorder is intact. Now I believe things have fallen apart where d center can’t hold for both u , joda, Luella and ur marriage.

  2. Joda u now know without any shadow of doubt u actually married d devil.
    Denny, u created d charade, but u didn’t know when other people played u silly, the gold fish has no hiding place

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