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By Jon Doe

From his throat a moan escaped, her lower limb stretched to the limit, stopping mere inches from his engorged crown. His desire built to a crescendo; thoughts of reaching across the desk and having her right on this table having free reign. Her hand still lay on his, pressing down on the picture frame. In Bisi’s soft brown eyes he could see a desire outshining his own. With a flick of his wrist, Namdi held her hand in his, muscles tensing as he rose to pull her across the table. At this moment all he wanted from the world was her, here, now! Bisi’s lips quivered in anticipation, a fierce heat rising up her thighs, gathering below her navel.

“I have your pot of tea here sir.”

Namdi froze, his neck swiveling to the turning door knob. A chill went down his spine, paralyzing him. On his tenth birthday, malaria had ravaged his body. In a desperate attempt to keep his temperature down his mom had plunged him into a bath of ice water. Through his weak screams and struggles she had held him down. He had never felt such a sharp change in temperature again till now. What a cruel joke, to think he had signed his end with his own tongue. Had it already been 20 minutes?! Namdi watched the door open, frozen as the receptionist back pressed against the wood. Time, if he could only have more time…

Bisi had no such constraints, recovering first. In one fluid motion she extricated her hand from Namdi’s, slamming it against the table. The impact woke Namdi out of his stupor. Without a second thought he let gravity pull him down to his chair, hiding the bulge in his trousers behind the desk. The receptionist jumped at the sound, nearly dropping the tray of tea items she held with both hands.

“Maybe now you’ll take me seriously.”

Bisi sat there, calm, like a palm strike to the table never happened. Her words were even, carrying none of the passion that had burnt in her eyes moments before. She only looked at Namdi, patiently waiting, disregarding the receptionist walking and placing the tray on the table between them.

Unsure of what to do, how to answer, Namdi opened his mouth without a plan, hoping he would somehow muddle through.

“I’m sorry miss, let’s start from the beginning.”

Turning to the receptionist he couldn’t help but watch her as she prepared the tea set. How much had she seen? Could she tell? He searched for clues in her demeanor but found nothing.

“Sir, will it be your usual?”

“Yes, and for the miss, she’ll be having the Earl grey, two packets of sweetener and a dab of cream.”

With practiced finesse the receptionist made the teas in quick succession, placing them in front of Bisi and Namdi. Gathering the tea set back on the tray she paused for a moment. Still watching her, Namdi unknowingly held his breath. Reaching out, the receptionist lifted the face down picture frame; setting it on its stand. It faced Namdi and Bisi equally. She took a step back, turning to face Namdi.

“Will that be all, sir?”

He looked at her quizzically, having forgotten about the lunch order.

“You may leave, the tea’s will do nicely.”

Surprised, the receptionist turned to Bisi wondering who she was to be able to speak in such a confident tone here. Hearing nothing from Namdi contradicting Bisi’s statement, she picked up the tray, walking briskly to the door. Namdi briefly watched as the receptionist left the table heading out. His brain howled at him, he couldn’t be in the same room with this woman alone. Over and over his common sense pounded, fighting his desire, fighting his want, fighting his lust. In front of him, Bisi’s tongue slowly ran against her lips. An act so simple, so delicate, so basic and yet it lit a fuse in him. It was only a matter of time and he would fall, this he was sure. Tearing his eyes away from her lips he focused all he had left on the picture sitting on his desk, shouting from his heart.



“You forgot my lunch order”

A complicated expression ran through Namdi’s face when he saw the receptionist stop. Somehow he had gained and lost.

“Sir! You said for making us wait you would atone for your sins with a business lunch. Your receptionist can go.”

“I don’t remember saying… you know what… regardless, she will stay here and take notes on the events of and leading to the fire.”

An impatient expression quickly appeared and vanished from Bisi’s brow but she conceded.

“Where should I start?”

“From the beginning miss. Leave nothing out”

“It was dark so I can’t say I saw much”

“That’s fine, you can just stick to what you saw.”

“My memory is a little fuzzy. If we could go to the scene of the fire that would help.”

“Alright I’ll have one of the interns escort you to…”

“No, the least you can do is take this seriously and handle this case personally!”

“God woman! lets just get this over with. I’ll meet you outside.”

Namdi watched as Bisi grabbed her bag and headed out with the receptionist. He looked at the untouched tea cups. He was thirsty but had lost his appetite for tea. More importantly he needed to focus on calming himself down. Walking out with his lower half at full mast would make him the talk of the office.

Ten minutes later he strolled past the reception, a quick shout to the receptionist to toss him a bottle of water. She wasn’t there. Bisi was already in the elevator holding the door open. Stepping in, Namdi stood as far from her as he could, the doors closing behind him. She laughed, a melody dripping with seduction.

“I won’t make you do anything you don’t want to do. Here, take a drink, you look dehydrated”

Namdi reflexively caught the bottle of water she threw to him. He looked at her suspiciously.

“I promise to stay on my side of the elevator till the doors open.”

With a finger she made a cross over her left chest finalizing the promise. There was nothing religious about the way she did it Namdi thought. Unscrewing the cap he lifted the bottle to his lips. He stopped, the first drop nearly splashing into his mouth. Bisi noticed his hesitation. She flashed a radiant smile. He lowered the bottle.

“You really don’t trust me?”

“Almost as much as I don’t trust myself around you.”

“You really do know how to flatter a lady.”

“You, my dear, are no lady.”

“Awww, that’s the first time you’ve called me ‘mine’ and ‘dear’. Now what do I call you?”

Namdi was at a loss, there was something about this vixen in front of him…

“Call me Namdi.”

“Namdi… I like it. To think it took this long for you to tell me your name. Nice to meet you”

As the elevator descended, Bisi stretched out her hand. Throwing the bottle of water away Namdi smiled as he shook it, feeling a slight pinch. Her hand was small, nearly lost in his, he hadn’t fallen for her water trap. His eyelids grew heavy. With a ding, the elevator doors opened; Namdi’s eyes closed.

Namdi’s eyes opened, his vision a blur, head muddled, his body stretched and prone on a soft surface.

“Where am I?”

His words came out slurred. His mind went back trying to remember. It began to come back to him in bits and pieces. The elevator, I drank water, no wait I threw it away but then a woman, a handshake, pinch, no it was a prick! Her! His vision cleared, right in front of him was


He roared as he lunged for her. He didn’t get far, his body recoiling, metal digging into his wrist and ankles. She had handcuffed him to a bed.

“Sweety, I know you want me so bad but you have to be patient.”

Namdi’s eyes widened. In Bisi’s hand was a hypodermic needle.

To be continued



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  1. Dammit , this has gone too far bisi.

    Nmadi is flesh and blood there’s a limit to which he can hold on to ur seduction.
    Next plz

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