Royalty – Episode 6

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ROYALTY Episode 6
By Amah

Zuba and Zaka kept on growing as each day comes and go, Duni warned her kids not to go close to Oche or her boys,

Duni focused on Zaka, she wanted him to turn out exactly the way she likes, so that in the future when he finally becomes king, he will put Oche and her sons where they belonged,

Oche’s boys were homely, loving, respectful and kind, they relate with everyone so well that even the palace maid can’t get enough of them, Zuba was already 10years and his brother, Zuny was 6years,

Oche’s boys sometimes want to go and play with Zaka but Duni will not let the boys close, Oche told her sons to stay away from Zaka since he doesn’t want them around,

The king was not aware what was going on with his sons, he only knows that right from time his wives, Duni and Oche don’t relate well, they have never gotten along, and he has tried to talk to Duni who he sees as the cause of the whole problem but she will promise to be better and then turn out to be worst than before, He thank the gods for Oche who is very tolerant of Duni, if not for the kind of person Oche is there will be uproar, quarrel everyday in the palace, he has seeing Oche avoiding Duni, not replying Duni no matter what she says to her, King Zume knew that Oche wasn’t afraid of Duni but only avoid her out of respect and love she have for her and him, the king, the king also knew that Zuba was the first before Zaka, he knew Oche gave birth before Duni, making Zuba, Oche’s son heir to his throne, Zuba will suppose to be king after him but Duni is seriously preparing Zaka for the throne, Zuba and Zaka are age mates, only that Zuba is older than Zaka with just three days, king Zume always prayed to the gods to choose between the two boys who will be king, and the one that has a loving and humble spirit, so that the kingdom will not suffer

King Zume sees some of the things that Duni does, which she thought he doesn’t notice, he silently wish Oche will challenge her one-day, probably with that Duni will stop treating her like an outcast,

The king worries at the rate Duni is going with the kingship thing, He love all his children and they always seem fine, especially Zaka whenever he takes a walk with the boys they play and laugh so well like they are from one mother but ones Zaka is back to the palace, under the mother’s scrutiny, he becomes a different person entirely and doesn’t want to play with Zuba or Zuny again

Duni is gradually turning into a shrewd woman and Oche’s kind heart keep paving way for her, Oche may not be as beautiful as Duni but her heart is golden, she’s is the real Queen and the people loves and adores her, some even believe she’s a healer others says she’s a goddess, she keep wining the heart of everyone that she comes across, while Duni keep loosing everyone’s Love including her mother and the king because of her shrewdness,

The boys, Zuba and Zaka turned 12years and there was a great feast for them. Duni Who has being planing on how to attack Zuba finally had a plan,

One day Zuba saw Zaka playing his new flute up at the open stairs, Zuba ran up-to him not knowing Duni was there, Duni purposely ask Zaka to play the new flute he just got for him where Zuba can see him, so that he can attract the boy to come,

So when Zuba ran up the stairs and meet Zaka, he started admiring the flute and ask Zaka if he can play small with it, Zaka shouted at him to go away from him, Duni came out from where she was and started scolding Zuba to go back to his wretched mother, that he should stop disturbing Zaka the real heir to the throne,

“go back to your wretched and ugly mother, you don’t belong to Zaka class, Zaka is a soon to be king stop coming close to him, you are only allowed close to him when the king takes you kids on a ride or walk, aside that keep your distance from him, and tell your brother the same thing, I don’t want you coming close to him, you, your mother and brother are wretched and ugly, your mother is a witch that charmed the king, who got married to her, and she produced insects like you, because the king can’t marry her on a clear eyes, she’s a jealous witch, that is envious of my beauty, tell her even in her next life she can never be as beautiful as me…all of you should keep to your low life level, stop coming close to my son, I have warned you and your mother before….

Zuba was angry that Queen Duni and Zaka where making fun of him and his mother, he looked at the Queen and replied her to her utmost astonishment,

“I don’t mean to be disrespectful but that was a very unkind word to use on me and my mother, I thought that you as a mother will know better than that, you don’t tear people down because you want to be the best, mother always tell me to live a life that others can emulate and i have always harken to that, she’s not always perfect but she’s a good mother and will never ask me or my sibling to condemn anyone…i see the way you treat her, and the way you treat i and Zuny my brother, you aren’t a good mother, mother never calls anyone wretched or ugly, and you calling her that was not right at all…i know mother will be angry with me for talking back at you but I hate to see you treat her the way you do and all she could do was to walk away or watch you walk away without a word, I don’t know why you do that but you got to stop doing that to my mother, she has never said anything bad about you yet you treat her like a nobody, I don’t even suppose to be here, I actually thought it was just Zaka… Mother is not even in competition with your beauty, she is beautiful inside and out, even the blind can attest to that, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, you may seem Beautiful to yourself and very ugly to the people, this insult and ridiculing mother isn’t good at all because she has never done any wrong to you…

Duni gave Zuba a thunderous slap and ask Zaka to also do that, which Zaka did also, as if the slap wasn’t enough she dragged and pushed him down the stairs, Zuba rolled down hitting his head continuously on the steps, he passed out, and when he got to the Middle of the step, is as if one of the step held him so that he will not tumble to the ground, Duni saw what happened and started going to go and finished the work she started Zaka tried to stop her, “mother….please no… He looks lifeless already…please let’s call for help or he will die…mother please…enough….don’t do that….please

“are you stupid Zaka, when do you start having pity for an enemy or you don’t know he is your opponent, I didn’t raise you to be a weak man i raise you to attack your enemies and those that hate you and take life away from them because you will be a king and you must not attach feeling to your kingship, people are born and people dies everyday is a normal thing about life…be a strong king who will never allow anything or anyone to weakens you, now….i will not do this for you go and finish him up , kicking him down to the ground, be fast about it so that we can quickly leave before we are caught….

“mother we have done enough already….lets leave him alone… I can’t do that…

“you are disobeying Your Own mother… you see the way he defended his own mother ,your own is to disobey my orders, no problem I will handle you later…just watch as I’m going to it and learn

Zuba was bleeding, he made an agonising sound and tries to get up but was too weak, Duni approached him and kick him hard to the ground he fainted, Zaka closed his eyes and swallowed hard, he wish he can save Zuba but his mother has warned him about being weak and he doesn’t want to appear weak,

Zuba lifeless body was just on the ground without movement, while Duni and her son ran off as they heard noise coming.

To be continued



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