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No More Room For Love

No More Room For Love – Episode 17

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No More Room For Love Episode 17

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‘You don’t have to let him in, just try to tolerate him and let the rudeness go.’

‘I mean treat him like your friends; you don’t detest them as you do to Nectar, probably because you fell in love with him without knowing it.’ Her mom said and Kate thought she was sounding weird now.

‘No mom, I know I’m not in love because he loves me rather.’ She struggled to say.
‘And you don’t like that?’

‘I hate people declaring their feelings for me mom.

‘You will figure it out.’ Catherine encouraged.

‘But Mom how do you do it? I mean you can see Dad doesn’t love you but you are still there.’

‘Whatever happened between us, i don’t want that to affect you Kate. Though I can see that getting into your head already but Kate i want you to enjoy your marriage, so talk about it with Nectar.

‘Thank you mom, but I need to get going now.’

Catherine sighed heavily and hanged up probably because her daughter has finally agreed to give Nectar a chance.

Nectar was attending to a patient in the theater when the nurse signaled him when she entered with his phone.

‘Doctor Glover. Mrs is on the line. It seemed urgent because she kept calling.’ The nurse said with a broad smile.

Everyone in the theater with him just glared at him. He forgot he saved Kate’s name as Mrs and at thesame time he was surprised to receive a call from her.

His colleague Sly, signalled him to go.

‘Are you sure?’ Nectar asked attempting to take off his gloves.

‘Yes, go. I’ve got this Glover.’

‘I owe you one Sly. Just do a good close up of the left side.’

‘I can do this Glover and besides we are almost done here.’

Nectar stared at his patient on the table and then to the nurse holding the phone which kept ringing.

‘Okay, i would do the paper work. See you later.’ He rushed out of there while grabbing the phone from the nurse.

Nectar didn’t hesitate to answer the call.

‘Gentle man, are you not coming home tonight,’ Kate spoke up calmly over the phone. He still sounded surprised with even a sigh over the phone and Kate felt it was because she has never called him since they got married.

‘Kate, are you okay! Do you need help?’ Nectar asked inquisitively while he got himself dressed up in his office.

‘No, I came home and wanted us to talk about something but you were not around. Moreover, it’s getting late too!’ Kate managed to just close her eyes and speak.

‘Kate are you worried about me?’ Nectar asked.

She thought it was a stupid question to ask. Her mouth may run so wild, her heart so hardened but her brain still works perfectly. She cared with her mind. Kate was thinking aloud again, when she realized he was still waiting for her answer.

‘What if I’m worried about you!’ Kate said finally, feeling a strange coldness suddenly coming over her.

‘Well I don’t think that’s a problem. Probably you didn’t notice I’ve been working late nights lately.’ Nectar said annoying her.

‘I just want to know if you are coming home soon.’ She replied calmly and worried.

Nectar thought she just wanted to talk over the phone.

‘I’m not sure, but I would try? Is Matilda there with you?’ He said and Kate felt disappointed.

‘She’s not back either.’

Nectar sensed worry in his wife’s voice.

‘Okay give me thirty minutes. I would be there soon,’ he said hurriedly and Kate hanged up.

He brought out the paper he told Syl he would work on. Nectar was eager to go back home and was glad Glover got his surgery covered.

Kate kept walking from one corner to another for a whole twenty minutes and then her phone rang.

Without checking the caller ID she answered the phone.

‘Katie I’m not coming home tonight. I got one hairy dude.’

‘Matts so it’s you, get a life.’

‘Who were you expecting?’ Matt’s asked laughing.

‘I’m here waiting for your brother because i planned on telling him about the children this evening.’

Kate may be a stubborn but she’s also the weakest and kindest person when it came to men.

‘Really, I’m coming home, wait for me.’ Matts said so excited.

‘I thought you said something about sex and hairy dude tonight.’

‘Come on, I won’t miss your drama for anything in this world, Sex can wait.’ She said so bratty.

‘But Matts, I’m really scared!’

‘What about Katie. I don’t know but what if he hurts me.’

‘Oh come on, Nectar wouldn’t dare lay a hand on a woman twice.’

‘But Matts a revelation like this can make people do unimaginable things.’ Kate said with so much worry in her voice.

‘Katie please relax and wait for me, so we tell him together.’

‘No Matts, this is my own cross to carry, besides I’m already a dead meat whether I tell him or not.’

Just then, she heard Nectars car pull in the compound. Fear gripped her and instantly she started sweating profusely.
Kate quickly hanged up on Matt’s.

The coldness earlier has vanished. Her brain was overheating due to the many ideas popping up as to how to start the conversation about his children.

Kate didn’t understand why she was afraid of letting him know the truth. It wasn’t as if what they shared could be called marriage but they were practically leaving like friends. Now her mind was coming back to it’s rude state again.

But she was sure it was just her hormones or she was still scared he might hurt her. By the time he entered she was on the floor.

Kate woke up, feeling a bump to her head.

‘What happened?’ Kate asked him.

‘You collapsed. Do you feel pains anywhere.’ Nectar further asked.

‘No just a headache.’ She whispered looking around.

‘That would be over soon, once you eat and take your medicines.’

‘Alright.’ She replied calmly.

‘And you need to start seeing that doctor we talked about, I mean today Kate!’ Nectar said stressing his voice.

‘Okay.’ Kate just responded weakly.

‘Finally you are awake, Matt’s said smiling, your food is here.’

‘What happened Katie, were you able to do the stuff we talked about?’ Kate shoved her eyes at Nectar.

Matt’s understood and looked up at him.

‘Nectar, can you excuse us for a minute.’ Matts said!

‘Really?’ he said and Matts frowned while walking out constantly looking back.

They waited for him to disappear before they continued their discussion.

‘What happened Katie?’

‘I should be asking you that Matts.’

‘I woke up here, I just remember your brother pulling into the compound and that was it.’

‘I also saw Nectar attending to you when I got home and
he hasn’t told me anything Katie.’

‘I think I can’t do it Matts.’

‘Why not Katie, you are stronger than you think. My brother would forgive you.’
Kate sighed.

‘I think I need time, to adjust to his likeness to me first and then we can take it from there.’ Kate suggested.

‘Okay, take your time but have you talked to that friend yet.’ Matts asked trying to change the topic.

‘Drake? No, I would soon.’ She replied honestly.

‘When you do, try to be honest with him.’

“I hate men who love me, and I’m not about to lose a friend because he loves me.”

Matt’s was about to say something when she heard Nectars voice.

‘Are you girls decent, should I come in?’

‘Nectar stop fooling around, this is your room.’ Matts said looking through the door.

‘Kate you haven’t touched your food that much, has Matilda added too much salt to the Oats,’ he asked trying to make a joke.

‘Huh nectar, she is fine.’ Matt’s looked guilty.

She looked on while brother and sister gave each other their weird looks.

‘I need to give you some injections Kate.’

Her eyes popped out and met with that of Matts.

‘Emmm, I think I don’t need injections, I prefer the tablets.’

Kate was scared of going all nude in front of Nectar but she really wished she had.

She hit her head with her palm, trying to reset it while the others looked on.

Of late, her mind spews out unimaginable feelings. But she assures herself it’s just her hormones.

‘Kate, you need this injection.’ He tried to convince.

‘Nectar I think your wife is asking if she could have that injection anywhere aside her bums.’

‘Ooh that, yeah the shoulders.’

He said with a relief on his face. Kate was surprised how Matts knew what her problem was.

‘Right there done, you can have some rest now.’ Nectar said shyly and walked out.

‘Matts how did you know?’

‘I know when you are acting weird you have something up your sleeves.’

‘I forgot you were always nosy and then again my shield all the time.’

Matt’s laughed when she just needed to say thank you.

There was silence for a few minutes until Matts sighed.

‘You two haven’t done it yet?’

Kate couldn’t believe Matts was asking her that question at that crucial moment.

‘What? Sex? Nope!’

‘Has he seen you naked before?’ She further asked.

‘Yeah when I was drunk and I have no memories though I’m pregnant from that now.’

Matt’s smiled teasingly.

‘Just one shot and you are pregnant with twins. What will happen to two shots, you will give us a football team.’ Matts teased and they both laughed.


‘Kate you wanted to speak with me the last time.’ Nectar asked after a few days.

“How could he be asking that now when I was thinking he forgot?” Kate said silently.

It has been two days since the incident so she was hoping he had forgotten.

‘Are you with me?’ Nectar raised his hands in her face. He obviously didn’t hear what Kate said earlier.

‘It’s fine. I found what I wanted.’

‘It didn’t look like you were looking for something when you called.’ He tried to challenge.

‘Please I said its fine,’ She nearly yelled.

‘Calm down and don’t work yourself up,’ Nectar tried to convince Kate he wasn’t bothered.

She rolled her eyes. ‘By the way I hope I’m fit enough to work tomorrow.’ She asked.

‘Are you sure you can handle it.’

‘I’m not weak gentle man.’

‘Okay but your secretary can handle that for you.’ Nectar chipped in.

‘You know i’m trying so hard to talk to you now and control the anger that is burning in me.’ She said with a warning eye.

‘I can see that Kate, but I just want the best for you and the children. Forgive me if i’m over stepping my boundaries.’

He was about to leave when she just had to say something again.

‘I’m sorry, it came out that wrong way but i would try to slow down and cut on the working hours provided you pay my secretary her overtime.’ She feigned a smile.

Nectar just gave her some weird look and walked out like a child. Kate laughed so hard.

Matts would you accompany me to drakes place.

‘Sure why not but I’m driving.’

‘Okay, chief driver.’ Kate teased.

Matt’s agreed and they left immediately though it took Kate a while to get herself dressed up.

When they got there the door wasn’t locked so Kate pushed it opened and met Drake on the floor in his hall.
When he saw them, he tried to raise himself up.

‘What are you doing here.’ He struggled and stumbled to walk.

‘Drake have you been drinking? What is wrong with you?’ Kate asked concerned.

‘Le.. ave me alone.’ Drake stuttered.

‘Bring that bottle, do you want to drink yourself to death?’ Kate asked him with a sad tone.

‘What do you care Kate? You decided to leave me for that good for nothing sick man?’

‘Hey watch your mouth; you can’t talk about my brother that way.’ Matts interjected.

‘Ooh, you were the b**** sister who broke a poor girl completely.’

‘Drake keep quiet,’ Kate yelled. ‘Matts lets go, i’m sure when he finish drinking himself to waste he would come around.’ Kate banged the door in his face and they drove off.

‘Sorry about my friend out there.’ Kate finally broke the silence after a long sigh.

‘That is fine, he is just a gentle man in love and I would always be that b**** who slept with her best friends fiancé.’ Matts said as if reality just dawned on her.

Kate just glared and she drove on in silence. Matt’s kept using different routes, which wasn’t leading home and Kate was worried.

‘Matts, where are we going?’ Kate asked concerned.

‘Keep your head down and hold still.’ Matt’s ignored, taking a very drastic turn on a busy road swerving a gunshot.

‘What was that?’ Kate yelled almost running out of breathe when Matt’s kept violating traffic rules.

‘Look into the side mirror, they are still following us.’
She drove recklessly but with caution until she slowed down a bit.

Matts managed to say after they escaped the gunshot earlier.

‘I still don’t understand Matt’s.’ Kate checked the mirror and didn’t seee anything.’

Matt’s gestured her to hold on.

‘I sensed someone was tailing us since we left Drakes end,’ she finally spoke up clearly when they managed to lose them and managed it home.

Kate just glared at Matt’s talking alot while they entered the house.

‘You are back. I cooked! Nectar greeted with a grin.

‘I’m not hungry,’ Kate said and walked out on both brother and sister.

Matt’s gestured him to stop asking questions. Nectar figured something must have happened to her so he kept quiet.

After a while Kate heard a knock on her door and Nectar came in.

‘Someone left this in the mail for you.’

‘What is it?’ She asked and he passed an envelope to her.

‘And I heard you were attacked earlier so i called your Dad.’

‘Huh, what for? You think my dad gives a damn about what happens to me? Grow up!’ Kate said so calmly.

‘But I just thought, he has the connections with the cops to look into what kind of danger you are in.’ He said naively.

‘Good Luck with my dad then.’

Kate quickly took the envelope from him and tore it open because the handwriting on it looked familiar, then the contents itself confirmed her deepest fear.

She just tore it apart and looked away when their gazes met.

‘Are you okay Kate.’

‘Why do you ask? Do I look like I’m dying? She said regrettably.

‘Yes, you tore that envelope apart as if you’ve just seen a ghost.’


‘Sorry if I intruded again but i was just trying to help.’ He hissed. ‘When I thought we were finally at a good place in this marriage.’

Nectar murmured slowly playing on her conscience and walked away sadly.
‘Who brought this letter?’ Kate rushed down to matt’s room.

To be continued


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