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Money Over Love

Money Over Love – Episode 8

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Money Over Love Episode 8

Vero also came in, “Daddy please don’t take him away. I caused everything, I seduced him and we ended sleeping with each other. I love him Dad and I want to be married to him. Mum Please I love him and want him as my husband.” “will you shut the **** up, both of you? Now all of you into the room. ” Daddy commanded. He asked the police to make sure I don’t ran away. The two ladies with their father and mother left us and went into the room. “Boss I believe you will understand me now. I was wrongly reported of rapping Precious. God in heaven knows best. With Vero becoming pregnant, she seduced me and I also did it.” I said to the police guiding me. “My friend shut up there, you won’t cut your coat per your size, you want better flesh to chop abi? I will personally deal with you.” The police said back to me. I only shook my head and remained silent. I was as scared as a criminal who was sentenced to life imprisonment. The useless Policeman worsened my situation with his threats as I recalled the story; “prison wahala” by Promise Gasin who was an ex-convict. I was just imagining how life in that dark place called a prison is. I found myself smiling when I imagined the title of the new movie to be released by Kumawood if it happens that I’m imprisoned.
Inside the room.
“Now listen and listen to me very well, Vero, am not accepting that bustard as your husband today nor tomorrow.” He angrily said. “but what do you want her to do with the pregnancy if she doesn’t get married to him? ” mum asked. “woman please stay out of this.” Daddy cautioned.
“These your children have brought a big disgrace to me and this family as a whole. How do I tell my friends that my daughter is getting married to my house boy? How? Am asking you how?” He angrily asked mum. She was silent looking at him. “How can your daughter get married to someone who does not even know how to read nor write? He has no profession as well and you expect me to allow my daughter to marry such a man? Oh no way.” He relaxed inside the sofa looking very wild like a lion that has fasted for thirty days and nights. “My husband, am not supporting my children but let’s call a spade a spade and not a bigger spoon. Your daughter is already pregnant. The person who is responsible never denied it, your daughter says she loves him and am sure Makafui equally loves her.” Mum said. “Please I even don’t want to hear that word love. Who loves who? Are you expecting me to continue feeding my daughter after she claims she has gotten married? Can that boy even pay for her bride price?” He asked.
“Daddy so what are you expecting me to do now?” Vero asked. “Go and burn the sea, disgraceful child. Why can’t you uphold this family name? I will quickly arrange for you to get married to a friend’s son. The boy will be returning from America this weekend. His father told me he was purposely coming to search for a wife.” Daddy said. “No daddy, am not marrying anyone I don’t know. Why? Is it because he is coming from America?” Vero asked with some level of impunity. “You marrying him will mean an increase in our families wealth because this man is a multimillionaire. Vero just take it for me that you are not marrying that boy. Junior go and call him for me.” Daddy said.
Junior came to call me with police escort. I just knew it that my world has come to an end. “Why couldn’t I control myself to avoid all these troubles? Or is it true that I’m an evil child as claimed by my auntie and the woman I was made to stay with?” I asked myself many questions. When we got in, daddy gave the police some money and said they can go. That was when my anxiety level began coming down. My head was bowed in shame and at the same time fear.
“Gentleman, I spent money on my children to attend school, protected them till this age. I won’t let you come and redirect this families focus. I made sure I gave you all you needed. You equally know the plans I have for you because of the good work you are doing. Upon all these, you paid me back by impregnating my daughter. And you Vero, you also brought yourself so low for a common houseboy to impregnate you. When he marries, where is he taking you?  The bush he left or my security post? Stop looking into my face and answer me.” Daddy lamented.
“Daddy don’t worry we will take care of ourselves.” Vero replied her father. I remained silent and allowed them to do their own thing.
“Hey young man, I won’t spare you for spoiling the plans I have for my children. You attempted rapping Precious and that didn’t end there. You slept with my daughter and got her pregnant. I will deal with you but note that you are not marrying my daughter. Am given you only three days to send yourself out of this house. “Vero said she will leave the house with me to anywhere that I will go.
“Vero, all that daddy said is true. Am not your size and besides I don’t even know where am going from here. In your heart you know the pregnancy is mine. I will go but don’t follow me, because when you do, the pregnancy might suffer due to my financial status. Name the child after me Makafui. Take care of yourself and the pregnancy.” I said with a heavy heart to her. She was in tears but I overlooked that because the voice said at every point I need to take a decision and it should be a rational one. If I should go with her, how could I provide for her? Mummy tried convincing her husband to take a second look at his actions but this man never listened. I left them in the room and straight I went to start packing. I didn’t feel like crying nor anything. I was just myself. I told myself that if this lady was meant for me, I will definitely marry her before any of us dies. Vero came into my room and saw me packing. Hmm this was when I felt something was going on. This lady cried bitterly. I tried to as usual encouraged her and promised her that I will someday come for her. Precious, knowing what she did, was feeling shy to come closer to me. The following day, I went to daddy to pay me for the work I’ve done in the house but he told me he will use that money to take care of Vero’s pregnancy. I pleaded with him but he refused paying me. I was a village boy and didn’t attend school so I didn’t know that the court could’ve rescued me. I informed Vero about his father’s refusal to pay me so she went to withdraw a huge some of money for me to take on me.
Because I don’t want Vero to be very worried seeing me leave, I woke up very early in the morning around 4:00am and left the house without informing anybody. By the time they all woke up, I was no where to be found. Vero cried and grieved for long. It was just like a dream to her.
On my way, I was thinking where exactly to go. “Should I go back to my village or I should continue to only God knows land?” I asked myself. “No! I need to achieve my father’s vision before going back to this village.” I answered myself and kept moving. I got to some food joint so I stopped to get some food. That was 10:00am. I was just walking without knowing where exactly to pass. Some two guys were also at the joint eating and conversing about some job. I overhead one saying they will need someone to clear the land for the building project to commence.
Quickly, I interrupted with their conversation and said they should give me the clearing work to do. I was already good at such works so it wasn’t anything difficult for me. They said the land was located around Sacky, a community off the Micheal camp – Tema road. After the food, I followed them with my bag. We got there and looking at the work there, I wouldn’t be able to do it alone. I asked them to add some people to me so that we could finish early. They agreed and said I should come in two weeks to start the work.
Weeks passed and Vero could not withstand not seeing me so she made up her mind to look for me. She never informed anybody and traveled to my hometown to see if she could find me. They told her I just vanished from the village so they don’t know my whereabouts. At the time she left the house, her father also went to make the quick arrangements with his friend to let his friends son marry Vero. The guy also accepted the offer and came with Vero’s father to see Vero but met her absence . They didn’t tell the guy that Vero was pregnant. Daddy was worried Vero was not around. He told the guy to come the following day because Vero was not returning. Not knowing, the land I was supposed to clear was for this American guy. He came around to check progress of the work. He saw me busy working. As soon as I saw him I increased my energy level. He came closer and asked how I was doing. I told him I was doing well. He asked if I have a different work doing apart from what I was doing. I told him no. He said I should see him after his wedding so that he will find something for me doing. I saw that to be another breakthrough for me. I thanked him in advance. The following day, he went to see Vero only for Vero to tell him that she was pregnant for some one else already so he can’t marry her. Daddy was shocked hearing his daughter say that. That looked like a serious disgrace to him. The American guy stood up and left the house. After he left, daddy landed a heavy slap on Vero’s face and said she has disrespected him as well as disgraced him. Vero said she was ready to leave the house if he should continue forcing her to marry someone she doesn’t love.
This guy came to the site the following two days looking very worried. I asked what the problem was and he said the woman he had wanted to get married to said she was pregnant for someone else. I asked the name of the lady and the guy mentioned it as Vero. “Vero! Oh I see, sorry about that.” I said to him.


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    Not his fault sha
    but most time we need to be extra careful when it come to women issue
    Age is not an issue

  2. Ama house of horror.
    As u like it
    The good, the bad and the ugly
    Alls well that ends well.

    Markafui u see urself, I can imagine, I feel for u. Only God can rescue u now

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