The Thirst For Revenge

The Thirst For Revenge – Episode 33

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© Alabede Jude Oluwabamise (Prince Jude)



His look turned to horror as he immediately stepped on the brake pedal, bringing the bus to a halt. He quickly brought out his gun in readiness to take out whoever laying siege for him. Out of the blues, he saw a black shadow standing at his front. He was shocked that he only stare as the figure began taking tentative steps towards him. He watched as the figure slowly uncovered the face, stopping by the door as he cringed ferociously. He heaved a deep sigh of relief when he saw that it was Alexandra. She had dressed in a black overall with her face covered which made her appear like a shadow.


“Get them out now”, she ordered.

“And stop staring as if you’ve seen a ghost”

Agent Matt jaw was slacked as he stared in incredulity. He had thought it was an enemy or Riggs Alexandra who had caused the blockage for an ambush but it was far from it.

“Get them out now! And let’s go”, her voice sounded in his ears and he jolted out of his reverie.


(Thirty minutes later)

“That’s her base”, Agent Matt pointed out as they parked at a far distance away from the Faceless fortress.

Alexandra alighted from the Mitsubishi lancer, taking her knapsack and strapped it to her back. She bent over as she took two samurai ninja swords lying on the passenger’s seat and latch it onto her back; the swords are straight and short, having very sharp edges. Then, she took the roll of knives and slipped as many as she could into her boots and strapped the remaining to her suit belt. She suited up for the deadly mission ahead taking as much weapons as she could, ranging from the shurikens (throwing stars) to the makibishi; the makibishi is a kind of tiny revet and it’s a cube shaped weapon with several sharp arms. She took two cannon guns and tucked it in her suit while she held the twin silverballers in her hands. Then, she started off towards her guards who had alighted from the hilux van and had changed into a ninja suit each.

“Anata watashe kure ___ listen guards”, she said immediately she got to their front and they all quickly bowed and fixate their gaze on her.

She briefed them about the mission and instructed them on the do’s and don’ts, emphasizing on their target who is considered dangerous by her.

“Kanojo abunai desu ad tsukete kudasai”, she repeated which means “She’s dangerous and be very careful”.

“Arigatou”, they all chorused bowing down their heads.

“We have to move in before they get alerted that we are here”, Agent Matt said immediately she finished speaking with the guards.

Alexandra casted him a fugitive glance and continued walking towards the Mitsubishi lancer car.

“I want them to know we are here and ready for war”, she said and inadvertently looked back at him.

“The faceless are going down tonight”, she said and walked away.



(An hour later)


“Here is the place”, Dave said looking up at the building enclosed by the tall fence.

Cole grounded the car to a halt and turned off the ignition. He looked at Dave.

“You sure this is the place?”, he asked pointing at the building.

“Here is the location”, Dave showed him the location displaying on the device.

Cole nodded. “Let’s move in”.

They hopped out of the sedan and began walking towards the building with their guns pointed straight. They stopped halfway to the gigantic gate.

“Are we to climb over the fence?”, Dave asked.

“Sssshhh”, Cole waved him over putting his index finger to his lips, signaling him to keep quiet. Dave inched nearer to Cole with silent steps. Cole was holding a palm torch and was flashing it at the gate’s computerized key lock which was slightly open and out of place.

“You see that?”, Cole pointed out.

Dave nodded.

“I think someone else got here before us”

“Why did you say so?”, Dave asked curiously.

“The gate encrypted key lock has been cracked open by someone using the exact same torch am holding which cracks the password once the rays hit the keys”, Cole explained.

“Who could it be?”

“There’s only one way to find out”

“What way?”, Dave asked.

“I’ll have to go in through the gate”, Cole whispered to him.

“You? Or we?”

Cole turned to look at him.

“See Dave, I’ll have to go in alone while you wait for me here”

“Wait for you?”

“Yes, stay by the gate and don’t come in except you hear gunshots or I call for help, okay?”

“Wait for gunshots? You could be dead by then.” Dave said.

“Or we could go in together and both die. Just do what I said, the world needs you alive.” Cole said and turned towards the door.

“No way!”, Dave shouted grabbing his arm.

“Shush!”, Cole angrily hushed him to be quiet.

“There’s no way am letting you go in there. I prefer we both die than allowing you to go and die alone”, Dave said and started off towards the gate with his gun pointed forward.

Cole shrugged and followed after him. They pushed the gate open and it automatically slid to the side, startling them as they both clutched their guns. They stepped into the massive compound to meet a surprise. Dead bodies littered the floor with a throwing star on each of their foreheads.

Cole immediately became alerted of the danger ahead. He glanced around as his eyes darted to the four corners of the compound but it seemed whoever did that had already left the compound.

Cole bent down to one of the bodies. He wore gloves before pulling out the throwing star and scrutinize it. It looked familiar.

“Dave”, he called and Dave spun around.

“You remembered this”, he showed it to him.

Dave nodded slowly. “Its a throwing star, the same one the vicious killer used in killing the governor’s personal officers”

“Take”, he tossed it to him. “Keep it. It’s an evidence”.





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  1. This is real war… I think Riggs Alexandra escaped… Amidu has been rescued, causing more problems for him…
    Bravo Alabede…

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