Love And Justice

Love And Justice

By Tisa Phiri

Love And Justice

Steve, a brave fighter who had zeal for serving his country Zambia even if it takes him his last breath to defend it against its adversaries as a soldier but along the way, he found love in a lady called Queen whom he loved so dearly. And a time came that everything seemed peaceful, he thought of settling down handing the unit he was heading over to his boys but then tragedy set in as the enemies came up against him by capturing his love which made him loose his mind and go wild. What would be Steve’s next line of action, how is he going to rescue Queen from the hand of his cruel and wicked foes? Figure out what happened in this mind blowing revenge thriller.

Steve is a brave soldier, who has zeal and passion for his nation and is ready to defend the nation till his last breath. Along his journey as a warrior, he found a queen whom he fell in love with.

As his journey went on calmly, he began to make plans to settle down with his queen but as he was about to hand over power to his surbordinates, Tragedy struck and his queen is captured by his enemies. This made him go wild and fierce, but is his wildness enough to defeat the enemies or save the love of his life? Or is he going to sink deeper in the hands of the enemy?

Get ready to be thrilled by this mind blowing piece.


Starts on 7-06-2018

To be posted on Weekdays only.

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