Broken Vows

Broken Vows – Episode 5

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Yaw Kuntu sat for a long time in deep thought, and then he leaned forward and looked at the two of them.


You’re both right, of course. After meeting A.T. I’ve come to the realization that I’ve never stopped loving her. I do need her in my life. However, I’m heavily in debts, mother. I owe a lot of money to a lot of people. My salary can’t cover that. Kwansema inherited her father’s companies, and all the money I’ve been spending belong to her.

If I divorce her, I’ll get nothing, because that money is in trust and doesn’t belong to her directly, and no court can touch it. We would all live in abject poverty if I divorce her now. It is her money that we’ve been enjoying all this while, mother.

Madam Nyinaa sat still, frozen!

She had never known, even at the times she had been very wicked to her daughter-in-law, that everything in fact belonged to Kwansema!

The old woman is shattered!

She stares at her son with abject misery.



Your wife owns… your house?



The houses, the cars, the money, everything, mother. She was even the one that gave me money to buy the new house I plan to move you into, and it is still in her name. If I divorce her now, I would be penniless.

Well, I wish you could’ve seen the look on Madam Nyinaa’s face, that old ruffian!

She was shocked to her bones. Her mind’s eye played back all the atrocities she had committed against her daughter-in-law, and suddenly she could not utter a word!

Later, however, when Yaw Kuntu and Adwoa Timtim had made their mad animal love again, and they were lying spent in an upstairs room of the family house reserved for him and Kwansema, the devil moved in with another direction that was going to affect Kwansema’s life really badly.

Adwoa Timtim, probably naked and touching Yaw Kuntu all over, kissed his ear gently and whispered.



So what happens if your wife dies, my love?

Yaw Kuntu stiffened, and turned to look at the lady he craved.



What are you trying to say, A.T?

Adwoa Timtim grabbed his manhood and flicked her hand expertly around it, slowly arousing him again.



Yes, my love, you heard me! You and that barren waste of a woman have no child! What happens if she were to die right now, of natural causes?


Twenty percent of all her Estate would pass to her father’s family members. Ten percent would pass to her mother’s family, and ten percent would go to her father’s Foundation. Ten percent would go to selected charities. Fifty percent would be mine.

Adwoa Timtim climbed on top of him, running her fingers down his chest as she teased the top of his manhood with her evil butt.


Fifty percent is a lot of money!


(heart beating fast)

A lot of money, yes, my love! We can live on it grandly for the rest of our natural lives!

It was quite obvious that Yaw Kuntu was loving the crazy twist of Adwoa Timtim’s evil mind.

Adwoa lowered herself gently down on his erection.

As she began to ride him fiercely with passion, she spoke murder!


Let me tell you a secret, my love! My first husband was beating me, driving me mad, raping me, being so mean to me. He wouldn’t give me a divorce! He was an influential man in the country, and my father couldn’t do anything to hurt him.

Finally, when he almost killed me, my father visited me in hospital and gave me medicine, a very lethal poison! I put just three drops in my husband’s food, and it froze his heart, and when he died the drug never showed up in an autopsy. The Coroner’s report was death by cardiac arrest!

Yaw Kuntu was lost now!

He gripped her waist and thrust into her fiercely, very excited!

The thought of Kwansema dead, and him getting all that money had never crossed his mind.

But now he thought of it!

He would have money!

And he would be a millionaire, and have Adwoa Timtim, and raise a family!

He could live again!

He exploded inside Adwoa with grunts of excitement.

Panting, he kissed Adwoa’s nipple and looked into her crafty eyes.


And you have more of this little medicine your father gave you?


I do, my love.


We don’t have any option, do we?

Adwoa Timtim kisses him hard.


We can rule the world, my love. We can have the happiness we lost, darling! All that can be possible…


If my wife were to die…


You must kill her, darling!


The stranger drinks the last drop of water and looks for a place to put the empty plastic bottle.



Here, give it to me. I’ll dispose of it later.


(handing her the bottle)

Bless you, girl. Nice to see young ladies with manners for a change.

They are looking at him as his kind eyes swivel to where their families are seated.

Afia Agyeibea is fidgeting as she looks at the stranger, and it takes all her will not to look in the direction of her husband who suddenly appears subdued.


Hello, sir?

The stranger looks at her with querying eyebrows.


Yes, at your service, ma’am.


What’s your name? Now I want to know your name, please.


Ah, you do now, don’t you? I want us to do proper introductions, but alas, it seems that your time for going inside and getting your divorce is here.

The three listeners look up at the main doors of the divorce court.

People are now coming out, an indication that the next case to be called will be theirs.

Afia looks desperately at the elderly man.

She can see that already her parents and Takyi’s mother, and the other relatives are heading towards the courtroom.

Adobea is running towards them.

She takes the stranger’s hands and looks deeply into his eyes, and her lips tremble with the depths of her pain.



Oh, it didn’t work, did it? You were not able to convince them not to divorce! God didn’t listen to my prayer, did He?

The kind-faced man buzzes Adobea on the cheek quite affectionately and smiles at her.



My dear, the God we serve ALWAYS answers the prayers of the righteous, especially if they are adorable young girls like you!

The family members are beckoning to them to come inside.

Reluctantly Takyi got to his feet, and he puts a grateful hand on the man’s shoulder.


I thank you so much for sharing this story with me. Listen, I really want to know what happened next.



Same here. I really want to know.



Do you know something, sir? I would’ve loved to hear the rest of the story before…before…



Hahahaha! I can see it has at least touched something in you. That’s good. Don’t worry, go and get your divorce. I would be here mopping the whole place down, so you would see me here when you come back. I’ll tell you what happened next!



Oh, please, please, did Kwansema die? At least tell me that! I want to know!



Go on, Lady. I’ll be here waiting!

He stands up abruptly, takes his mop and begins to clean the floor again.

Afia looks at him, very frustrated.


What is this, sir? Why are you doing this? At least tell me whether she lived or died!


Come on, Afia, please. You don’t want to be late. The judge wouldn’t take kindly to that. We need to go!

They all troop into the courtroom.

They all sit down, and the tension is almost unbearable for Takyi.

A Bailiff comes out and picks up a microphone and looks down at them.


The Honourable Judge Quaicoe wishes to inform you that she has been called to an urgent meeting. She begs your indulgence that she will be with you in not more than forty-five minutes, Ladies and Gentlemen. Seating therefore resumes at exactly two o’clock. Sorry for the inconvenience.



Yes, yes! That’s good. I don’t know about you, Afia, but I want to hear out that story!

For the first time in many months Afia smiles, and then she stands up and goes round the table.

Her eyes meet the sad ones of Takyi.

She stops near him and gestures towards the door with her head.


We’re going out to see that old man. Coming?

Takyi stands up, and he gives a little smile.


(a little confused)

Yes, yes, I’m coming, of course.

He follows Afia, and as they walk towards the entrance he reaches out, unconsciously, to take her hand, but Afia jerks her hand away and quickens her steps.

Madam Amoaba, Afia’s mother, looks puzzled.


Ah. What’s going on?

Adobea speaks excitedly.


Oh, I think God wants me to pray harder. Come on, Grandma, pray with me, please.

When Afia, Takyi and Naa emerge from within the courtroom they look around anxiously.

They find the stranger sitting where they had left him.

He has three apples in a bowl of water by his side, and he is eating a fourth.

Afia sits down by his side now, and Takyi sits where the bowl is. Naa Shormei sits beside Takyi.

The man smiles with some hidden mirth, and he does not look much surprised to see them.


Now, sir, tell us your name, and please end the story. We have less than forty minutes!

The man nods, chuckles, and does not mind them until he has finished eating the apple in his hand.

He drops the pith inside the bowl and wipes his hands with the small towel around his neck.



You can be very infuriating, sir!


Hahahahaaa! I know, dear, I know. Well, where were we? Aha, Yaw Kuntu, that infidel, has agreed to Adwoa Timtim’s evil plan to murder his lovely wife Kwansema…

Story continues…

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