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Blemished Love – Episode 26

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Tom was at work a week after Dani left with his Dad when Gina called her to rush back home as Grissel was packing out. Prior to her packing out they were fine and seems to have resolved their issues.

He left everything he was doing and rushed back home but she had already left with a few of her stuff.

Gina saw the pain in his eyes and told him where she left to.

When he got to Jessy’s house, she refused to see him. That whole week she had not been to work and Tom kept frequenting Jessy’s place hoping to see his wife but to no avail.

Adam and Jessy interfered and tried to help but she was so headstrong.

‘Thanks for meeting me Andre.’

‘Yeah, you sounded worried over the phone but I hope you two are enjoying your holiday.’


‘Yes, Grissel asked for a month emergency leave to get settled before her big case starts.’

‘Big case?’

Adam read the expression on his face and realized Grissel lied to him about the holiday.

‘Yeah, her ex-husbands case.’

‘Okay I know about that and thank you.’ He sounded sad. ‘I have to go now.’

He left without another word whiles Andre called after him but he drove off.

Andre called Grissel before he also left the restaurant they had earlier on met at.

Tom got there after a few hours and once ushered in he walked past Adam and Jessy. He knew where her room was so he just badged in but Grissel was in the shower.

He calmed down and sat on her bed waiting for her to come out. Tom picked up her phone and decided to go through her logs and messages.

He was half through when Grissel came in with her towel wrapped on her head.

‘Gosh.’ She quickly grabbed the towel to cover herself.

‘Are you hiding your body from your husband?’

She hissed. ‘Who let you in?’

‘I came in by myself.’

‘What do you want?’ She said holding tightly on to the towel.

‘Grissel I’ve seen all that before, so allow yourself to breathe.’

She smiled unawares. ‘Tom, I don’t want you here.’

‘Pack your things and let’s go to our home.’

‘I’m staying right here.’ She walked to her wardrobe and quickly slipped on a blouse. ‘Don’t watch.’

Tom ignored her caution. ‘You want to stay here so you can continue calling Dane right?’

Her face shot up. ‘Give me that.’ She glared at him for her phone.

‘Grissel, what are you doing?’ He asked sadly.

She noticed him pushing his tears away.

‘Oh come on, don’t cry on me.’

‘Why were you calling him?’

‘I just dialed the number and hanged up several times.’ She made eye contact with him. ‘I couldn’t bring myself to call him to plead again after he humiliated me the last time..’

‘I believe you Love.’

‘Of course, you have to.’ She replied passing her right hand through her hair.

‘Do you need anything that I haven’t provided lately?’

‘Ice-cream.’ That was the only thing that came to her mind.

‘Jokes aside Grissel.’

‘It’s standard procedure Tom.’

‘Okay, how long?’

‘I don’t know, I just have a lot going on now that I don’t want you to be all over me.’

Tom examined her face and knew she was lying.

‘Clearly you need space so I would go now. Call me when you are ready.’

‘Thank you so much.’ She run into his arms when he stood up to leave.

He held on tightly and one thing led to another and they had a couple’s time together that afternoon.

Adam and Jessy were staring at them when they came out together laughing.

They always knew those two were inseparable. Tom left and went straight home with his family waiting for him.


Dane reached out with his lap napkin and wiped Lisa’s lips. Melisa hadn’t noticed she stained her lips with the sausage sauce she was busily enjoying with Dane after they left Mr. and Mrs. Reeds place.

The retired judge wanted to meet Melisa before he leaves with his wife to travel all over the world. Dane knew his parents would definitely like Melisa so he wasn’t surprise she got along with her dad easily.

‘Thanks.’ She smiled after Dane dropped the napkin.

‘Should I order for another plate?’ He asked watching her eat hurriedly.

Melisa looked up at him and nodded. ‘Make it two plates, one should be packaged.’

They were going back home after they left his parents when she complained of hunger so they decided to eat at a joint before going back.

Melisa obviously took Grissel’s advice to be with Dane. She convinced herself whatever she was doing with him was for Shirley but Dane’s dad made her feel she was making a mistake.

‘I was jealous when my dad asked to talk to you alone.’ He finally said what was on his mind.

Melisa dropped her cutlery. ‘D, just ask already.’

‘What did you two talk about?’ He quickly asked.

‘He said you are wrong for me.’ Melisa said staring at him.

‘That b******.’ He jumped up from his seat scaring Melisa while the others looked on.

Melisa held his hands and gestured him to seat. ‘I love you and I think you should hear what I told him.’

He sighed and relaxed on his seat. ‘You want to leave me because he asked you to?’

‘No and you should know your father regrets helping you maltreat Grissel. He asked me to stay away from you because he feels you would do the same thing to me.’

‘Lisa, don’t pay attention to him.’ He quickly pushed his chair towards where she sat as they were facing each other earlier.

‘I’m trying not to Dane but I would still wish you let all these hatred go.’

‘We talked about this Lisa. You were not to interfere in this matter.’

‘I’m hurting but still want to be with you which I think makes me seem delusional.’

‘You are not delusional.’ He replied holding on to her hands.

‘Then dismiss this case and give Grissel her freedom.’

‘After you told me, you still wanted to be with me I thought about it but then I heard from my lawyer she filed for custody.’

‘So? Shir.. I mean Dani is her daughter too.’

‘Where was she when I had to stay up every night just because Dani was traumatized?’ He was near tears.

‘Hey,’ she called and gave him a tissue. ‘You drove her away Dane. I don’t see how she would have been a part of her life if you didn’t want her around.’

‘I never told you, I was expecting her to come back at a point.’ He muttered with a bliss which vanished within a second.

‘You wanted her back?’

He nodded. ‘I knew what I did and still doing is wrong but what’s her business with Dani now when she couldn’t come back all these years.’

Melisa kept staring at him. ‘You are right but she was young and probably didn’t have anyone advising her.’

He hissed. ‘Grissel was smart and intelligent. She just didn’t care Lisa.’

‘Give her the divorce then and I might be able to talk her out of the custody case.’

‘No, I don’t want you doing that. Let her keep thinking she’s coming out this time alive.’

‘Was that a threat?’ Melisa asked with a worried tone.

‘A caution Lisa. I allowed Dani near her because I trust you and I don’t want to lose you.’

She noticed he was boiling up so she smiled to confuse him.

‘Okay, what about we get married next week.’ She asked suddenly.

‘Lisa, you told me you don’t want to get married now.’

‘Yes, but I’ve changed my mind Dane.’

‘You think changing your mind would make me let all this go.’

‘Well, don’t tell me I didn’t warn you because you might lose me if you keep making Grissel suffer.’

‘You know what?’ He suddenly made a weird face.

‘No but it should be good.’ She supported her jaws with her hands.

‘I think we should take a break until all this is over.’ He stared at her for an expression. ‘Not the kind of break that won’t bring us together at the end.’

‘Alright, I understand and that’s what I need right now. I like it, just come and find me when your problems are over.’

‘You would wait for me?’ He asked with shock.

‘Of course, I told you I’m not sure why I still want to be with you despite what you keep doing to Grissel.’

He laughed heartily. ‘I guess I’m a very likeable man.’

‘I guess so besides I think you are a good man despite the fact that you think you have to pay evil with evil.’

He reached out for a hug. ‘Have I told you how much I love you Lisa?’

‘I don’t want to know now that we are on a break.’ She smiled and smacked him gently.

Just then the waiter came with her food and the packed meal. Dane glanced at his watch and moved back to his original position.

He loves Melisa but he also want some kind of closure. All these while he wasn’t so sure why he wanted Grissel not to be happy but he’s certain now he just wanted her to take all the blame for his own failure as a father.


‘Clive why did you ask me here.’

‘To talk some sense into you.’ He directed his eyes towards the two ladies at the bar.

They smiled at him. Tom recognized them and waved the. They were his two favorites apart from Amy whom he ended up keeping permanently. Clive knew that and took advantage of his current marriage status.

‘No, I can’t do that to Grissel.’

‘Yes you can. She wouldn’t even notice. Clive convinced. ‘Besides she left you unattended to for two weeks.’

‘And I’m okay Clive.’

‘You have needs, I can see that in your eyes. You know you want to Tom.’

He glared at him then to the ladies. He smiled finally and his phone rang.

‘What is it again?’ Tom feigned anger over the phone while Clive looked on.

‘I’m just calling to check on my mom.’

‘Grissel you have her number.’

‘Yeah you are right.’

‘Okay, goodnight.’ He sounded in a hurry to hang up.

‘Wait Tom.’

‘I’m listening.’

‘I’m in need of something.’

‘That something doesn’t have a name?’

‘You know what I mean Tom.’

‘I’m not a magician Grissel.’

‘Alright, I miss you.’

‘Thank you, have a goodni…’

‘Hold on, I’m ho..rny.’

He was mute at his end for a few seconds. ‘So?’

‘Why don’t you come over?’

‘You expect me to drive for two hours just to sleep with you in your sister’s house.’

‘Of course love. You were here the last time and she hasn’t complained.’

‘That’s not happening again Grissel.’

‘Don’t do this to me Tom?’

‘If you need sex come back home Grissel.’ He smiled quietly. ‘To the best of my knowledge no one is chasing you and you just moved out in the name of standard procedure when Andre even said it’s fine if you stay with me for now.’

Clive laughed at Tom’s reply.

‘I’m just doing what will help my case Tom.’

‘Okay, enjoy your case then.’

‘Tom. What is all this?’

‘It’s called I’m not a lawyer but I’m wise.’

‘Fine, let’s trade.’

‘Trade? What could you possibly have that I want now?’

‘I know you miss my cooking.’

He laughed so loud that Grissel was confused over the call.

‘What’s so funny?’

‘You have no idea how your mom pampers me.’

‘But my mom comes over once a while so you must be eating outside.’

‘That’s where you are wrong. She brings food every evening.’

‘So you won’t come?’ She asked sadly when it seemed her options were exhausted.

‘No, I’m out with Clive and the girls right now.’

‘Huh!’ She exclaimed. ‘Tom don’t dig your own grave. I wi…..

‘Have a nice evening.’ He hurriedly hanged up before Grissel would succeed in convincing him.

He enjoyed his time with her at Jessy’s end but he wasn’t just comfortable. To Tom, they were still married but Grissel is so stubborn when it comes to her ethics.

‘I guess the path is cleared then.’ Clive said when Tom seemed to be lost in his thoughts.

‘Clive, I appreciate you looking out for me but I can’t be with those girls.’

‘But she just gave you the go ahead right.’

‘No, and I think being with those girls wouldn’t be fun anymore besides I would be breaking my vows.’

‘You two were not married in the first place so you are technically single.’

‘Let’s stop talking about this, you obviously haven’t fallen in love before so you won’t understand my feelings.’

‘You two are very funny and weird Tom.’ Clive responded and signaled the ladies to go.

He nodded and smiled proudly.


Grissel hissed and grabbed her popcorn bowl as she crossed her legs in front of the TV.

‘He’s right you know.’ Jessy spoke behind her.

‘You were eavesdropping Jessy.’ She turned her head backwards.

‘No, I was checking on you.’

‘It’s the same thing.’

‘As I said earlier, he was right. If you do need him you have to go home before you fall sick.’

She blushed. ‘Sex doesn’t make people fall sick.’

‘You have no idea Grissel. Just ask Adam why he was always home early these past month.’

Grissel watched her sister blushed. ‘How do you do it? I mean Adam gives you all the attention you need without even asking.’

‘Communication and you started off with keeping secrets.’

She sighed heavily. ‘I’m trying to work on that.’

‘Good. I know you think staying here is the right thing to do but take it from me you are pushing him away.’

‘Dane is cunning, I just don’t want him to have the upper hand in this case.’

‘Alright Love. Just let me know when you need help.’

‘But has Adam cheated on you before?’ She suddenly asked when there was silence.

Jessy frowned. ‘Well, I haven’t caught him yet and I just keep trusting him with hope that it never happens.’

Grissel paused the movie as she was using an external player.

‘Tell me more Jessy because he’s out there right now with his old flings and obviously doesn’t care about me.’

Her sister joined her on the sofa and dipped her hands in the popcorn.

‘Relax, he was bluffing.’ She caressed her nose. ‘No man tells you about cheating before they do.’

‘Are you sure because I know once Tom is with Clive, he’s lost to himself.’

‘Trust me, if he wanted to sleep out he would have done that without mentioning it to you.’

‘What’s the difference? He sounded as if he needed my permission to sleep around.’

‘No, that was him telling you, he respects you and wants you back home.’ Jessy watched her as she frowned.

‘I can’t go back now.’

‘That’s a conversation you both need to sit down and have. You can’t do this alone Grissel, especially if you have a man like Tom who is willing to sacrifice everything for you.’

‘His willingness is the more reason why I left. I’m scared he is not all that happy right now and I don’t want to stay with an unhappy man Jessy.’

‘I think, he’s just so much in love with you and he’s the kind of man that understands love doesn’t need to be that perfect all the time.’

‘At first, all I needed was him to accept me and understand why I hid the truth from him but now that he has given me what I wanted I feel it wasn’t right putting all my burdens on him.’

‘I know how you feel, but he chose this path for both of you. You love him as much as he does so just let him be there for you.’

Grissel glanced at her for a long time and sighed. ‘Alright, I would see him tomorrow.’ She concluded with a happy smile.

That was the old Jessy and Grissel. They talk about anything and Adam doesn’t stand a chance.

To be continued



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