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Blemished Love – Episode 18

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Grissel drove straight towards the other end of the Seattle overhead.

She pulled inside a quiet environment and knew exactly where to pack as it was an open house without gates.

She got out of the car and brought out her bag. Dragged it to the door and rang the bell.

Grissel waited for some seconds and there was no response. She left the bag at the door and rushed to her car bringing out a key.

She unlocked and it seemed no one was home so she went straight to the bedroom dropped her bag and then to the kitchen as she refused dinner that evening when Tom was leaving.


‘Aunty why did you let him in.’

‘He’s been waiting all day for you and your phone was off.’

‘That didn’t answer my question.’ She was sounding rude.

‘He came with his little girl a….

‘Dani is here?’ She asked ignoring Dane who has been standing in front of them the whole time.

‘In your room.’ Julia gave the little girl some video games so she could talk to Dane alone.

She threw her bag on the couch and pushed Dane slightly out of her way.

‘Lisa, I’m sorry.’

‘Okay, you can leave.’ She announced and hurried off without looking back.

Julia after some seconds scoffed drawing his attention.

‘Let me go after her.’

‘No, let her be for tonight. You can come back tomorrow.’

Dane saw the concern written on her face. ‘Alright, I will wait for Dani to get down.’

‘You can leave her here tonight.’

Dane didn’t seem comfortable to Julia. He kept scratching his head abruptly.

‘Don’t worry, she’s safe with Lisa around.’

He hesitated for a while. ‘Let me get her some wears from the car.’

He checked his pocket for the car keys and went out. Dane wasn’t used to leaving Dani with strangers but he needs Lisa now more than ever.


‘What has come over you Jessy?’ Adam snarled at her.

Jessy wasn’t happy seeing Grissel back home when they came home that night.

‘I just wanted her to go back to her matrimonial home.’

‘But you heard all that she said.’

‘I did and she’s not in any great danger so why pack out and turn yourself into an alcoholic overnight.’

‘I understand you are still angry she hasn’t told Tom yet about her betrayal but at least she is trying her best.’

‘Her best you say? Leaving home in his absent won’t solve their issue.’

‘I agree but just look at her, she’s too drunk to drive.’

Jessy glanced at Grissel who was lying on her old bed with a bottle of alcohol beside her. The Grissel she knew doesn’t drink.

Adam dragged her out of there closing the door behind them before she starts another yell at Grissel.

‘That wasn’t you Jessy. I thought you forgave her after the accident.’

‘You are doing the defending again.’

‘I’m not, I just want you to allow your sister handle her marriage on her own terms.’

‘She can’t handle her marriage in my house.’

‘Our house Jessy. Don’t force me to be harsh.’

‘I’m sorry.’

‘Good. So Grissel stays until Tom gets back.’

‘Though I know this is wrong but I will get dinner sorted out.’ Jessy said calmly and shook her head.

‘Thank you.’ Adam left her on the stairs and walked back into Grissel’s room.


Lisa was surprised she was so good at making Dani laugh as she was enjoying her time with her since Dane left that evening.

‘So why are you fighting with Daddy?’ Dani suddenly asked since their conversation that whole night was about school and her friend’s new toys.

Melisa paused reading her bed time story and sat up as it was late and she knew her routine so well. Surprisingly, Dani wasn’t bothered about her dad leaving her behind.

‘No one is fighting Dani.’

‘I know you don’t like my dad any more but that is fine.’

‘Where did you hear that from?’

‘Lisa, I’m a big girl now so I know these things.’ She announced with a matured grin.

‘You are?’

‘Ahaaa.’ Dani smiled coyly now.

‘Well, we are not fighting and I like your dad a whole lot.’

‘Then why haven’t I seen you in weeks.’

‘Sorry, I’ve been busy.’

Melisa glanced at her and thought she has succeeded in talking her out of her theories.

‘It’s the stalking right?’ She asked after a minute of silence.

‘What?’ Melisa muttered.

‘I know daddy was stalking you Lisa.’

‘You know that how?’

‘I came with him to Seattle for weeks now and I’ve been monitoring him.’

‘Monitoring him? Are you an FBI agent?’ Melisa laughed so loud.

‘I’m glad I made you laugh so can you forgive my daddy. I promise he is a changed man now.’

‘Dani, did your dad put you up to this.’ She found it so hard to believe she could be that smart with what adults are too proud to fix.

‘No, and don’t tell him we talked. I don’t want to be grounded.’

‘Your secret is safe with me.’

Her phone vibrated and she ignored after checking the caller ID.

Dani quickly picked up the phone and answered when Melisa ignored for the second time.

‘Daddy, you don’t need to check on me.’ She said happily.

‘I miss you.’

‘Unfortunately, I don’t Daddy.’

‘Oh wow, why do I feel like my daughter is having fun without me?’

‘You have no idea Dad.’

‘But it’s past your bed time, why are you still awake answering people’s call?’

‘I still have twenty minutes before bed time and Lisa doesn’t mind me answering my daddy’s call.’

‘I just called to check on you but it seems I’ve not been missed so have a good night.’

‘Okay Dad but I know you want to talk to Lisa.’ She announced and quickly handed her the phone.

Melisa smiled coyly and held the phone to her ear while breathing heavily.

Dane heard her breathing at the other end.

‘Emm, I just called to check if Dani had her milk and bedtime stories.’

Melisa wasn’t going to give him that privilege to confuse her again. She was certain last week, she wants to move on but it seems her love for him won’t fade away just yet.

It’s was weird how she fell in love that quickly.

‘And she would need two pillows and socks.’ Dane obviously is bad at apologizing.

‘It’s obvious you called to tell me things I already know.’ She was careful not to raise her voice in front of Dani.

‘I’m so bad at this right?’ He asked.

‘Can we not go into that now?’

‘Sure, but I really need you to know I’m sorry and didn’t mean to invade your privacy. I only did it because you keep seeing Henry which you told me several times you were done with.’

‘What did I just say?’ She whispered hoping not to lash out on him in front of his daughter.

‘You don’t want to hear it but at a point we got to talk about this. We still love each other and whatever I did was because I love you and was just insecure.’

‘Well you don’t have to be insecure. I just need you to trust me.’ She was holding her breathe in between.

‘Okay, I will try.’

‘Can we talk about this tomorrow over breakfast?’ She offered.


‘Yes, or you prefer lunch.’

‘No, breakfast is fine.’ He responded.

‘Great, be here before seven. Goodnight.’



‘Are we back’ He stuttered.

‘Goodnight Dane.’ She replied and hanged up.

‘I guess that went well.’ Dani said immediately after Melisa hanged up.

‘You were listening?’ Melisa asked sternly.

‘Not really.’

‘Little girl, put on your socks and let me tuck you in.’

‘Okay mom.’ She grabbed her socks from the top of the drawer.

Melisa glanced at her and feigned a smile.

‘Come on, the mom thing was a joke Lisa.’

‘I didn’t complain my dear.’ She sighed.

‘Your heart was beating.’ Dani gave out a cheeky laugh.

‘It was?’

‘Yes and I’m sorry.’

‘Don’t worry I’m fine Dani. Just go to bed while I get my own shower.’

She tucked her in and turned off the bedside light.

‘Lisa, my daddy really likes you.’ She whispered in the dark.

‘Dani, go to bed already.’

‘Please give him a chance.’

She said hurriedly as Melisa could see her through the extra lighting from the bathroom.


Grissel left Adam’s house that morning to sort out a few things before Tom gets back in the evening.

Her phone has been off the whole time, but that morning she forgot to turn it off again after she picked up some details from her message box when Tom’s call came through.

She contemplated for some seconds and picked up.

‘Hey, I’ve been busy lately.’

‘Grissel, it’s been two weeks and all you got to say is, you’ve been busy.’

‘I’m sorry, I was out of full battery.’

‘Sorry for avoiding me for the whole time I was away or sorry for turning off your phone on purpose.’

‘None of the above Tom.’

‘Okay, I will be back later in the evening.’ He said calmly and hanged up.

Grissel called back several times but his phone was off.


‘Tom, she is probably going through something. Just give her time.’

‘You don’t know my wife like I do. If you did, you would understand only pressure can make her talk about what is bothering her.’

‘I’m not sure you know her better than I do?’ She said quietly staring at him.

‘What is that supposed to mean?’

‘See you at breakfast. I want to get back to my room now and continue packing up.’ Stella hurriedly said changing the topic.

Tom watched her picked up her phone and hissed.

‘Get to the restaurant on time.’ He announced.

She waved back at him and went out.


‘Lisa, I will see you soon. I just want to attend to a few things here and get back to you.’

‘I should be done with my clients by six in the evening.’

‘That works for me. I got to go now. I love you.’

‘Same here D.’ she hanged up sighting Julia smiling at her.

‘Should I even ask what my favorite aunty is smiling at?’

‘I’m just happy you are handling this new relationship so well.’

‘Don’t be happy yet, Dane is still checking on my whereabouts every seconds.’

‘And you said you understood him now because of his ex-wife.’

‘I do and i know it will take some time.’

‘Good, let’s have breakfast then.’

Julia has been happy lately. Melisa getting hooked up is the best news she has heard so far.


‘Henry, so what brought you here this morning?’

‘I came to see Stella, she hasn’t been answering my calls lately.’

‘Did you two have a fight?’ Mr. Medt asked him.

Mr. Medt was fond of Henry since Stella introduced him during her tour days. He was hoping her daughter would settle with him but they grew apart when Henry moved to Seattle.

‘Not that I remember.’

‘Okay she went on a business trip with her manager. She should be back this evening.’

‘She must be busy then.’ Henry smiled mischievously.

He quickly asked permission and walked out of there as he knew Tom wasn’t going to be home.


Grissel heard a knock on her door. She just got back home a few hours earlier and doesn’t want any disturbance as she was dressing up for a walk.

She rushed off with her hair tied in a scarf and a spots wear.

‘Who’s there?’ She called out opening the door just to meet Clive standing there with a bottle of wine.

Grissel wasn’t so happy to see him at her door especially when Tom wasn’t around.

‘Hello Pretty.’ He flattered.

‘Tom isn’t back yet.’ She told him instantly.

‘I know he isn’t Grissel.’

‘Okay, then you should go and come back tomorrow.’ She said and was walking out on him when he held her back, pulling her into his arms.

‘What are you doing Clive?’ She asked trying to snuggle out of his grasp.

‘You know I came to see you.’ He laughed.

‘You have seen me, so let me go now.’

‘Is that an order?’

‘Leave me alone.’ She struggled.

Grissel felt him kissing her hair and ears as she was backing him in his arms. ‘I love you Grissel.’

‘I would shout Clive.’ She threatened and kept frowning as he was holding her so tight.

‘No one would hear you Grissel. I made sure of that.’

She summoned her tears as she knew that was her only leverage against him.

‘Shhhh. Stop crying and turn around.’ Clive whispered in his ears.

Grissel nodded like a small girl. ‘Can I t.he wine, then we can go inside.’

‘And you promise to turn around?’ He asked.

She nodded.

Clive not reading in between the lines gave her the bottle, releasing Grissel to turn around quietly.

Grissel turned around facing him. ‘You are my husband’s friend Clive.’

‘I know that but he doesn’t deserve you.’ He held her jaw raising up her face.

‘I don’t understand what you mean by that.’

‘He raped you Grissel.’

‘So?’ She found the courage now as her voice was feeble earlier.

‘Real men don’t rape their women.’

‘Oh I see.’

‘Yes, we were all disgusted about the news.’

‘How do you call what transpired between us earlier?’ She asked swinging the bottle.

‘I’m sorry if I hurt you. I only came to tell you nobody loves you like I do.’

‘Was that why you keep making my husband believe I was cheating on him?’

He nodded smiling. ‘Tom is naïve and could easily be fooled.’

‘Yeah I agree with you.’ She smiled roguishly.

‘And trust me, he doesn’t love you Grissel.’

‘How do you know that?’

‘He’s sleeping with his boss.’

‘You mean Stella?’

‘Exactly, and you are a good woman who doesn’t deserve that sort of treatment.’

Grissel examined his face and feigned sadness.

‘Okay so what’s the plan?’ She decided to play along.

‘We can elope or set him up with drugs for the police to find.’ He said with enthusiasm.

‘Emmmm, isn’t that too harsh.’

‘No, I want you to be mine.’ He grinned. ‘I have waited for two years to strike.’

He walked closer as Grissel seemed quiet now. She knew whatever he was telling her was just to get under her underwear because she married one of those flirty men.

Clive touched her face and was going to kiss her on the lips when she hit his head with the wine bottle.

‘Aaahh,’ He cried out.

‘You think I’m naïve to fall for a toxic man like you.’ She looked at the bottle whose contents was flowing on the floor.

‘I will deal y..ou… He stuttered, holding his head and checking his hands.

He noticed the blood coming out nonstop and scowled.

‘Incase Tom didn’t tell you, I never liked you.’

‘You are a monster.’ He said walking backwards as Grissel was walking closer with the cracked bottle still in her hands.

‘I know I am and that is why I don’t betray my love ones.

‘Stupid woman, you deserve that rape.’

She closed her eyes abruptly and opened it. ‘You are dead, just wait for Tom to hear this.’

Clive hearing her mention Tom, came to his senses. He rushed out holding his head and drove off before Grissel could get to the gate.

Grissel locked up the gate and sat behind it weeping.

‘You deserve better Tom.’ She whispered to herself and stood up.

She got to the door and realized the place needed clean up. ‘It’s over anyway.’ Grissel rolled her eyes at the content mixed with Clive’s blood on the floor and dashed inside.


‘Hello, are you Tom Addison?’

‘And who wants to know.’ He turned around to face the gentleman on the next table behind him.

Tom was at the hotel’s restaurant waiting for Stella to come down for breakfast which seemed to be taking longer than usual.

‘Grissel’s husband.’ The man muttered.

‘Yes, I’m Grissel’s husband.’ Tom turned sideways watching him fumble.

‘No, I’m not asking if you are Grissel’s husband.’

‘Gentleman, what is this about? I’m not sure we’ve met yet.’

‘Yeah we’ve not met yet because my wife forgot to tell you I exist.’

‘Do I know your wife?’ Tom wasn’t so sure what the gentleman was talking about.

‘As a matter of fact, you’ve been sleeping with her fo six months now if I’m not mistaken.’

‘I beg your pardon? Who are you?’

‘Tom, what I meant earlier was, I’m Grissel’s first husband.’

When he heard what the gentleman said, he faced him finally.

‘First Husband? What does that even mean?’ Tom wasn’t really sure he understood him earlier but his mind told him, the gentleman was bluffing as he was fumbling with his words.

‘Tom, you married my wife and you know what that means here in the states.’

‘Wait, I think you got the wrong person because there’s no way I’m married to your wife.’

He quickly dropped the files on the table and stood up.

‘There you go. Feel free to call me so I come for my wife.’ The gentleman said with all certainty now.

At first he was scared Tom was going to cause a scene because he found out about his violence behavior in the past.

Tom opened the files and read the first page and then closed it back.

‘Come for your wife?’ Tom sprung up as well.

‘Yes, she is mine Tom and according to the law that’s bigamy.’

‘Why should I believe you?’

‘Talk to Grissel, I’m sure she would give you details of our time together.’ He quickly took out a picture from the files and left the rest for him.

‘You are bluffing?’

He laughed so mischievously. ‘How’s her obsession with sex on the couch?’

Tom exclaimed. ‘Huh!’ It seemed that was the only confirmation he needed.

‘Good, I’m glad that caught your attention.’ He placed his two hands into her shorts pocket and walked away.

Tom relaxed back into his seat and instead of anger swallowing him up, he shed a drop of tear and scanned through the files again and he was still in his thoughts when Stella arrived.

‘Everything okay?’ She tapped him on the shoulder.

Tom looked at her and anger registered on his face. Stella realized he must have been waiting for long.

‘I’m sorry, I kept you waiting. My dad called.’

‘You said the last time, I married a good one.’

He immediately asked.

‘Yes, that was at the ice cream shop. What has that got to do with this morning’s breakfast?’

‘Why do you think she’s good?’

Stella wasn’t sure where this was going.

‘Emmm, I just know it Tom.’

‘You are sure about that?’

‘Yeah, but Tom is this about Grissel not reaching out the whole time you’ve been away.’

‘I’m not leaving with you after breakfast and is it okay if I take a few days off work.’

Stella just kept staring at him.

‘You can deduct it from my salary.’

‘Take all the time you need. So can we eat now?’ Stella was hungry and wasn’t finding his questions funny.

Tom picked up the files from the table and walked out on her.

‘Tom wait up for me.’ She run after him.


To be continued



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