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Blemished Love – Episode 13

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‘Your cooking skills hasn’t changed.’ Jessy said when they were done at the table.
‘Actually, I made this one.’ Tom interrupted them while packing the plates.
‘In your dreams,’ Grissel muttered standing up too.
‘Grissel, can we talk after you are done.’ Jessy asked.
‘Of course, let me just help Tom before he breaks the plates.’ She teased.
‘Don’t worry, I can handle this. Just see to our visitor.’
‘I would be okay.’ He reassured.
Grissel walked with Jessy to the hall while Tom left to the kitchen.
Their silence was weird. Jessy and Grissel always had something to say when they were together but that night was different.
‘I know by now Adam must have told you about York.’ She asked with guilt.
Jessy was confused as she only came to her house because Tom asked her to but it seems Grissel is guilty of something else.
‘What are you talking about?’ Jessy tapped her as it seemed she was lost in her own thoughts.
She fumbled. ‘You must be angry but I didn’t tell you about York because I thought you would stop me from marrying Tom.’
‘Stop you? Why would I want to do that?’
Grissel raised her head and stared at her holding her tears back.
A whole minute no one spoke until Jessy snapped her thumb and second finger together.
‘Grissel, what is going on with you and why does the name York sounds familiar.’
‘It’s okay Jessy. I thought Adam talked to you.’ She shifted uncomfortably.
‘What was my husband supposed to talk to me about? And it’s not okay Grissel.’
‘Let’s forget it, you wanted to talk to me. What about?’ Grissel suddenly found the courage to change the topic.
Jessy looked on as if she was trying to remember something.
‘York? I remember Adam wanting me to give him an opinion based on a story he read. What does that have to do with you?’
Grissel kept glancing and tried to say something but words failed her.
‘Wait a minute, was that you. No, I would have known.’ Jessy was always the smart one when she was leaving with her and Adam.
She nodded quietly surprising her sister.
‘OMG. Do I even know you at all?’ The anger and surprise in her voice was glaring.
‘I’m sorry.’
‘Sorry? Do you know what that means?’
‘I do and I’m trying to forget it ever happened.’
‘That’s crap. I’m out of here.’ She stood up with her bag.
‘Jessy wait.’
She turned around at the door.
‘A word of advice. Talk to your husband, he’s worried about you.’
‘I can’t tell him all that Jessy.’
‘You are on your own then.’ She slammed the door in her face.
Grissel knew she would have to let her go and speak to her another time.
Tom came out of the kitchen when he heard the door earlier.
‘What’s going on?’ He saw Grissel standing at the door.
‘She left and I think I need a drink.’ She walked indecisively to the couch.
‘What happened? Did you two fight?’
‘No just a misunderstanding.’ She replied worried. ‘She would get over it.’
‘You are lying Grissel.’
‘I am? Suit yourself then.’
‘That’s unfair Grissel.’
‘Unfair? I know you asked Jessy here to talk to me and that’s unfair too.’ She muttered with a straight face.
‘Where are you going?’ He asked when she stood up.
‘I told you I needed a drink.’ She scoffed and walked away.
‘But you don’t drink.’
‘Watch me Tom.’ Grissel sounded depressed.
Tom didn’t understand what was going on. He watched his wife who was happy earlier strangely and took out his phone from his pocket. Tom called Jessy who didn’t answer but he was more concerned about making things right before the next day.
‘Good morning love.’ Dane muttered.
‘Were you watching me sleep all night?’ Melisa tried rubbing the sleep off her face with her palm.
‘Something like that.’
‘You are weird D.’
‘Am I?’
‘I’m leaving today.’ Melisa suddenly said.
‘This is about last night right?’
‘No, I was going to tell you my aunty called when you got back but you obviously had other plans for me.’
‘Plans, that flopped.’
‘It’s not your fault Dane. We could just try another time besides you didn’t want us to start having sex yet.’
‘And you are fine with that?’
‘Of course,’ but I need to get to the guest room so I can prepare to leave.’ Melisa was finding an excuse to leave the room.
‘Can’t we just lie here for a while?’
There came a knock on the door.
‘Daddy, should I come in.’
He glanced at Melisa who was already picking up her dress from the floor and rushing to the washroom with the sheets covering her body.
He shook his head while dragging his pants on and headed for the door.
‘Hey, you are early today.’ He asked Dani when he opened the door.
‘Today is Sunday Dad.’
‘Yes, did I forget something?’
‘Sunday jogging.’
‘Oh, sorry.’ He walked her in.
‘Where’s Lisa, she’s not in her room?’
‘I’m here.’ She appeared behind them.
‘Are you joining us for Sunday jogging?’
‘I can do that.’ She replied while Dane scratched his head.
‘Let’s go then.’ She dragged her along while Dane grabbed his shirt quickly from the floor and walked behind them.
Tom decided to go to work the next week as Mr. Medt called on Sunday to apologize on his daughter’s behalf. He could never say no to him since he started working for him.
Tom also thought that would make Grissel happy. He called a few people at work just to be sure his position is still available.
‘Ana, who is in the manager’s office?’ Stella asked when she came in that afternoon and saw the key left in the door. She had to do some rounds before coming to work.
‘Mr. Addison is back.’
‘Tom?’ She was surprised.
‘Yes, he came in demanding for the key to the office and I had no choice than to give it to him. He’s been working since morning and almost done with the pile up work you assigned to Jones.’
‘Good.’ She smiled, walked to his door but changed her route to her office. She had talked to her dad to help bring him back.
Tom in his office was sweating even when the air conditioner was on. He seemed really busy when his phone rang.
‘Hey, how’s your first day at work going?’
‘Busy. Are you okay.’
‘Yeah, I’m meeting Julia after work. Do you want to come?’
‘No I’m busy and might be late for dinner.’
‘That’s no problem.’ She was saying when a knock came on the door.
‘Hold on for me.’ He muttered to Grissel.
Stella peeped her head and then came in when Tom hadn’t said anything.
‘Emmm welcome back.’
‘Thank you.’ He responded.
‘Do you think we could do lunch, I heard you’ve been working all morning.’
‘Do you mind? I’m on a call.’ He asked harshly.
‘I’m sorry,’ Stella said quietly and walked out.
‘Who was that?’ Grissel asked when he said hello.
‘Who else.’ My boss came to ask me out for lunch.
‘That should be fun.’ She teased.
‘Okay, you are officially annoying right now.’
‘I know I am, hey it’s not a big deal. She just wants to make up.’
‘In her dreams. Let me know when you are leaving Julia’s end so I set off. Don’t worry about dinner, I would grab something for you.’ He offered.
‘I love you.’ She replied.
‘Get off my line.’ He smiled and hanged up.
About 30 minutes after, he thought grabbing that lunch with Stella wouldn’t be that bad.
He picked up his jacket and headed for her office.
‘Does that offer still stand?’ He knocked once and entered before realizing Stella was already eating.
Stella stood up like a school girl and immediately sat down when she realized she acted weirdly.
‘I think I have a second pack, if you are still up for it.’
‘Why not?’ He walked closer, grabbed a chair and the other pack of food.
‘This is my favorite. How did you know?’
‘I didn’t but it’s my favorite too.’
‘You don’t say.’ Tom paused and stared.
‘At least we have one thing in common.’
He had no idea she was this comfortable to talk to. So he smiled and continued his food.
‘I apologize for the way I treated you since I arrived here.’ She announced after a long while of silence.
‘Apology accepted but on one condition.’ Tom quickly replied as if he knew she was going to apologize.
‘You name it.’
‘You buy lunch every time I don’t get packed food from home.’
‘We have a deal Tom.’
‘Works for me.’ He munched on his fried chicken.
‘So your wife, how long have you guys been m….’
‘Friends for a year, dated for another year and married for 5months.’
‘She is a lucky one.’
‘No, I’m the lucky one.’
‘I can call you Mr. Lucky then.’
‘Miss Lucky.’ He teased.
‘But for what it’s worth, I’m glad we are on the same page now.’ She mentioned happily.
‘Uhmmm, and thank you for lunch.’
She flashed him a smile.
Grissel packed outside and entered the house.
She was surprised to see Julia waiting for her at the door.
‘Good evening Aunty.’
‘Jessy just left here.’ She stared at her and Grissel could read disappoint written on her face.
Grissel’s face turned pale.
Julia noticed it. ‘So it’s true.’
‘I’m so.. r.. ry, I planned on telling you bef….’
‘But you didn’t.’
She fumbled with her hands.
‘Get the hell out of my sight and don’t come back.’ She yelled so loud that Grissel drew back and bumped into Melisa who heard the noise and came through the back door.
Grissel said sorry and decided to leave because she has never seen Julia react that way towards her.
‘And don’t you dare tell Tom about this.’ She yelled out to Grissel who nodded unconsciously and vanished through the gate.
She held on to her steering immediately she entered her car. Pulled out a chunk of tissue from the dashboard and wiped her face.
She doesn’t know if she should go home or talk to Jessy. After a few minutes of indecisive moments, she drove off.
‘Aunty, don’t you think you were too hard on her?’
‘Too hard you say. Do you know how much this will destroy your brother?’
‘I know but I think you should have listened to her side of the story.’
‘So she could lie to my face?’ Julia glared.
‘Somehow she deserves the worse and that was why I never liked her but spending a night in their home, I realized she probably just made a mistake so I let her off the hook.’
‘Mistake? I can’t believe you knew all these while and said nothing.’ Julia gave her a scornful look.
Melisa scoffed. ‘As if anything I say ever made sense in this house.’
Julia and Melisa both sat on the steps in front of the room while still exchanging words.
Melisa overheard the conversation between Jessy and Julia when she came around which she confirmed to her Aunt was the truth.
They had earlier moved back inside and had their dinner when Tom’s number popped on Julia’s phone.
‘Do you think he knows?’
‘I’m not sure, besides you told Grissel not to say a word to him.’ Melisa replied her with a worried tone.
Julia sighed heavily and picked up the call.
‘Tom, how are you.’
‘Where’s my wife? That was the first thing he asked instead of answering her question.
‘She left my end over four hours ago.’ Julia raised her brows in shock.
‘Grissel is not home yet and it’s unlike her not to call me. You were the last to see her, what was the meeting about.’
Julia froze on the phone.
‘Julia, I’m talking to you. What happened to my wife?’ He yelled at her.
‘Calm down, I asked her here to pick up some muffins for you.’
‘Then where is she. She’s not answering her phone either.’
‘Let me reach out to her and call you back.’
‘Okay but make sure you find her.’ He yelled again and hanged up.
Melisa gave her the look that her aunty understood she wants to know what has happened.
‘I don’t know Lisa, he said Grissel wasn’t home yet.’
‘Oooh, that’s understandable due to how she left here. I’m sure she will go home.’ She touched her cheeks involuntarily. ‘Probably waiting for Tom to sleep so she could sneak inside in order to avoid facing him.’
‘But it’s almost ten in the evening.’ Julia sounded worried.
They were still trying a few numbers when Melisa’s phone rang.
‘Not now, Henry.’ She quickly said answering it and glancing at Julia.
‘Can you come down to Seattle Emergency center?’
‘Henry I’m not in the mood for your chit chats.’
‘Grissel is here at the hospital.’
‘Grissel? Hospital?’ Melisa raised her voice.
‘She was run down by a truck.’
‘What? How long ago?’ She asked pacing around probably forgetting she only needed to hang up and rush off.
‘Around seven pm.’
‘And how do you know all this.’ She further asked.
‘Just come down here and stop asking all these questions.’ He flared up.
‘I guess I know. We will be on our way now and you better leave there before Tom arrives.’ She hanged up and realized Julia was already at the door with her car keys.
‘Come on, I’ve called Mike to pick up Tom since he’s closer to his place.’ Julia probably was eavesdropping.
‘That’s good, we all know how Tom can drive under pressure.’
‘Let’s go already.’ Julia went out of the door and Lisa followed.
Melisa and Julia got there and met Henry pacing around.
‘Where’s she?’ Julia asked looking around.
‘In the intensive care unit. Surgery was successful but she’s unstable.’
She heaved a sigh of relief and held on to Melisa who slowly walked her to the seat behind the nurses.
‘Aunty you got to relax, you heard she will be okay.’
Julia nodded reaching out for her phone while Melisa walked up to Henry and dragged him to a corner.
‘Start talking before I flare up.’
‘Relax, I was on my way to your place when I saw her driving away so I decided to follow. I guess she thought I was stalking her again so she pulled out of her lane.’
‘Were you stalking her?’
‘I knew she stopped because of me so I decided to park as well. The next thing I heard was a bang. ’ Henry stated with a weak tone. ‘I guess she didn’t see the car coming towards her but the driver said it looked like she didn’t care if she got knocked down.’
‘So all these was your fault and you were still sitting around here.’
‘I had to, because I signed the consent form as her husband and the doctor wants to see me in some few minutes.’
‘You did what?’ You are not meeting anyone.’ She smoldered. ‘Get out of here before Tom gets here because he will strangle you alive.’
‘But I have to be here.’
‘I said get out.’ Melisa yelled unconsciously and realized all eyes were on her.
Henry hasn’t seen her that angry and serious before so he quietly walked away to the nurse’s area, spoke with them for a few minutes and left.
He was lucky not to meet Tom and Mike on the way.
Melisa saw him rushing towards the nurses table and gave him way while Julia watched from a far.
He however ignored them while Mike walked towards their direction.
‘I heard Grissel has been brought to this hospital.’
‘Sir, can I have the patient’s full name.’
‘Grissel Addison.’
‘I can’t see that here though I have Grissel Bannerman.’
‘Yes, that’s my wife.’
‘Wife?’ The nurse with the name tag Pamela asked surprised.
‘Can you just give me her room number or get me the doctor on her case.’
‘Hold on, someone else signed as her husband. Let me just confirm from the doctor.’
‘What are you talking about?’
Melisa realized his brother was going to cause a scene so she met the nurse half way and explained to her Henry was a family friend while pointing to Tom.
‘So where is she?’ He asked impatiently when it looked like whatever Melisa told her worked.
‘ICU but you need to see the doctor now since you are the husband.’ Pamela said and gestured him to follow her.
He followed and walked pass Julia without another word.



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