The Thirst For Revenge

The Thirst For Revenge – Episode 28

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Cole increased his speed as he overtook a Mercedes Benz almost leveling up with the taxi car Agent Matt was driving. There were two cars in front of him which demarcated him from Agent Matt, but he kept going at that pace not wanting to be detected by Agent Matt.

Cole wondered where Agent Matt was driving the lady to. Perhaps, he was actually a taxi driver, driving the lady to her destination, but it sounds funny and stupid. A FBI agent working as a taxi driver? It was indeed ridiculous.


A Jeep from nowhere suddenly hit his car from behind and the impact made him lose his balance as he hit the steering wheel with his head. His head immediately burst open and blood began trickling down his face. Another hit from the unknown Jeep made him jerk forth and back, crashing into the side window as glass shards got stuck in his head and blood spurted out from different cuts on his head. The Jeep was now beside Cole and it made a final clash as the jeep swerved right, crashing into Cole’s car, but this time harder which made Cole’s car to spin in rotation and skidded off the road. Cole slowly drifted into unconsciousness as his eyes began to close on its own accord with pains from different angle seeping into his body. In his fuzzy sight, he subconsciously saw Amidu as the driver of the Jeep that crashed into him and then, everything went black.


  • •••••••••••••


(Some minutes ago)


Amidu watched with both delight and displeasure as the taxi car slowly drove out of sight. He fixated his gaze at the car hoping Alexandra would take a last glance at him before they would be out of sight which she did, and their gaze met. She winked at him and their car drove out of sight.

Amidu took a deep breath satisfactorily as he saw her wink at him which he also winked back before she went out of sight. He walked gracefully back to his Lexus. He unlocked the doors, hopped in and turned on the ignition.

Suddenly, a hand from nowhere pointed a gun at his head which caught him off guard as he blanched and his body froze from the coldness of the gun pointed at the back of his head. Amidu was quivering and shaking all over as shudders ran up and down his spine. He had never been this petrified all his life, even when his father was murdered, he wasn’t scared such as this. Who is this person freaking him out with a gun? He couldn’t risk taking a glance back at who was holding the gun and likewise could he risk making a move to detach the gun which would likely mean he had signed his death warrant by his own hands.


“Drive”, a hoarse feminine voice said from behind. It was Riggs Alexandra.

She crouched at the backseat, holding a SPG riffle, pressing the muzzle of the gun against Amidu’s head.


Amidu obeyed as he was instructed and began driving. He drove out of the lot and face the main road, even though he doesn’t know where he was driving to but he just kept on driving as the gun was still firmly pointed at his head. He could have wished to die but this isn’t the right time, not now that he had met the love of his life or was he lusting after her?


“Drive more faster!”, Riggs Alexandra shouted, cutting through his thoughts.


Amidu obeyed as he immediately changed gears and stepped on the accelerator pedal, overtaking cars at his front who honked at him, cautioning the maniac way he was driving but that was the least of his concern. After all, he was acting on impulse and not a self will which they would have thought of him. If only they knew what he was dealing with, they wouldn’t have been hauling insults at him.


“Now, listen up”, she said, gaining his attention which he risked looking back but she immediately shove his face back to the front aggressively with the gun in her hands.


“Don’t **** with me. Its ain’t gonna take me a second to blow off ya damn head, got it?”.



He nodded.



“Good. Here’s the plan. There is a black Toyota corolla at your front, three cars away from you precisely”, She pointed out through the windscreen to further emphasize and make her description clear.


Amidu nodded again as he looked over the cars to see the actual car she was referring to.


“You’re gonna crash the car and make the occupant of the car severely injured”.


“What?”, he gasped.


“Just do as I say or you gonna lose your girlfriend. The driver of the taxi is working for me, got it”, she said, chuckling at him.


Amidu cringed and a shudder slid down his spine. He didn’t check out the taxi driver due to the love that blinded his eyes as he was all over Alexandra, staring at her at every given opportunity. He became more scared than he earlier was. Who is this lady?


“Hit the car now!”, she yelled at him as they were now directly at the back of the Corolla Cole was driving.


Amidu was jolted back to reality and he did as he was being instructed. He suddenly hit the brakes, making the Jeep to jerk forward in slow pumps and then, stepped on the throttle and the tires screeched as the Jeep hit the Corolla car with full force. The Jeep had strong iron suspenders and a strong metal barricade around its front and rear lights which had great impact on the car as it loses balance, crashing into a car beside it.


  • •••••••••••••••


Agent Matt was behind the wheels at the guise of a taxi driver. He was driving at an average speed, taking occasional glances at Alexandra who sat in the passenger’s seat. She was busy fiddling with her phone doing one thing or the other but that was the least of his concern. All he needed was for his mission to be a success which was already alternating very well.


“What’s your name?”, Alexandra suddenly asked, cutting through his thoughts.



He looked at her surprised with jaws down.


“What?”, he asked, still in disbelief of what he heard. Was she flirting with him or trying to play smart?



“Your name? Or you do not have one”, Alexandra pressed on with her gaze strictly fixed on him which made him uncomfortable.


“I. . . I have”, he stuttered.



“So what’s the name?”, she asked again smiling.



He looked at her and he became convinced that she was flirting with him. Probably, she found him attractive.


“Mat… Erhm.. Joseph”, he croaked, cracking his head to find a suitable name.


“Wow! Joseph the dreamer”.


He laughed heartily and returned his gaze back to the road.


Alexandra smiled. She knew he had been following her since she left her main resident for the restaurant and now, she was in his car which she needed to know who he was before she began making plans as she had no clear cut plan. All she had devised was to lay low for the meantime for the murders falsified against her to die down before she bagan making her own plans. She could have gone to rescue her guards who were locked behind bars but she doesn’t want to complicate things, so she decided to lay low. She knew it wasn’t the right time to be hanging out with Amidu but she did anyway, to avoid suspicion. So she thought. She took another glance at Agent Matt, observing him closely. She saw the gun in his hostler and she knew what it meant. He was a cop, a frigging cop.


“What are you doing with a gun?”, she asked, pointing at his waist hostler.



“You mean this?”, Agent Matt foolishly held up the gun for Alexandra to see but that was his greatest mistake as Alexandra quickly launched at him, twisted his hands and detached the gun from him as she snapped his fingers and the gun fell off his hands. She quickly took it and hit him twice with the butt of the gun, knocking him out as he slowly fell sideways in a heap. She pushed him off the driver’s seat and took charge of the steering wheel, speeding down the road. The phone in her purse suddenly beeped. She reached for it and brought it out, it was a message and it read; ‘Is that the best you could come up with? Anyway, I also got your guy in my custody, lovebirds.”








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  1. Nice one.. But you should try and explain the concept better.. How did she became rich? After Aminu left hospital nothing has happened to him. Meaning d injury disappear!? Even though U r getting us intrigued, try to beautify the plot with these info. Weldune bro

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