The Thirst For Revenge

The Thirst For Revenge – Episode 13

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Time: 11:00am.



Location: Opobo, Obo Town.


Alexandra walked into the poorly lit room which was dimly illuminated by rays of light penetrating through the small vent in the room which served as an outlet for air. There were no windows, no other door aside the one Alexandra came in through which served as the entrance and exit of the room.

Mrs Martin Oluoma was seated on an armless chair, her hands were tied behind and her mouth gagged with a duck tape. She saw a lady walk in but couldn’t see her face as it was hideous in the cloudy room. She had been in the room for days but wasn’t sure of the number as she hasn’t seen the outside world ever since the day she saw herself there. She doesn’t even know her present location, the only thing she remembered before she saw herself there was when she and her daughter were in the back seat of a car going to the airport which was driven by their driver. They had booked a flight to leave the country by 8am but never got to the airport as a bus from nowhere crashed into them which the impact made her to hit the side window with her head and afterwards lost consciousness, only to open her eyes and saw herself in a dark room which she never got to see sun and feel the peaceful fresh air.

She looked up at Alexandra trying to see her face but she couldn’t, it was her first time of seeing a lady walk into the room which she was held hostage. She got to know it was a lady through the small molds on her chest which was visible on the tank top she wore. The only person she had seen and would recognize if she sees him again was a man who often come to the room, bringing food of different delicacy but she never ate any even though, she was greatly famished as the last time she ate was days ago but why would she eat? When her freedom wasn’t guaranteed. The only reason she was still alive was probably because the kidnapper was using her as a tool to get ransom from her husband but… The but was what made everything confusing and complicated. She knew her husband too well, he loves her so much that she was sure that he would have paid any amount they demanded for in as much it is within his capability but why haven’t they released her yet?, if truly Martin had paid the demanded money or would she be killed? She shivered at the thought as chills of shudder slid down her spine.


A tap on her shoulder jerked her back to reality as she was already drowned in the ocean of her own thoughts.


“I can see you’re lost in thoughts, probably thinking of why you are here”, Alexandra said as she bent down, removing the duck tape from her mouth.


Mrs Martin immediately exhaled as the duck tape was taken off her mouth. She let out a sigh of relief at least, her mouth was free which she should be thankful of.


Alexandra stood up after removing the duck tape and threw it away which landed on the floor. She crossed her hands as she walked to the extreme end of the room.


“Do you know why you’re here?”, she asked, leaning with her right leg on the wall.


Mrs Martin shook her head sideways, signifying ‘No’ as the answer.


“Your husband is the cause”, Alexandra said nonchalantly.


Mrs Martin looked confused. “How?”, she asked.


Alexandra flashed her a brief smile and almost immediately, a frown appeared on her face.


“How does it feel when the people you love gets killed just like this”, she walked back to her and showed her an image of Governor Martin’s body before the head was being chopped off which displayed on an android device.


Mrs Martin eyes widened in surprise as the image of her husband lying in a pool of blood battered by bullets stared back at her in the face. She swallowed a lump that came to her throat and began shaking all over. This was worse than a kidnap as she had thought, her husband is being brutally murdered and she?

She was not sure if she would make it out alive but there are questions eating her up and she badly needed answers.

Who is this young girl?

Why did she kill her husband?

Why did she take away the love of her life?

Why does she have to… A sob burst out as she remembered her daughter.

Is she safe? Alive? Streams of tears started to trickle down her face like the rain drizzling. She could feel anger, rage, fury, bitterness and agitation coursing through her vein, soaring high to its highest peak. She couldn’t clench her fist due to the shackles that held her hand but could grit her teeth which she did to show her fury and contempt as she stared at Alexandra with bloodshot eyes.


Alexandra smiled wryly after watching her reaction. “I guess, you don’t have to say how it feels but just show it”, Alexandra said with a crooked smile.


“Well”, Alexandra squatted down in front of her, swiped the screen of the android phone and showed her the image of her daughter tied to a chair just like her. “Your daughter is alive. At least, for now”, she said and rose up to her feet after she had allowed her see the image. She began walking around in a slow pace.


Mrs Martin let out a sigh as her initial anger subsided a little, having seen that her daughter was still alive contrary to what she had thought but a frown appeared on her face in a befuddled look. What does she mean by ‘for now’?

Does she mean, she would eventually kill her  daughter?


“Please don’t kill my daughter”, she pleaded. “She’s the only one I have left”.


Alexandra chuckled. “What would you do if I kill her?”.


“Then, I’ll kill you myself”, Mrs Martin replied without thinking but was damn serious about killing her. She would kill her with her bare hands if granted the chance.


Alexandra laughed as she found it funny but changed her facial expression as a frown curled over her lips, stretched up to her face.


“Your husband killed my parents”, she began saying, circling her. “The people I love”, her voice was cracking now. “The only one I have”, she stopped at her front as a tear dropped from her eyes. “He took them away from me!”, Alexandra screamed and broke down that Mrs Martin reeled back in shock, surprised at her outburst.


Mrs Martin continued to stare at her in disbelief of her outburst. She concluded in her mind that if she could show this much pain, then her husband must have done the vicious act.


Alexandra felt embarrassed to have broken down in front of her victim. She had tried resisting the emotion but couldn’t, her outburst seemed to be detrimental as she would now appear weak before her victim.


“My husband deserved it after all but not my daughter, she has no hand in this. Please, do not kill her”, Mrs Martin said, emphasizing the ‘do not kill her’.


Alexandra heard her spoke and looked up at her, slowly but steadily with a deadly look.

“I will eventually kill her”, Alexandra said in a hoarse voice.


Mrs Martin cringed with the fierceness on her face. She could see, she was getting angry, more worse if she aggravate it.


“Please don’t”, she begged. “After all, my husband didn’t kill you”.


Alexandra smiled this time but a frown replaced it within a second.


“That was his biggest mistake”, Alexandra said. “And I can’t make the same mistake because if I do, it will be a blowback for me”.


“You can kill me if you want but not her, she’s the only one I got”, Mrs Martin begged, crying out this time.


Alexandra ignored her and started scrolling through the videos on the phone.


“Well, I’d like to show you something”, She stopped at a particular video and tapped the play icon on the screen and gave it to her.


Mrs Martin collected it wondering what she wanted her to watch. The video started, showing a well furnished room with a king sized bed. That was the first thing that caught her attention, she recognized it as her husband’s room in the government house but why was she showing her? Almost immediately as if on cue to the question, the door flung open as her husband rushed in with a strange girl in his hands, both kissing and smooching roughly as they landed on the bed, quickly stripping theirselves naked which Governor Martin removed the girl’s top and bra likewise the panty while the girl in turn removed his shirt and unbuckled his belt, drawing down the trouser. Mrs Martin couldn’t control it again as she saw her husband thrusting in and out of the girl’s p*ssy. The phone fell down unknowingly from the grasp of her hands as tears started to stream down her face.


‘That b******!’ She cursed under her breath, she had been fooled to think that his husband never had a fling with any slut.


“Why did you show me?”, she asked heartbroken, looking at Alexandra who sat on her haunches.


“Just wanted to show you that he deserved to die”.


Mrs Martin nodded her head, he truly deserved to die. At least, to pay for his evil deeds.


“There are still more of his escapades if you want” Alexandra said, pointing at the phone she dropped on the floor.


Mrs Martin shook her sideways, she had watched enough and shouldn’t go further.


Alexandra stood up as the door opened to reveal one of her guards holding a young girl of about seventeen years of age at his front. She had ordered him to bring her.


Mrs Martin eyes shone brightly on seeing her daughter being brought to her, she could have gone to embrace her tightly and never let go but her hands were tied.


“Don’t be happy yet, it’s just getting started”, Alexandra said as she walked up to the guard and spoke to him in Japanese. The guard immediately left and came back after a minute with nine other guards, all grinning from ear to ear as Alexandra ordered them to do what they know best. She exited the room and rested her back on the wall in the hallway. Soon, wails of excruciating pain began to emanate from the room. She had assigned five men to the mother and another five to the girl which they would make out with them and afterwards, finish them with a bullet on their foreheads just like they did to her mother.


Tears started streaming down her face as she remembered her cries of extreme pain and anguish with the expression on her father’s face as he watched what they did to her. The wails became more loud and sonorous in her head which seemed like it would explode as she held her head trying to suppress it but couldn’t. She ran down the long hallway in tears.







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