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Tarasha 2 – Chapter 17 Part 7B

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‘They’re turning already, add a little more speed.’ Henry said.

‘How many more kilometres per metre?’ Cole asked, even as he increased his speed. They sped past the vehicles in front of them and were directly in front of the roundabout. Their targeted vehicle came into view.

‘Damn! Reduce your speed, it’s too much.’ Henry warned but it was late. Cole tried but their vehicle crashed into the targeted vehicle and smashed it against the traffic island.

There seemed to be a little tension at first. Henry was panting heavily out of fright. The crash wasn’t so fatal, the target vehicle was to damaged and there were still signs of life in it.

‘We go ahead with the plan,’ Cole said in a loud voice as he reversed the car a metre backward. He then stopped the vehicle and put on a mask which covered his face partially. He opened the door and picked his gun from the dashboard before stepping out of the car.

Basit stepped out with him immediately after putting on his mask which he already attached to his neck. He looked around and shot twice in the air.

Henry was the last to recover from the shock of the crash and had almost forgotten that he had a role to play. He quickly dropped the device in his hand and pulled out his gun, he opened the door and also stepped out of the vehicle. With the door of the vehicle still opened, he rested his back against the vehicle, using his right hand on the top of the car to support himself . He looked around and shot twice in the air to scare onlookers.

Cole proceeded straight to the back seat of the vehicle where the inspector General was seated while Basit proceeded to the front area and shot multiple times at the two men seating there who had been able to recover from the suddenness of the accident. The bullets shattered the front glass and pierced the bodies of the man seated there.

Chief Rikau was sweating and shaking terribly in fright as Cole opened the door. The General had realized that what he thought was an accident was actually planned. He was about thanking God for saving his life after the crash especially when the car that hit them reversed backward. But his joy did not last for more than five seconds after he heard the gunshots sounds and looked out, he saw masked men coming towards the car.

‘Get the f*** out man,’ Cole shouted, pointing a gun at him.

The man quickly hurried out like a scared lady that was about to wee in her pants. Cole motioned him towards the backseat with the gun.

Now, all the cars coming from behind couldn’t not pass as they blocked the road, the ones who could change direction had immediately done so at the sound of the first gunshot. Only one car was unable to change direction immediately, that was the car following the assassin’s targeted car directly, but after struggling for some seconds , the driver was able to move the car to the other lane which linked to the roundabout.

Henry dragged and pushed the man inside and entered with him immediately.

Cole only took a cursory gaze at the crushed bonnet of their vehicle before entering into the car, Basit was already in.

Cole took off the mask and started the car immediately. He threw something to Henry at the back before turning the car and driving away.

Henry picked up the syringe throw to him, he removed the needle case and inserted it into Chief Rikau’s hand. The Inspector General slept off immediately. He picked up his device back and opened the NSCC app.


Dave sank into the driver’s seat and heaved a tired sigh. He leaned his head backward and took in a deep breath. He tried to picture the face of the lady who attacked him but he couldn’t. Her blows were so quick, and so heavy that after each hit, he felt like his head had been taken off and his brain restored to default settings. It even took him a lot of strength to get to his car safely as he was seeing double while he staggered back to the car park.

He tried to relax himself a bit but discovered that he couldn’t. The hunger he felt which had led him initially to the restaurant had contributed majorly to the impact of her blows on him, and the impact was still very felt, he knew the only thing that could help him was to get something into his belly, if possible, an energy drink first.

After resting for few more minutes, he stepped out of the car again and made his way back to the restaurant. He decided to talk boldly and act with confident, even though he was embarrassed at the same place few minutes ago.

He was served an energy drink and two meat pies and he consumed them very fast, but still tried to eat moderately as he could because he was sure people were looking at him.

He felt better after finishing the snacks and drinks. He decided to look around the place before leaving. His eyes wandered to the table he and Stephanie had sat earlier and a quick flashback of Samantha’s blows on his faces ran through his mind.

‘Sh*t!’ he cursed under his breath as he stared down, with his elbows resting on the table. ‘That girl is strong.’

He relaxed his back for a minute and stretched his arms and legs. An idea came to him, it was something he should have done immediately Samantha and Stephanie left but couldn’t because of the embarrassment. He beckoned on one of the waitress.

‘Excuse me miss,’ he cleared his throat as he began. ‘You watched what here some minutes ago. Those ladies, do you know where they came from?’

The young waitress gave him a thin stare, ‘No, I don’t know them. The lady you were talking to only came here to eat just like you.’

‘Hmmm, Okay. Do you know if they came from the hospital?’

‘Ermm… It should be from the hospital, ninety nine percent of the people who patronize us here are those returning from a visit to the hospital or those who need to eat something before taking medications.’ She replied him.

Dave brought out and ID card and displayed it to her. ‘I’m Dan Willis, a personal investigator. Those ladies that left here minutes ago could be very dangerous criminals.’

The waitress stared at him with a funny look, wondering why he was making such stories against the ladies just because he was beaten up. ‘Sir, I do think they’re just regular customers like you.’

‘I know what I’m saying lady, I trailed them here.’ Dave replied.

The waitress sighed and shrugged.

‘Is this your first time of seeing the both of them here?’ Dave asked.

‘I don’t know the both of them, we receive different types of customers everyday, so I don’t remember if I’ve seen them here or not.’

Okay, thanks.’ Dave said and turned back to the table. He gulped down the remaining contents of the drink and dropped the bottle noisily on the table. He got up from his seat and left the place.



‘That’s crazy,’ Tarasha said into the phone in reply to the caller’s speech. ‘Did you make sure that your traces are covered?’

‘Yes, we did. ‘ Cole’s voice sounded from the other end.


Dord Motors

‘Good afternoon, who is in charge of your security here?’ Agent Tim asked as he stepped into the security building.

He looked around at the wide expense of the land and the different kind of exotic cars parked around for sale. A well built averaged height man stepped out through the door to attend to him.

‘Good afternoon sir, I heard you asked for me.’

Agent Tim turned him, ‘Good afternoon,’ he replied the greeting, and also offered a handshake. ‘I’m Tim, special police agent,’ he said, displaying his Identity card.

‘Yes sir, I was told. How can I help you?’

‘There’s a vehicle parked outside here, it’s crushed at the bonnet.’

‘Yes, we’ve seen it already, it’s been there for almost an hour now.’

‘Do you know how it got there?’

‘I was told that someone came in it to get a car and hasn’t taken it back since then,’ the man replied.

‘Do you know the person who came to get the car?’ Agent Tim asked.

‘No, I don’t have an idea who the person is.’

‘But do you allow cars remain there for so long?’

‘No, we do not usually allow but I guess this person has gone round town in his new car to test it, he should soon be back.’

Agent Tim chuckled, ‘I don’t think they would return.’

‘Why?’ the man’s eyebrows gathered together.

‘Because they are criminals,’ Agent Tim said spitefully. ‘Was it only one man that was seen in it?’

‘I don’t know how many people were in the car but only one of them came inside here.’

‘You need to ask all your security officers and let’s get someone who knows how many people were in the car,’ Agent Tim suggested, even though his tone sounded more like a command. ‘That vehicle was used to kidnap someone at a major roundabout some hours ago.’

‘Oh!’ The man gapped out in exclamation.

‘Yea, get your men and ask them questions.’ Agent Tim said. The head security personnel turned immediately and began to call on the other security officers using Nigerian pidgin English.

‘Agent sir,’ someone called Agent Tim from behind.

He turned back and saw one of the junior officers he had come with to the place. The junior officer was holding a tab in his hands and coming towards him from the gate.

‘Yea, Inspector. What’s new?’

‘Sir, I was just called from the office and told that the Inspector General was the man in the car, they sent me details of the investigation here.’ He said, showing the tab to the man.

Agent Tim already knew that the Inspector General was the kidnapped man and that was why he decided to be involved directly in the case.

The investigation recorded showed details of how the family members of the dead men found in the car were located. The bodies of the men were identified and it was discovered that they were driving the Inspector General to the airport.

He returned the tab to the junior officer. The head security man was back with two of his men.

‘Sir, these men were around when the car parked there.’

Agent Tim turned to them, ‘Okay, so did you guys see the car when it parked or before it did.’

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