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Blemished Love – Episode 10

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Lisa felt a tap on her shoulder and tried to wipe the sleep out of her eyes.
A blonde built guy was staring at her. His eyes rolled and Melisa thought his brown eyes were beautiful.
Melisa quickly shrugged off her thoughts and fixated her eyes on the video playing in front of her.
‘Would you care for some wine?’ He asked Melisa and then signaling the air hostess who was passing by with a wine trolley.
Melisa glared at him, turned off the video and coiled back to her sleeping position.
She sprung up after a few seconds when she remembered he wasn’t sitting with her earlier. Melisa quickly checked her bag and realized her belongings were still intact without looking at him in the face.
She closed her bag discreetly, held it tight and then raised up her head slowly to meet his gaze already on him.
Melisa quickly took her eyes off him.
‘You are a beauty.’ He said not hiding his smile.
Melisa clutched her bag tightly while ignoring his compliment earlier.
There was silence that moment as the announcement siren rang.
‘You know I can’t really steal from a beauty like you.’ He whispered whiles the announcement still went on.
Melisa didn’t find it funny. She never liked flying economy class but she had no other choice when her flight was canceled when she got to the airport which resulted in late booking.
‘You know I saw you before the flight took off. You seemed angry then and I was told you didn’t like economy class so I decided to keep you company but you were asleep when I came around.’
Melisa snapped her finger at the airhostess who was passing by with her trolley ignoring him.
‘Can I have some water please?’
She got her water and gulped it at once.
‘You were that thirsty?’
He realized she was not going to answer any of her questions so he kept quiet for a while.
‘I’m Dane. I can see you didn’t like the fact that I moved from my section to keep you company while you slept.’ He waved his hands as he spoke. ‘I just thought you were alone here and would like to talk to someone as you were really furious while getting on board but I would take my leave now.’
Dane said and stood up. He took another glance at her and she was looking out of the window so he walked away to his first class section.
‘Finally.’ She sighed and relaxed her head against the seat.
‘Dad, I think I went too far.’ Stella confessed to her Dad after another week of Tom not showing up for work.
‘With what?’
‘Tom?’ She replied.
‘What are you talking about?’ Mr. Medt wasn’t sure if he was fit for bad news.
‘He resigned last week and efforts to bring him back hasn’t been fruitful.’
‘He resigned or you pushed him to do that.’ Mr. Medt asked.
‘I kind of was a little too much to handle but how was I supposed to know he was that sensitive.’
‘He’s a man Stella.’
‘But still doesn’t explain why he would want to resign from what he loved doing.’
‘Tom has always been proactive and could be a control freak sometimes but he’s the pillar of my business.’
‘Yeah I noticed that but how do I get him back.’ She asked excitedly.
‘Give him time Stella.’
‘I don’t have that much time Dad.’ Stella felt disappointed. ‘Last week, the investors left because they didn’t like Jones presentation.’
‘Oh really, which of the investors.’
‘Kyle Ltd.’
‘That company always loved Tom’s work.’
‘Yeah I heard they always preferred him to others anytime they come along for investment.’
‘You got to get him back somehow.’ Her Dad announced.
‘He’s not answering my calls.’
‘Go to his house.’ He suggested.
‘Great idea Dad, I would get his address from his file tomorrow.’
‘Alright, just make sure his wife is around, that would make it easier.’
‘Sure, I would go tomorrow in the afternoon, by then they should be back from church.’
‘Come here baby girl. I know I pushed a lot of responsibility on you but i trust you can handle it.’ Mr. Medt opened his arms wide for Stella who was sitting opposite him.
Stella went for a hug and a peck.
‘Is it a father daughter time?’ Mrs. Medts appeared from the kitchen.
‘Mom I’m starving.’ She said admiring the sandwich she brought for her Dad that afternoon.
‘This is for my husband. Get yours in the kitchen.’
She frowned. ‘Is that your new way of telling me I need to get my own husband?’ She said walking away.
‘I’m glad you read between the lines.’ Her mom said and she smiled rushing to the kitchen.
‘Please hand me the shoe polish.’ Tom who was sitting on the couch where Grissel dropped the shoe polish earlier asked.
‘It’s right there beside you.’ She replied fixing her eyes on her own heels.
‘Are you still angry about my resignation?’ Tom asked grabbing the polish himself.
‘I told you I was okay Tom.’
‘You wouldn’t have asked Austin for help the other day, if you were really fine.’
‘I’m supposed to be a help mate and not that kind of wife who doesn’t care what her husband goes through.’
‘Alright, but I don’t need help from my friends.’
‘There he goes again. Why don’t you get over your pride and go back to work.’
‘What’s with you and work. I said I don’t want to go back there. Just let it go.’ He snarled.
‘Calm down Tom, I was just trying to be a wife.’
‘Be that wife to someone else and leave me alone. It’s not like you feed me by yourself.’ He announced and walked out on her.
Grissel picked up her bag and left him behind. She knew that anger earlier won’t settle down soon so she had to go alone to service.



Stella knocked on Tom’s door. Tom heard the gate opened but figured it was his wife so he relaxed back on his couch.
The knock became deafening so he stood up angrily as he didn’t understand why she should knock in her own house.
‘What the he….’ He paused at the door once he turned the knob and saw Stella standing with her hands behind her back.
‘Hey.’ Stella flashed him a radiant smile.
‘Are you stalking me now?’ He asked rather calmly.
Stella stared at his bare chest as he was warm earlier and needed fresh air.
‘Can I come in?’
‘No, and you can go now.’ He dismissed her and walked an inch away.
Stella quickly grabbed his left hand and released him when Tom turned around.
She smiled. ‘I came to apologize for the way I treated you.’
She paused and examined his expression. Stella hoped he could say something at that moment.
‘Are you done?’ He finally asked.
She nodded. ‘Is your wife around?’
‘Did you come to see my wife?’
‘No, but I was hoping you could return to work tomorrow.’
‘Okay, kindly leave now.’
‘But yo….’
‘I said leave now.’ He scowled.
Stella drew back for a second and when it seemed he was serious, she walked away without looking back.
She drove away and Grissel’s car appeared.
‘Henry, this is twice in a week and I noticed you have been following me for some time now.’ Grissel said to Henry who was sitting across the table in her office that Monday morning.
After that Sunday argument with Tom, she left early to work so she could avoid him for some time.
‘You noticed.’ He grinned.
‘I’m not naïve and stop stalking me else Tom would hear about this.’
‘You haven’t told him yet?’
‘Just stop, I don’t like it.’
‘But I do and Melisa doesn’t seem to have a problem if her brother leaves you.’
‘Yes, she gave me lots of support.
‘Of course, if not her who else.’ She responded not surprised because she knew Melisa never liked her even though she seemed to have accepted her some few weeks back.
‘Tom doesn’t deserve you Grissel.’ He spewed out when he realized she was lost in her thoughts.
‘And you do Henry.’
‘Smart question my love.’ He smiled happily.
‘I can see you loss some screws in your head.’
‘I lost them because I fell in love with you.’
‘You what?’
‘Wasn’t that obvious Grissel. I have been in love with you for the whole time you were with Tom.’ He smiled weirdly. ‘I just want a chance to prove myself to you.’
‘Now it’s official. You need psych evaluation Henry.’ She said with disgust.
‘Maybe it’s because I fell for the wrong woman.’
‘Yeah, I’m wrong for you so just leave me alone else I will get a restraining order against you.’ Grissel sounded confused.
Her door opened quietly and the lawyer she recommended to him months ago came in.
‘Henry, can I see you now. I need your friend’s details for the divorce proceedings.’ She announced, waved at Grissel and vanished.
‘You see, I’m getting everything ready for your divorce so I can have you all to myself.’
‘Don’t tell me, that story you told me about your friend was about me.’
‘Of course love.’
‘Get out Henry,’ she yelled throwing the vase on her table at him.
Henry blew her a kiss and rushed out.
‘Goodness, how didn’t I see that coming? Tom, I’m in trouble.’ She rested on her swivel chair confused.
She now understood why she bumps into him at every shopping center and her office lately. Though she was always worried, she thought telling Tom would just create problems in her marriage.
‘How can he be sleeping with Melisa and still connive with her to destroy my marriage.’ She thought so aloud.
‘So what did Grissel say when you told her you loved her?’ Melisa queried Henry who told her he spoke with Grissel last week.
‘Lisa, your phone is ringing.’ Henry announced from under the duvet before he could answer her first question.
‘Is that my Aunt again?’ She has been ignoring Julia’s call since last night. ‘No, the number isn’t registered among your contacts.’
‘Answer it then.’ She yelled out to him again from the shower.
Melisa hasn’t gone home since she came back from her event planning trip last weekend.
Henry slides the receive button to the right.
‘Hello, she’s in the shower and would have to call you back.’ He said to the caller.
Dane on the other side of the call sighed heavily and hanged up.
‘Mel, he hanged up.’ Henry said pulling up his boxers and walking towards the bathroom.
‘He? Did he leave a name?’
‘No, but I felt his breath.’ He announced popping her head inside the bathroom.
‘And you know it’s a man how?’ Melisa asked grabbing a towel.
‘I told you earlier, I felt his breath.’
‘Yeah but it could be a woman or probably a client.’
‘A client who calls and hangs up after hearing the voice of another man.’ Henry sounded angry.
‘Of course, people do that all the time.’
‘You can’t fool me you know.’ He fumed.
‘Wait, what’s going on here? Are you jealous?’ She asked stepping out of the shower with just a towel around her chest which was too short to cover her whole body.
‘Jealous? No.’ He feigned and walked after her.
‘Then let’s drop this discussion because it won’t take us anywhere.’ Melisa told him and sat on the bed reaching out for body cream in her traveling bag.
He dropped the phone beside her and it started to ring.
Henry looked back and watched Melisa staring at the phone.
‘Won’t you pick up?’
She looked at him annoyingly and picked up the call.
‘Hello, Melisa here.’
‘Great, the other voice announced.’
‘Great, is that a name?’
‘I’m sorry, I called earlier but hanged up when I thought I got a wrong line because a male picked up.
‘How can I help you gentleman.’ She said grabbing Henry’s attention from where he was seated.
‘I understand you are into event planning and I would need to meet you for an event I want to have soon.’
‘Alright, can I have your schedule so I can fix in my plans.’
‘Can we meet next week Tuesday?’
‘Yeah, Tuesday is fine.’
‘Dallas.’ He further added.
‘Dallas? That’s several hours away from my place.’
‘Seattle right?’ He probably got that from her website.
‘Yes, and I can’t waste all my resources on a pre-event journey.’
‘I understand but all expenses would be covered.’
‘Expenses isn’t the problem but it’s a whole lot of hours to spend on a single journey.
‘I thought you were supposed to be the best.’ Dane mentioned.
‘Well, I could be but I’m just being honest with you.’
‘Okay, I will get someone around here.’ Dane announced.
‘Hold on, can you send me details of the event and your plans to my mail. I will send you my email address once I hang up.’ She glanced towards Henry’s direction.
‘Thank you beauty.’
Melisa thought that phrase sounded familiar.
‘The name is Meli….’
‘Yeah Melisa Addison. I will be expecting your mail. Do have a nice day.’ Dane said finally and hanged up.
‘Who was that?’ Henry asked jerking her out of her reverie.
‘A weird client.’ She replied and focused on her blouse.
He rolled his eyes. ‘Do you have to go back home today?’
‘Yeah, unless you want my aunty to start suspecting I’m back in town.’
‘But we are still meeting later in the evening right.’
‘I think I will get a rain check on that.’
Henry saw the sudden change of mood so he nodded and left her in the bedroom.
‘Hey you are home early.’
‘Uhmmm.’ Grissel hummed.
Tom figured she wasn’t going to respond to any of his questions so he nodded.
‘By the way, my boss was here last week Sunday.’
‘Okay.’ She replied faintly and focused back on the program she was watching when Tom came in that evening.
‘Just okay?’ He asked staring at her.
‘Your food is in the microwave, let me know if I should help you warm it?’ She quietly said raising herself up.
‘You had dinner without me?’
‘Ahaaa.’ She slowly responded.
‘And you couldn’t just wait for me again.’ He asked sounding a little angry because it seemed to him Grissel has been doing that lately when she knew they always eat together when he intends not to stay out late.
‘It’s past seven pm Tom and I was hungry.’
‘No wonder you look fat this evening. Anyway, that’s fine but I’m not hungry tonight.’ He muttered carefully as he knew Grissel has been cranky since their last Sunday disagreement.
‘Good and I’m not fat.’
‘I will be waiting for you in bed then.’ Tom dropped his car keys on the coffee table beside his wife and walked upstairs.
Grissel gave him the funny look and turned off the TV.
Dane arranged for Melisa to be picked up at the airport once she agreed to meet him. She was picked up and sent to his house.
‘Hey, you made it.’ Dane announced behind her.
Melisa thought the voice sounded familiar from where she sat with her hand luggage. She quickly turned around.
‘You got to be kidding me.’ She picked up her luggage and moved towards the door she came through earlier.
‘Please don’t go. I really need this event to hold.’
‘Handle that yourself.’ She muttered and walked to the door.
‘Daddy, is she here with my birthday crown?’ The little girl run to him.
Her tiny voice grabbed Melisa’s attention. She turned around and their eyes met.
‘She was just leaving Dani.’
‘Did you yell at her Daddy?’
‘No, I didn’t love.’ He replied carrying her moving towards the couch Melisa vacated earlier.
‘Then why was she leaving.’
Dane looked up at Melisa who seemed indecisive standing at the door.
‘You don’t like me?’ Daniella asked staring at Melisa.
She dropped her luggage and feigned a smile.
‘Dani that’s not a nice thing to say.’ Her dad poked her cheeks playfully.
‘So why won’t she help me get my princess crown and birthday party.’
‘We would figure out something.’
‘That’s a trick Daddy.’ She frowned. ‘Tell her about mommy, she might want to help if she knows our story.’
‘We are not going to do that.’ Dane sounded cranky.
‘Then how do I get my party.’ She threw tantrums.
‘Daddy could always get you another event planner.’ He smiled to convince her.
‘Bu….’ Dani was cut off.
‘I would take the offer.’ Melisa said quickly while staring at Daniella.
Both father and daughter looked back at her. Dani with her dad certainly reminded her of how she wished her childhood turned out.
Anytime Dani wanted something she always had her way when she goes about telling everyone her mom died saving her.
Daniella rushed from her dad’s lap towards Melisa. She opened her arms for her unconsciously.
‘Can I have a cake with my face on it?’ She whispered into Melisa’s ears while she was still across her shoulder.
‘I think I can arrange that.’ She replied bringing her down while Dane looked on sheepishly.
‘I’m Daniella Sculley but everyone calls me Dani because I have the same name as my dad.’
‘Awesome name there. I’m Melisa but most people call me Lisa.’ A smile appeared across her face.
‘I like you already.’ She muttered and run back to her dad.’
‘Birthday girl, can you give daddy and your new friend here some space.’ He said pointing to Melisa who was smiling unconsciously.
Dani rushed off and paused. ‘Don’t yell at her, I would be watching.’ She smiled and disappeared into the next room.
Dane gave her a thumbs up with a smile. He then turned around to locate Melisa with her arms crossed watching their drama.
‘So you would get the party planned after all.’
‘For your little girl, I would but on one condition.’
‘Anything for you beauty.’
‘I’m not staying in this house with you for the next few days.’
‘I figured you might say that, so I got a hotel booked for you.’
‘That’s a relief, so how do I get there.’ She managed to ask with clarity.
‘I would drive you there and my driver picks you up tomorrow so we go over the details.’
‘Works for me.’ She replied.
‘Let me get my keys then.’ He whispered and walked out of the hall.
Melisa looked around admiring the décor and furnishings.
‘After you.’ He came back shortly to announce while picking up her bag which Melisa quickly snatched from him.
‘Wow, she doesn’t like to be helped as well.’
‘Yes and one more thing. Stop calling me beauty.’
‘I can try.’ He smiled coyly.
She walked away that moment and turned the knob opening the door while Dane followed.
‘I didn’t think you would be coming to bed anytime soon today.’ Tom reached out for the bed light.
‘Gosh, you scared the hell out of me.’ Grissel thought he was already asleep.
‘What is going on with you Grissel?’
‘Why do you say that?’ She asked while slipping herself under the duvet.
‘You’ve been quiet and different towards me for some weeks now.’
‘This isn’t about you Tom.’
‘Then talk to me. Are you okay?’
‘I’m fine, just some work stuff.’
‘Which has something to do with me?’
‘I didn’t say that. We had a disagreement and that’s different from my work problems.’
‘Okay, I know we agreed we keep our work problems out of our marriage but if I can help…..’
‘You can’t help Tom.’
He nodded.
‘But can I at least hold my wife tonight.’
‘Emmm, not until you apolo….’
‘I’m sorry for reacting that way on Sunday.’
‘Good, I’m more offended about the fact that you didn’t make it to service.’
‘That I’m sorry about too.’
‘Tom we are too young in this marriage to start having this petty disagreements.’
‘Arguments are normal Grissel.’
‘I know that, except you get unnecessarily angry over nothing.’
‘I do that?’ He asked staring at her.’
‘It won’t happen again.’ He reached out for her hands and Grissel smiled leaning over for a kiss.
Tom had a feeling Grissel was worried over something she has no plans of talking about.
‘That was a great turn out.’
Dane said behind Melisa who was standing on the balcony of his house where they had Dani’s party.
‘Yeah, I love your little girl.’
‘You do?’
‘She’s a sweet girl. See how happy she is rocking her eighth year party.’ Melisa gestured towards Dani.
‘I’m glad you think she’s sweet.’
He smiled at her.
‘What’s that smile for?’ She enquired.
‘Nothing, I’m happy you made this happen for her. I wanted to take her out for a simple dinner like I always do but my Dani wants a big party for a change this year.’
‘A girl knows what she wants.’ She muttered.
‘I can tell. Dani can be persuasive at times.’
‘Why did you change your mind then?’ Melisa asked.
‘At first, I refused until I saw you at the waiting area that morning then I changed my mind.’
Melisa glanced at him.
‘You changed your mind because you saw me. How, why?’
‘Well nothing really, I was fascinated about your ranting. You defended JJ’s Events so well. I looked you up that’s how I got your number.’
‘Did I?’ She asked embarrassed.
‘I would have done the same thing if I were in your shoes.’
‘I’m sure I made a fool out of myself.’
‘If you hadn’t then I wouldn’t have met you to give my Dani this awesome party.’
‘I see.’
‘What exactly do you see beauty.’
‘Beauty?’ She repeated much comfortable around him now.
‘Yes, no one ever told you how beautiful you are?’
‘That would be my dad.’
‘Daddy’s girl, I guess.’
‘Kind of.’ She replied, waving Dani who was playing with her friends.
‘Let me just cut the pretense here.’
‘Pretense?’ She muttered.
‘You do know I like you right?’
Melisa fixed her eyes on him.
‘Oh come on, you must have known that was the reason I asked you all the way down here.’
‘So you didn’t ask me here because of the party?’
‘That’s also part but I like you and my daughter seems to like you too so…..’
‘So you figured I should be her next mom?’
Danes face suddenly went pale.
‘Sorry, did I say anything wrong.’ Melisa quickly took her words back.
‘No and I didn’t mean to come out that way.’ He smiled.
‘Great, but what’s her story.’
‘Who?’ He asked.
‘Dani’s mom.’
‘She passed away even before child birth. It was a miracle Dani survived.’ He scratched his head and glanced at Dani who looked up the balcony and smiled to her dad.
‘I’m sorry about that.’
‘It’s been eight years and we both are over her death.’
‘Glad to hear that,’ she replied him.
‘So can we date?’
‘Wow, he’s a straight forward guy.’
‘Yeah, I know what I want when I see it.’
‘And you want me?’ Melisa during her few days around him started to feel comfortable as compared to when she first met him.
‘Is there someone else?’
Melisa glared at him and quickly took her eyes off him.
‘Oh silly me, it must be the guy, I spoke to when I called you the first time.’
‘Who? Henry? No.’ she said almost immediately.
‘Henry huh!’
‘It’s not what you think, I mean we are just friends.’
‘Friends?’ He repeated.
‘Yeah, one that’s got my back always.’
‘With benefits I guess.’
‘Well that’s not a crime anywhere.’
‘So what about me?’ He changed the topic.
‘I’m not sure I want another…..’
‘Daddy, my friends are ready for pictures.’ Dani rushed hugging him by the waist interrupting his moment.
‘Okay, let’s go.’ He flashed Melisa a smile.
‘Are you coming with us?’ Daniella asked her while dragging her dad along.
‘No, it’s your day Dani.’
‘Dad let’s go.’
‘Hold that thought.’ He told Melisa before leaving.
Melisa smiled coyly and walked away to the domestic helps in the house. She gave them some instructions, picked up her bag and left.


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