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Is It A Sin?

Is It A Sin? Episode 12

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19th of January, 2017


“After the words of war from the counsels and according the evidence lying infront of me, it shows that Governor John Adewole; you were guilty for the charges against you, so therefore with the power bestow unto me, this court of law hereby sentence you to death by hanging as the rightful punishment for you crime since it involve murdering.

All the people in the court couldn’t believes their hears, the lawyers were shocked and dumbstruck, my mother collapsed and that result to her mystery death because she is a hypertension patient before.

In short my father was hanged to death and my mother dies of high blood pressure. My siblings opt to stay with my father immediate sister.



You are all wondering how the narrator survive? Well truly I was shoot but thank God I wasn’t dead. It all happen that after I was shoot, A kidnapper targeted to killed my father but the he missed his target, my father run for his dear life and all the kidnappers including Don went after him, after they went after my father, a hunter was going to game, he found me lying down half dead, he point his gun towards me and he asked me whether am a human being or a evil spirit, I was lying in my own pool of blood and I was unable to utter a word. The kind hunter approached me and with the help of his supernatural power he was able to detect that I am a normal human being. He carried me and took me to his hut; there he took good care of me from then till now. The hunter clearly show me all the incidents and how it all happens, he fortified me and I have been taking revenge since then on those that join force in destroying my lovely family. My being here is to revenge on the warder captain because he also collected his share from the allocation that made my father meet his doom. My main and the last revenge is Senator Jeff; he is now the Senate President of this country and his mission maybe somehow difficult.

“Thank your star because we are leaving here today and you will start revenging on all those people that contribute to send you to this rotten place.” Clara summarized, narrated and boasted to Nnena.

“I just can’t believe the riches are also suffering from oppression, so the earth is rotational and its truly eclipsing, what is happening to the poor can also be part of the riches world.” Nnena exclaimed.

“hmmmm, my dear friend that is nothing but a damm truth.” Clara consoled.

“Oh, is okay my dear friend, I only have one revenge to make, and that is Mrs. Chioma and her crew, the head of the family of my father’s family and some members of my father’s family were stoned to death after they unknowingly confess that they truly sent a snake to kill my father because he refused to share a land with them and they also made us homeless. I can’t revenge on the neighboring villagers that stone my mother  to death because they may have been suffering in the hand  of those kidnappers and maybe that has made them wide and fury, true to be talk, my mother wore a cloth similar to that of the kidnapper and that make them mistaken her for the kidnapper, so I don’t think I have any business with them. If not for the Slave Dealer I won’t have live to tell this story, I think I suppose to be grateful to him and not to revenge on him, I will only revenge on Mrs. Chioma not because she sent me here, but because she killed her beloved husband, I am very sure she poisoned my best friend, my father and my counselor and the gateman who was always there for me whenever I need his help, I will avenge the two innocent soul that has been sacrificed on my behalf.” Nnena explained as she was trying to fight the tears from falling from here eyes.

“Yes, where is that Mrs. Nnena and her Children now? How I wish I could just skin here alive.” Clara asked with some kind of rasping voice.

“I can’t say, you know I have been in this prison for the past two years.” Nnena replied with a sadden expression.

“Okay, just take heart; can you accompany me to the Warder Captain office?” Clara asked anxiously.

“Why not, but how are we going to get out of here?” Nnena asked childishly.

Clara was laughing incessantly, the statement seems funny to her, she shockingly grip Nnena right palm and within a nanull seconds they are already standing in from of the Warder Captain. The Warder Captain was cross-examining some documents; he wasn’t looking up to see that he was having an uninvited guest. Nnena on the other hand was shivering when she knew that they had truly vanish from the cell, she was looking at the office to confirm if they landed inside a house or somewhere safe, she wanted to scream for joy but on seeing the warder captain she maintain muted as she looks into the eye of Clara, but Clara eyes went directly to the busy Warder captain, just then the warder looks up, but he was shocked on sighing the uninvited visitor, the Warder Captain look directly the door, but he has locked the door, how did they enter his office? That was the rhetorical question that first came to his mind.

“What can I do for you? And beside how are you able to make your way here?” The Warder Captain asked totally perplexed.

“How I get here is none of your business I only came here to send you on an errand, the task am sending you is a must and you must go.” Clara uttered in parable.

“What am I doing? I will go.” The Warder Captain replied shivering.

“I just want to send you to heaven; help to greet my parent that you join force to kill, then you can migrate to your home which is hell fire.” Clara narrated with a mean face.

“I don’t know your parent, beside I don’t kill anyone.” The Warder Captain narrated.

“Well you can’t know them, are you not the one that gave Senator Jeff those two notorious criminal that you train to frame some lies on my father, just because of the huge sum of money they gave you, well where is the money now? It has finish, I am just wasting my time to negotiate with you, just say your last prayer before your death.” Clara snapped with some kind of husky voice.

Nnena was just watching the drama played by the Warder Captain and Clara, she was muted all through, the Warder on the other hand was dumbstruck, he don’t wish to die that easily so he was thinking of a way to survive, he draw the drawer of his table, he search thoroughly for his gun but the gun is nowhere to be found, he raise his head up only to see his gun was pointed to him by Clara.

“I know you must try to act smart, but I am not just a human being as you thought, well I gave you the opportunity to ask for forgiveness but you are trying to act smart (laugh) good bye.” Clara shoot the warder captain at his head, shoulder and heart as she drop the gun on the table.

She walked back to me and she held my hand firmly, unknowingly we meet our self in front of a small hut.


“I know you must try to act smart, but I am not just a human being as you thought, well I gave you the opportunity to ask for forgiveness but you are trying to act smart (laugh) good bye.” Clara shoot the warder captain at his head, shoulder and heart as she drop the gun on the table.

She walked back to me and she held my hand firmly, unknowingly we meet our self in front of a small hut.




{Nnena side of the story}

I was traumatized when I meet myself with Clara in front of the small hut, the hut was located inside the V Forest, I try to call back how the episodes all happened but it seems my brain were blanked, I looks into the eyes of Clara; I could manifestly see that she was very happy to be back home. I try to ask her where we are but it seems that the statements struck at my oesophagus, I try to lift my leg but it became too heavy for me to lift. “What is really going on here? It has been here for over five minutes Clara hasn’t say a word.” I thought terrified.

 “Clara where are we?” I later voiced out when it seems I have been patient enough.

“Oh sorry, Nnena, have your sit.” Clara replied smiling.

I walked to the olden days bench as I sat on the bench, I look around the vicinity but I could only see the Irokos trees that surround all the vicinity, I could witness some bush animals running and seeking for hideout some small animals like bush rats, squirrels and porcupines and the singing and chirping different kinds of birds. Clara went inside the small hut without saying a word, she came back with a bow of water in her hand.

“You must be thirty, drink this.” She said as she handed over the bow to me.    

I drank the water within a flicker of an eye, just when I was about to handing over the bow back to her, a old man I guess maybe in his early eighty, he came out from the hut, he wore a red, white and black cloth, he looks strong and healthy, I drop on my kneels and I greeted him respectfully, he respond to my greeting earnestly as he was trying to help me to get back on my feet.

“She is the girl you were taking about right?” the old man asked directing the question to Clara.

“Yes she is the girl that needs your help, she is the girl that also needs revenge just like me.” Clara expressed with a sadden looks.

“Don’t worry my dear you will be fortified; you will sleep inside a coffin for seven days, during this seven days, you will not eat nor drink, inside the coffin you will embark on a journey to another world; in this journey you will see how the whole incidents happened and all those people you suppose to take revenge on, during this journey you will be enlighten on everything without any part been in the dark side to you; also in this journey you will meet a great herbalist, this herbalist is the greatest herbalist in this world and their world, this said herbalist will be the one to fortified you, but there is a warning during this journey you must not drink nor eat because if you does death is the result.” The old herbalist narrated.

“Thank you very much sir, I promise to embark on the Journey and abide by the procedures and the rules.” Nnena replied as she bowed down courteously.


Just then a young man in his early thirty could be seen perceptibly, he was holding a local gun and a sack containing the animals he has killed, he was in those hunters attire, behold he was the man that rescue Clara from dying. I was busy admiring the playing squirrels when the man came in.

“Clara you are back.” The young man screamed with joy as he hug Clara tightly, I shift my attention to Clara and the young man, the old man was smiling, I on the older hand was bemused because if you see the way they hugged each other, ehm! I reserve my comment, they disengaged as Clara introduce me to the young man, I was looking at the ground because I was shy, I mustered some courage to look up behold what I say made me bemused.

“Mr. Collins!” I said in a low and serene voice.

“Nnena!” the young man replied shockingly.

The Old man and Clara were mixed-up; they were totally confused because they don’t know how we got to know each other.

Lo and behold it was the ghost gateman that I sense he was dead {hope you guys remember Collins?} “Mr. Collins!” I screamed with joy.  



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