The Undisputed – Episode 30 (Finale)



� Tisa Phiri

” love, i don’t know what to say for what you did for my mother, seeing her was a great miracle i thought she was dead. The truth is i was scared all these years to even think of the possibility that she had survived.” Sali told her husband as they got together in the hotel room they had booked for their honeymoon.

After the wedding she had had talked to her mother who told her everything that happened and how she survived. The girls decided Sali’s mother stayed on with them as Sali went on her honeymoon.

” come here my love, it’s nothing really. I had to make sure i tried to make you happy and am so glad you have her back.” Joe pulled her close to him.

” i have always been happy with you and even if you had not found her i stil would be happy with you but thanks anyway. ” she smiled.

” what?” He asked her as he noticed her uneasiness.

” am am… i ”

” i know, come on don’t be scared. Am not gonna hurt you” he laughed placing her face on his hands .

” i looked forward to this day, now here i am not knowing what to do” she chuckled narrowing her eyes.

Sali was in a towel, she had taken a shower after they arrived. Looking at Joe’s now bare muscline chest made her feel nervous of the obvious.

“Dont worry, you will know everything and its gonna be worthy the wait” he responded pulling off the towel. He lay her down the bed gently engaging in a passionate kiss.

Joe took time making his wife have a memorable time. She felt so delicate in his arms and with gentleness he took her to distances of pleasure and passion. Making her want more of him, he knew he had it all right.

The first seemed a but challenging he noticed she seemed tense and flinched as he tried to enter her for the first time ever getting were no man had before.

But the times after, came out easier and better, her body felt belonging to his and he knew it was the beginning of many years to come of experiencing emmerse pleasure and passion.

Sali looked at Joe’s face afterwards, she felt complete and bound to him. His half closed eyes looked at her and he smiled.

” it was worth the wait right?” He asked.

” more than worth my dear husband. This was the most amazing moment of my life and am glad to have you as my husband” she smiled proudly.

” there are many more good moments coming your way my love i promise you that.” Joe kissed her with a smile.

Sali felt that goodness inside her, her heart knew she was home finally. Whatever lay ahead of her was to be good. And she knew even in hard times, Joe would be there besides her. She smiled as she moved her head and lay closer to his face his soft breath as she slept warming her face.

” i love you Joe.” She whispered

” i love you more my wife” he smiled in his sleep wrapping his arms around her.


Months later…

Thandi stood by the window watching some vehicles pass in the road down. She had just finished signing in the biggest contract with a an American company to become the black face to represent an African Business owned by the Americans. Now she had to think of taking part in the world black women contest which was to come up in a couple of months.

she was still standing there when she felt soft hands hold her from her back gently stroking her shoulders.

” oh my God that feels so good!” She chuckled with a smile.

” mmmmm i told you, having me by your side here in South Africa was a good idea.” Came the deep voice of Alex.

” i just hate the fact that you had to turn down that man’ s case to be here with me babe” she frowned turning to face him.

” don’t worry, other cases are lined up for me and i can choose whatever i want. Besides i don’t like that man, why defend someone i know is not innocent after all just because he has money” He shrugged still rubbing Thandi’s shoulders.

” wow, luck me right? I cant Imagine myself alone in a strange country. Having you here is more than thrilling” she said happily wrapping her hands around his neck.

” when are we going to tell everyone about our wedding coming next month?” He asked her.

” babe, who else is there to tell apart from a few friends and your family? We can call them tonight. After all i plan not to have a big event. Am okey with only a church blessing and a small party afterwards.” She sighed pulling him to sit down on the bed and sitting on his laps facing him.

” Don’t forget you are the one who attracts the media and they will definitely want it covered. Plus you know how Harold is he won’t let it pass without making a story in his magazine. So my sweet babe, get used to being publised and change your mind set. We are going to have a blast wedding ” Alex giggled.

” okey. As long as am marrying the man i love. Let it be whatever, big or small i don’t mind. ” she smiled looking into his eyes.

Thandi was happy too. Everyday that came by, she excelled in her work. She was a professional model and she even did home school completing her Secondary school. Alex helped her study some public administration course after they got married.

Now she had it all, the firm, the man who loved her and the money. She had become second in the world black women contest and her friends as always attended the function feeling proud of what she had achieved.


Mattie had given birth to a baby boy, a replica of Kelly. His deep eyes and round face always reminded her of him. She was so happy, seeing him grow everday made her feel the pride of being a mother.

Even though she missed Kelly at times, as years went by she felt much better. It is true what they say. When one dies it is trully painful but the Lord has a way of comforting us.

Mattie and Noah who kept following her around, grew close to each other. Two years later, she decided to give him a chance. He was not as charming as Kelly, but she learnt to love him.

He was a unique person with a strong vibrant personality that kept her smiling most of the times. His ability to interact and bond with he child made her see a father in him.

She had not yet agreed to marry him, but promised she would whenever she felt ready.

” i will wait for that day you will open your heart to have me as yours. For now we can continue living together, after all a marriage certificate is just a paper” he told her one day as they sat in a couch togther, the 2 years old Kelly playing with his toys.

Mattie had moved in with him after Thandi and Alex got married. She unlike Sali, who the husband stopped from doing the fish business and opened some boutique for her in town, got out of the business.

Mattie expanded it, she now had some 3 other branches opened in different locations and would run them remotely with hired workers as she decided to be a full time mother to her child.

Noah understood her, he always admired her charisma and her hard work. Even when he so much wanted to support her fully, she still did most of the things for herself.

Her step to move in with him gave him hope that one day, she would agree to marry him. Her eyes on him made him feel she love him and that was enough to hold on to. He felt her and baby Kelly where part of his life and it felt so good seeing them both so close to him.

” i fall in love with you Noah, i just need time to commit to a marriage ” she whsiperd to him and he smiled.

” that’s more than what i wanted to hear Mattie. Thats enough for me” he added seriously.

” Kelly is so taken up with catoons and toys, can i have his mother to myself now?” Noah whipsered in Mattie’s ears.

” mmmmm sounds inviting, but someone needs to watch him right?” She pointed at the boy as Noah kissed her slightly.

” thats easy, the maid will check on him” he smiled back.

Pulling her up, he led her to his bedroom unbuttoning his shirt. Mattie smiled, seeing him so heated up and breathing heavily.

” well Doc, can you take it easy” she laughed as he pulled up her top.

” you purnish me by not making me your husband but this you will not run away from”

he chuckled narrowing his eyes and placing his face on her stomac tickling her she let a laugh.

Noah looked up at her face as he leaked her nipples and he smiled seeing her mouth pat with pleasure and her eyes closed.

” i think you love my body more than my person” she teased as he gently pushed her to lay down.

” i love all of you Matilda you have to believe me. Your body is an added advantage though” he responded kissing her almost every where.

” will you man up and do this, or you will keep on purnishing me?” She let a laugh pulling him up to her lips.

” mmmmmhmm am glad to hear the queen wanting my body too” he smiled looking into her eyes.

” do i make you happy?” He asked rubbing his hands in her inside thighs.

” ofcourse, who wouldnt feel happy with such creative hands working on them” she laughed making him slowly get himself in her.

Their connection was evident, Mattie knew she wouldnt deny she had failed to keep her promise never to love another man again.

In her mind she knew she had given herself to him and he made every moment of love making worth it. Being a doctor he somehow seemed knowledgeable about her body and he always made sure she was fully satisfied making it hard to resit his every touch.

She let a scream as she felt her body vibrate in his embrace and he breathed heavily smiling proudly he achieved his mission that evening.

” what more can i do for my beautiful house mate?” He teased still laying on top of her.

” you have paid all your dues Doc, you are the man” she smiled at him and he sighed shaking his head.

” are you always this funny?” He asked placing his palm in hers.

” mostly” she smiled

” i can’t wait to see and hear more of your sense of humor” he responded leaning his head on her.


A year after their marriage, Sali and Joe had a child too. She was a girl who Sali named Matilda. With time her relationship with Joe’s parents improved and she was glad they finally got to understand her.

Her mother moved in with them to help with the child but decided to go back to Chongwe were they had got her a farm. Her powers had subsided too after the torture she had gone through and she was glad Sali was free too. Sometimes Sali would have dreams of the future but mostly it was for good and not evil.

Thandi and Alex had plans to have kids too but Alex insisted he needed some years more to live with only his lovely wife.

He told her she had to continue her career without being interrupted for some more years. What mattered to him was she was his and he was proud of what she had become.


Well, that was a happy ending for the undisputed girls, they had fought, they cried, they felt hopless at times, they endured the worst moments of their lives, but with each other they forged ahead.

There is no disputing the fact that friendship sometimes, is what we need to give us hope and courage to move forward. When you know that someone out there is your true friend, who would stand by you whatever may come your way, you are made to stand with boldness and strength.

What was unsdiputed in this story is the true friendship of the three girls. Who in a way, God destined to meet for a greater purpose. They all found happiness, God blessed them with the gift of love and success, covering up all they they had endured. Now they all lived happly in the end.

………….. The end……………..

Thanks to Tisa Phiri for this wonderful story, if you enjoyed it, please leave your comments..







  1. Wow undisputed indeed, wallahi I like am por dis story fah, it’ s a wonderful story and educative too, God bless u my person.

  2. finally the storm is over.
    thou sorrow may last in the night but Joy comes in the morning.

    this is love circle I’m going to miss you girls

  3. Just got to read this and I must admit it was worth it. Some friendship are just out of this world. Thanks Tisa for this wonderful piece

  4. hooo i am blushing the girls is driving me crazy. i love their genuine friendship and determination to make it in life

  5. Such an interesting story tanks for sharing.. Sorry i didnt comment for some episodes coz something is nt right in dis site being typing email in ev’ry epi’ is just mmm nt gud.

  6. This is the second best story I have read so far, the first being tarasha may God grant you more wisdom for blessing us with this great work

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