The Incarnate – Chapter Three (Sainted)*

*Chapter Three (Sainted)*

It was a bright quiet afternoon, Chief was in bed, Kelly had just returned from the gym when He met Dorcas leaving the house.

Dorcas: Hey, I’ll be late today

Kelly: Late? Mmmm. Oh okay. I understand that…Yeah I do

Dorcas: What do you mean by you understand that?

Kelly: Like you are going on a date with Barrister….

Dorcas: How did you know that?

Kelly: Am a psychic…don’t blame me

Dorcas: You know what, I should be on my way…errmmm…Milly is back tho…

Kelly: Mmm. Who cares? Do you?

Dorcas: Just be gone and stop acting funny

Kelly: Alriiight…

Kelly went straight into his room to take a shower, He spend time admiring his muscles and abs, He took time to shave off some facial hair, He is on leave, so there’s no work for him now.

Who is there? He asked

He quickly dried himself with the towel and walked out of the bathtub, He didn’t see anyone in the room, so He went ahead to change into casual wear…

Then came the sound…Shhhhhhh!!!!

He turned to the direction of the sound and what He saw nearly plugged out his eyes

It was Milly Brown, she was nearly naked, Just like Delilah, she was in for what she does best…Being a whore…

Kelly: What the f**k is wrong with you? What are you doing here dressed this way?

Milly: Shhh, keep your voice low

Kelly: What do you want?

Milly seductively dropped the cloth that covered her nakedness; she pushed Kelly into the bed and pounced on him

Milly: Shhhh…I know you want this, you will enjoy it

Kelly with his entire strength pushed her away

“What’s come over you?

Mily: Please keep your voice low dear, you will enjoy it, trust me

Kelly was not ready to hear any of his seductive talks; He forcefully pushed her out of the room all the way down to the living room.

“The next time I see you anywhere near my door, I’ll have to go jail” Kelly fumed

“Mtcheeew”…Whatever. Milly replied as she went straight to her room to help herself with the sex toys she had acquired.

Kelly was surprised at the scene He just witnessed; He sat back into the couch and tried replaying the whole event again.

“Hi Kelly”, It was Sena who just came in

Kelly said nothing, Sena was bored because He didn’t respond, and she walked past him and went straight into Kelly’s room.

Then she witnessed an unusual atmosphere, Kelly’s bed sheet was on the ground, and there was this red stains on the sheets, she looked closely and felt them in her fingers.

Then she begins to boil with anger…

Kelllyyy!!!….She shouted.

Kelly rushed into the room and met her angry looking face.

Sena: What the F**k is this on the bed sheet

Kelly: Calm down Sena

Sena: Calm down?…This is not my lipstick stain..

Kelly: I know…but listen to me

Sena: You better not lie to me

Kelly: Its Milly’s

Sena: Milly?…You mean as in Milly Brown?

Kelly: Yeah as in Milly Brown…she was in here some few minutes ago…she tried to seduce me.

Sena: Whaat?..seduce you?…you mean your own Stepmother tried to lure you into sleeping with her?

Kelly:Yeah she did

Sena: And what did you do?…Got seduced?

Kelly: What are you talking about?…I just had a brawl with her…she’s in her room.

Sena immediately dashed out of the room and went straight to Milly place,she gently tapped on the door

Milly opened the door and immediately shivered when she saw Sena at the door

Milly: What is it?

Sena:Nothing,I just came to look into your face and say nothing

Milly:Okay,say nothing

Sena:Look,the next time I see you anywhere around him, I swear I’ll beat out the devils that has possessed your goddamn wretched life

Milly: Woow,nice presentation….what prevents you from doing that now?

Sena: Just try it again and see…whore!!

Sena walked away leaving the lipstick stained bed sheet at her door,Milly didn’t look disturbed, she just clapped her hands and hailed the one minute hero as she walked away.

Kelly: What did you tell her?

Sena: Just a warning..and you, how did she manage to enter your room in the first place?

Kelly: I was in the washroom, you know I don’t usually lock my door..

Sena:Hmmmm….sorry for being too judgmental..

Kelly: It’s okay dear…just forget about her..

Sena: I love you

Kelly: Love you too.

This was followed by a soft kiss from Sena which Kelly was not in a position to reject ,He pulled Sena nearer to himself and kissed her with such hunger, He continued to peel off Sena’s blouse and pushed her into the bed, He kissed her curves and Sena responded with wilding moans that soon engulfed the room after Kelly guided himself into her glorious bossom…

Dorcas was about to leaving the restaurant where she had the date with Barrister when she saw

Biitka wave at her, she made her way to his table

Biitka: Hello Doc, it’s been a while now, hope you are good?

Dorcas: Yeah, you?

Biitka: Same, I tried reaching you the whole of yesterday

Dorcas: Oh yeah,Am here now

Biitka: It’s about Chief

Dorcas:Yeah what about him?

Biitka: Have you ever checked to see what caused the sudden tumor growth?

“Dorcas was shocked to hear such question from Biitka”

Biitka: Look, I know you had a hand in that, there was a study on the tumor, and the cause was traced back to a drug I believe you gave him

Dorcas:Hmmm,yeah,I was afraid to confess that, and why have kept quiet about it?

Biitka: Because it’s not necessary to cry of split milk

Dorcas: What do you mean by that?

Biitka:Look,take this drug, that’s what I was given after the test, I will help reduce the rate at which it grows

Dorcas: Drug?. Reduce?…and where from that one too?

Biitka:Yeah,believe me, that’s what I got after the research on the tumor

Dorcas: And why didn’t you administer it immediately?

Biitka: It just came in

Dorcas: And how sure are you that it works?, I don’t want to repeat my mistake

Biitka: And you wouldn’t like me to tell Kelly what you did right?

Dorcas: Oh no please,hmmm…I will do it..

Biitka:Good,we need Chief alive, so keep him alive

Dorcas: Okay

Biitka: Am gone, I’ll talk to you later


Dorcas reached home and was outside minded, He didn’t want to do anything silly again,to especially to C hief who has been a father to her, she looked closely at the drug and it looked soo innocent

“Ah well, if it will reduce the growth, why not?, after all Biitka gave it to me, and I can always expose him if anything happens because I recorded the whole convo”She said.

Chief was fast asleep as usual when she came in, she woke him up and gave out the usual drugs before giving him the new one.

A new drug again? Ahhhh..Chief said

Dorcas: Yeah

She watched fearfully as Chief swallowed the drugs and went back to bed, she bid him goodnight and walked back to her room, she was feeling uncomfortable, she kept thinking hard until sleep swept over her eyes.

Story Continues
© Danny Biitka
All Rights Reserved.


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  1. Dorcas u ar dummy, doctor and u can’t verify drug b4 administrating d so called drug Dorcas, abeg u fall my hands.

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