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My tears always ceased to flow
Anytime I hear about any killing
Why taking innocent soul?
When you couldn’t create a being

Up above you shot your arrow
And with mortar you covered your head
Your action invites sorrow
To the homes of the deads

What could have been their offenses?
To deserve such brutal treatment
And our government sit on the fence
Watching how they slaughter citizens with merriment

Our government is handicap;
They are either blind or deaf
They have created gap
No way to get briefed

Those in helm of affairs should remember
They will come for what is left
When they are done with our members
And that will be your own gift

Evildoers have gotten the law of karma;
What you sow you shall reap
It will play for you like drama
A day is left for you to weep

Written by Adebiyi Deemola

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