The Incarnate – Chapter Eight

The Incarnate Chapter Eight

Kelly was planning on how to move on with the companies, He knew all responsibilities now rests on his shoulders, He was planning on employing new workers after making sure all the people Biitka planted it the company were laid off.

He was planning to employ Sena to one of the faculties, but she had different plans

Kelly: Why don’t you want to work with us? With me?

Sena: Look, I love my job…and my workplace…okaaaay?

Kelly: The salary is far better than the one you take now

Sena: Should I have to worry? Nope I don’t have to…

Kelly: mm…We will talk about this later

Sena: I will still give you the same answer wai…

Kelly: Whatever

Biitka was ready to send Milly on her first mission, He knew He had strong links at the airport, so all He had to do is see the right protocols and all will work for his good.

Milly less stayed at her matrimonial home since Chief died, she has been warming the balls and bed of Biitka, who only needed her as an errand girl and a sex toy….Milly does not give a heck about what Biitka uses her for…she’s in for the cash and nothing else…But she also has different plans too, maybe Chief left her one of the Estates to manage…But in other to secure that, she has to play nice to Biitka in other to gain his favour,she knew there was no way Kelly will allow her benefit from it.

Listen, your husband was a successful man, He left a lot of properties, and He died without a Will which means, I being his younger brother will take charge of these properties. Biitka said

Milly: Says who?

Biitka: That’s what our culture says…

Milly: What of Kelly?

Biitka: What about him?

Milly: Will he allow you take dominion over everything?

Biitka: Leave him to me, if he misbehaves, I will deal with him personally

Milly: What about me, his wife

Biitka: Mhmmhm, Wife? You just have to be a loyal girl here, if you want to enjoy your share.

Milly was not sure about this, sometimes, she feels Biitka is just taking advantage of her to achieve his wicked schemes, but she has to stick to deal in other to get her share.

Biitka: So the plane leaves tomorrow, you should be ready by 6:00pm

Milly: Yeah I know

Biitka: When you reach the Colombian airport, my friends there will take you in, you have three days before you come back to Ghana

Milly: Just three days?

Biitka: You aren’t going for holidays or sightseeing, it’s a business trip

Milly: I hear

Biitka: That’s Colombia you are going to, you can be shot for anything

Biitka handed some wads of American dollar bills to her; she threw them into her bag and made way to the washroom.

Barrister and Dorcas were having a little misunderstanding, Barrister wanted them to leave the city and settle somewhere else, or better more, leave the country, But Dorcas wasn’t taking any of that.

Barrister: Listen, we have to go settle somewhere else, this city is full of horrible people

Dorcas: The last time I checked, you were a lawyer; you’re supposed to help people in the court room here in the city

Barrister: I know, look, do you even know how you got freed, they did not just let you go scout free, I had to pay a ransom

Dorcas: Ransom, how much did they take from you

Barrister: He burnt the Will

Dorcas: Whaaat? You gave him the Will, what on earth have you done?

Barrister: What else could have been done, He swore to disfigure your face with acid if I failed to give it out to him

Dorcas: Did He read through it?

Barrister: No, it was coded

Dorcas: Coded? No, something is not right

Barrister: What do you mean?

Dorcas: I saw Chief write everything in his own handwriting in ink, it was not coded, and I read it to his hearing so that I can bring out the truth if there is fabrication. That is why I can’t leave the city

Barrister: So you mean Chief didn’t give me the real Will?

Dorcas: If the one you saw last time was coded, then Yes, Chief gave the original Will to a different person

Barrister: Hmmm

Dorcas: That does not change anything, Look, am not leaving here okay, I have a lot of dirt to clean up

Barrister: Which kind of dirt?

Dorcas: You will get to know when the time comes.

Barrister was confused, But why will Chief give him a fake Will, and still pay him for that, or was he just using him to distract the vampires away from the real bearer of the Will….But still, why will He use me as their distractor?….He shook his head countless time as he thought about the new twist regarding the Will.

Biitka found his way to Kelly’s place, he was there to discuss with him the way forward. In a way that might benefit him

Kelly: Mmm way forward?

Biitka: Yeah, the way forward, you know, we have to keep the companies running

Kelly: The companies are already running, so what kind of running are you talking about?

Biitka: Yeah, at least some adjustment

Kelly: Listen, I have everything under control, there is no need for adjustment, and hey, let me do my work…

Biitka: Work? Which work? We have to work together okay

Kelly: I don’t think so, you are not supposed to have a say in the affairs of the Board.

Biitka: You got to be kidding me, listen, I helped Chief start this Companies, and I am a shareholder. And it belongs to my late brother

Kelly: You are not a shareholder anymore, I paid off all your dividends…it belongs to your brother, so what? You never helped him with nothing, not with a dime or idea

Biitka: Hey kid, don’t bite more than you can chew

Kelly: You have no business with Group Vintage, just stay off till you have directives

Biitka: Hahahahaaa, Kelly? You are giving me orders?

Kelly: If I have to, and I just di… just stay off

Biitka: I hear Boy…But know that, am not your enemy

Kelly: I didn’t say that…you did

Biitka was pissed off, He walked past Kelly and slammed the door behind him, and there was no way Kelly will take control of the Board when he was more alive, that will be over his dead body.

The next thing he planned of doing was taking Kelly off the scene; He will do anything to give himself the best comfort he deserves, even if it means taking lives…

Kelly on the other side was indifferent; all he wanted is to keep the Board running smoothly without the presence of Biitka.

Sena: Kelly, be careful, I don’t like how you are getting on with your uncle

Kelly: Dear, don’t worry, I have everything under control

Sena: Control, this guy influences everyone including the police, so what are you controlling with. Juju?

Kelly: Dear relax…trust me okay

Sena: Yoo, I have something to tell you, but I will tell you that tomorrow after you’ve taken me to Frankie’s and gotten me my favorite ice cream

Kelly: Just tell me now

Sena: Nope, ice cream first

Kelly: Whatever

To be continued.

© Danny Biitka
All Rights Reserved.




  1. She is preg….., i can see this is where d recantation will take place, thru Sena’s and Kelly’s seed, ride on.

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