The Undisputed – Episode 24

The Undisputed Episode 24

� Tisa Phiri



“The good news is that the Judge agreed to grant you bail” Alex announced making Thandi look up at him.


” okey, whats the bad news?” She asked sighing.


” well” Alex paused, the bail will be granted to the three of you given the conditions of the case, but its a murder so it will cost a lot.” Alex shrugged.


” how much are we talking about here?” She frowned wanting him to tell him everything at once the suspense adding to her irritation.


” the judge charged 10 thousand for you and Mattie and a 20 for Sali who is directly involved with the murder. ” Alex told her.


” what? 40 thousand for bail? Are you joking right now? Where do we get that kind of money from inside here.” She shook her head.


” that was the best i could negotiate for you guys. He initially charged more than 50 thousand. But not to worry so much. I can try find sonething, unfortunately i just started working you know that. I can’t afford a cash amount of that value in a day. I will need to run around to find the remaining balance. ”


” no you won’t! Am already owing you for the bill of the services you are already doing here. I was hoping what i have can suffice the charge. Now the coming of this bail amount is really going to be hard. No i can’t allow you to pay all that for me Alex.. i….”


” stop Thandi, i know how you have pushed me away the past months. For some reason you won’t look at me in the way i look at you but just beacuse you don’t feel the same for me does not mean i stop caring about you. You know i care so much about you. I like you a lot and if this is my chance to prove myself to you am going to do it. So please stop being stubborn and allow me to help you here. You are in jail for crying out loud, how do you think you will sort out your problems? ” Alex held her hand looking staright at her as he spoke.


Thandi was quiet, she knew there was some truth in what he was saying. But the feeling that she was taking advantage of his feelings for her made her even want to avoid any help from him. She knew deep down her heart she was not ready for him. Thinking of how hard it was going to be to refuse him after all that, made her hesitate even more.


” okey fine Alex, the truth is i don’t want to be indebted to you. I hate to say this but am not ready for any man in my life and am afraid you will end up hurt with hopes of me getting on track” she told him honestly.


” i know,” Alex smiled rubbing her hand gently.


” Mattie told me part of your story and i understand. Not to worry though. Am a patient man and i can promise you this, when the time comes, i will not need to ask you for anything, you will give it all to me without hesitation” he smiled widely.


Thandi felt irritated with his optimism, ” how dare you!” She scremed in her head. ” Dont worry you self filled man, am not going to fall for you ” she shouted in her head her eyes on him.


” okey fine,” she spoke up sitting up and pulling her hands away.


“Fine?” He asked still smiling


” you can help us Alex, but i promise i will pay you back. Am going to ensure i work hard to make enough to pay back. Am waiting for a payment from….”


” stop Thandi, just stop now!” Alex looked at her seriously.


” can you please stop this please. We won’t be discussing it anymore. So how much do you have in cash so that i can start from there” he asked.


” i left a 7 thousand in my account, let me ask what the gilrs can add on we might be able to do a 15 approximately” Thandi responded.


” good, that can do if you can just give me the details on how i can get that money today so that tomorrow you guys can be out of here” Alex nodded with assurance.


” thank you so much Alex. I don’t know what we could have done without you” she looked at him.


” just be fine for me okey? I dont want you to be out of order the time you will become mine” he teased with a laugh.


Thandi laughed too for the first time shaking her heard.


” forget it Alex. Its not happening any time soon” she answered.


” well, a man can have his dreams right?” He smiled at her.


” okey so tell me now, what are our chances of winning this case?” She finally asked him.


” well, am trusting the fact that the law does not consider the issue of magic and witchcraft. My only defence must be based on the fact that even if the man died in her presence, there was no physical contact to the his body which would incriminate Sali. Don’t worry yourselves though, i will try my best to have all of you acquitted. I just need time to study the case and lay my defence well after i seriously talk to your friend. ” Alex explained.


” sounds good. I really hope all this will come to an end soon. Its been a rough patch since way back. I hope this time God will grant us the time to rest and be at peace finally. ” Thandi sighed.


As Alex went to his car in the parking lot, Kelly rushed to him.


” good afternoon!” He greeted him upon catching up before Alex could get in his car.


” my name is Kelly Roberts, i know the girls you are representing. Mattie is…, let me just say a person i care so much about and i would want to know how the case is going” he explained.


” nice to meet you Mr Roberts. I was made to understand that your wife reported them to the police” Alex looked at him after placing the file ge had in his hands in the car.


” unfortunately yes, but i wouldn’t do anything to put them in this situation. I need to know if there’s anything in can do to help them” Kelly went on comfortably leaning on Alex’s vehicle. After Alex explained the situation.


” yeah, actually if you care as much as you are saying it, you can help them get bail” He nodded.


” okey, how much are we talking about here?” Kelly asked.


” well, the total is 40 Ks, am still running up and down myself i could have helped but am kind of short on cash. Thandi said she can provide a 7 thousand and told me she will ask the girls if they have anything to add on. Right now i was thinking of running around to find the remaining balance” Outlined Alex as Kelly nodded his heard listening.


” good, don’t tell the girls especially Mattie cause right now she’s pissed with me. But i will give you the remaining balance to cover for the bail. Use whatever you wanted to add on to run around as you work to get them out. Its all that matters right now. Those girls honestly needs a break. They have been through hell already. ”


” well said man, will see you soon, this is my card in case of anything. If i can have the money by evening so that first thing tomorrow we can both go and bail them out” Alex smiled feeling relieved.


” yeah sure. By the way Mr…” Kelly looked at the card in his hands to check his name.


” call me Alex” Alex smiled.


” yeah, will see you soon Alex” Kelly extended his hand to shake Alex’s hand.


The following morning as promised, the guys met up and paid the bail charge for the girls to be released. Mattie was still upset with Kelly but seeing him outside as they were released made her feel for him. He was on his down side his face to the ground.


” hey sweety, let me see him” she told Sali who was closer to her as they walked to Alex’s vehicle. Thandi and Alex walked ahead of them.


” hey!” She greeted him as she aprroached Kelly .


” hey!” He smiled looking up at her.


” can i hug you?” He asked her with a grinn on his face.


” am still mad at you for letting us out to your wife. But thanks for what you have done for us. Alex told Thandi and i made her tell me the truth about the bail. she shrugged placing her hands in the jeans she had on.


” so yeah for that, you earned a hug” she nodded her head.


Kelly pulled her in a hug and held on to her as he felt her soft heart beat.


” am happy you are out of that place. I pray you won’t be going back inside there. ” he added rubbing her back gently.


They were still in an embrace when a sharp voice yelled from Kelly ‘s back.


” i knew it, that money you withdrew yesterday was to bail this maid out!” Joy yelled as she approached them startling them both and Mattie withdrew stepping back.


” Joy, what the hell are you doing here?” Kelly asked her facing her as she stood tall on black heels and a white slim dress that outlined her body structure.


” well, i noticed my husband got the family money, i had to find out what the use was. I should have known that you wanted to spend what is meant for us on these killers” she made a face looking at Mattie from head to toe.


” i took you as a sister Mattie, you slept in my home and i fade you, how do you repay me? ” Joy chuckled.


” by sleeping with my husband” she raised her hands.


” Joy its not…” Mattie wanted to speak but Kelly stood her back and faced his wife.


” stop this nonsense Joy. None of this is Her fault and you damn know that for sure. Now if have nothing sensible to say here we are done. Go back home, cry yourself to sleep or call your boyfriend to comfort you for all i care. Cause i will not let you make a fool out of us here. We are not in some kind of circus.” He firmly told off his wife and pulled Mattie’s hand before she could protest and walked her to his car.


” am taking you home now, you need to rest” he looked at her when Mattie protested that she was to go with her friends who were waiting for her some meters away in Alex’s car.


” Mattie get in the car now!” He ordered seriously ignoring his wife who was shooting some stare at him.


” and you, the next time you follow me around like a fool, help me God!” He whispered angrily and stepped forward to open the door for Mattie.


He raised his hand to give an indication for Alex to drive on. ” are you okey?” He looked at Mattie who sat speechless in his front seat. Confused with what was happening. She had no time to process everything. ” what is he thinking sidelining his wife and choosing me instead publicly? ” she asked herself.


” no Kelly am not okey, how could you do that? Joy is your….”


” stop talking Mattie if you have nothing to say. Do you have any idea what that woman has done to me? I have been honesty with her from the beginning. I told her all the truth about how i feel about you even though she betrayed me afterwards. What does she do? she gets pregnant for a white guy and he refuses to have kids. Joy agrees to marry me cause definitely i have the coloured genes, fitting me as the right candidate to be the father to her child. The only reason she agreed to marry me even when she too well knew she loved that white guy was to make me her cover for her shame. As though that is not enough, she goes back to him under my nose. So please i don’t want to talk about Joy with you or anyone” he sighed calming himself down.


Mattie was puzzled, she somehow understood his sad face that morning. She recalled he wasnt that way the day before when he talked with her. Whatever revelation must have come the previous night but she didn’t want to ask. She leaned back her head and looked ahead wanting to get home and have a good long bath and sleep. She felt so tired.


” thank you so much for helping us out Alex” Sali told Alex as he drove them.


” Don’t mention it Sali, you guys deserve better and i told Thandi i will fight hard to make sure you are not taken back in” he smiled at her.


” God will bless you. You are a good man Alex, you remind me of someone i know.” She sighed sadly thinking of Joe.


” he’s at home waiting for you.” Alex responded looking into the mirrow to see her from the back.


” what? How? But i thought….” Sali stammered not believing Alex.


” yes Sali, i have met him twice now, he’s always up to date with your case. I bet he wasn’t jusy ready to face you yet, so he stayed in the back ground. But i told him you will be out today and he promised to wait at your house this morning ” Alex went on.


Sali was quiet, she was convinced Joe was gone for good. Hearing he was waiting for her gave her hope, she thought if only she could see his face again, that would ease her pain. She decided she wasn’t going to push him to herself given the circumstances. After all, she thought, if things turned out bad for her, he was to move on with his life.


” are you okey?” Thandi turned back from the front seat looking at Sali.


” yeah” she gave a quick response and wiped the tear that had formed in her eyes.


” its going to be okey Sali. He still loves you” Thandi pulled her hand.


” yea” she sighed again and sat back letting Thandi’s hand go.


She looked up as they got to the yard and her heart raced seeing Joe standing by his car. He looked at them drive in and when the vehicle finally stopped, she was rooted on the seat. She couldn’t move as he looked on at her. Just her tears made a movement as they fall down her cheeks. She could hear the doors bang as Thandi and Alex got out but she made no move herself.


” Sali!” Thandi patted her hand but she couldn’t respond.



To be continued


  1. Am so happy for you girls, pls Mr writer when will the girls problem ends. They keep jumping from the fire to fry pan. Sali Joe is ur man, he is just hurt over what happens.

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