The JAILBIRD – Episode 24

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� 18+ SNVL
� Aaron Ansah-Agyeman

Baaba is wearing a blue dress that stops on mid-thigh.
Her hair is braided and curled around her head and held on top of her head. She is wearing dark shades.
He notices that there are tiny marks and scars still on her face and arms from where the glass had cut her, and she still has a bandage around her left wrist.
She drops slowly to her knees besides Chris, whose face has suddenly gone cold.
Baaba removes her sunglasses. She tries to speak, but her lips shake, and her body trembles.
She raises her hand to touch him, but he shies away from her violently.
Chris! I know you hate me! Please, please don’t! I’m so sorry! I don’t know what came over me!
You better leave, Baaba, please. I don’t want anything to do with you. Ever.
Her body trembles harder, and tears suddenly come to her eyes. She looks at him with abject misery, and her shoulders crumple.
You don’t understand, Chris! I’ve never been with any man ever …except my father!
Chris flinches, as if she has physically hit him.
(in a whisper)
Yes, yes, Chris! My mother died when I was seven, and from the time I was ten he began to touch me. It killed my soul, and destroyed me for life. He raped me when I was fifteen, and it continued till I was twenty, when I couldn’t stand it anymore. I joined the prisons academy, and when I was twenty-two I beat the hell out of him! He couldn’t touch me again. He married a German and went to stay in Germany. He visits twice a year, but I hate him, and I rarely meet him. I hate him, I hate all men …except you, Chris!
Chris is stunned.
The fury he has experienced the moment he saw her slowly leaves his body, and on his face is a look of sudden pity.
Somehow, he is beginning to understand her, and to understand some of the things she does.
I tried to date other guys, you know, to be a normal girl, but I couldn’t. I was repulsed whenever a guy touched me. Later I realized I could never be a normal girl. A rich woman showed me the life of lesbianism. I tried to make it work, but it disgusted me, and eventually I also beat her up and left. My life was in shambles. I was forever unhappy. Later I was posted to the Grand Castle Prison. Where I met you.
She sits down besides Chris, and when she puts her head on his shoulder he is too full of pity to stop her.
He pulls out his big hanky and gives it to her.
She cleans her face and sighs shudderingly.
Everywhere I go I see men looking at me, undressing me with their eyes, devouring me with their lecherous and sadistic desires! Drooling over my body, wanting to get between my thighs …just like my f****ng stupid daddy! But you, Chris, the first time you saw me you barely noticed me. You’ve been gentle, and nice, and your eyes are so frank, never holding a lustful look. You’re the only man I don’t feel dirty around, Chris. The only man who looks at me with respect, and innocent admiration. I’ve never offered myself to any man. I watched seductive videos and learnt how to twerk and all that. I had everything planned out, to finally where you would make me a real woman, and then you rejected me, and suddenly I detested you like I detest my father. That’s why I lied so badly, but in the morning I couldn’t go on with it, Chris! I’m so sorry, please forgive me!
She leans against him, crying softly, trembling, her soul crushed.
It’s okay, Baaba. Please. I didn’t know that. I hated you for telling a lie. But I don’t anymore.
She raises huge, dejected eyes to his, and then she gently winds an arm around his neck and raises her face.
Chris pulls his head back, and she shakes her head numbly, her eyes hurt.
I repulse you now, don’t I? Because I told you my story you now find me repulsive?
Chris sighs, and then he looks across the crashing waves for a moment. He feels her stiffening, and then she tries to pull away from him.
He holds her hard, and then he speaks softly.
Baaba, before I met Effe Kedem, I would’ve taken you out of here and made love to you. I was that kind of guy. When I met her, she was the only woman for me. I loved her then, and now that I’m out of prison I find out my feelings for her are still strong. She’s now going to marry a man who was more like a brother to me, but they’re still not married. And because they’re not married there’s a chance I could get back with Effe. With her lovemaking always had a meaning, and now I just can’t have a meaningless lovemaking experience. I can’t make love to you just because you have had a most terrible traumatic experience, okay? I can be your friend, but I’m definitely not going to take advantage of you!
Chris, I’m not asking you to marry me. I’m not asking you to fall in love with me. All I’m saying is that I want to be normal again. I want to live. I need to live! I want you to make me a woman, so that I can go out there and have a normal life! Please, I just need a little tenderness, with a man I’m not afraid of! You’re the only man I’m not scared of Chris! Please, I beg of you, just be a little kind to me. That’s all I’m asking!
I’ll be your friend, Baaba, and nothing more. For as long as Effe is not married, there can be nothing intimate between us. I hope you understand that.
Her eyes search is face, huge and moist, filled with misery, with hope, with passionate pleading.
Her arm tighten around his neck, and she suddenly moves into him. Her breasts, bra-less under her dress, brush against his arm.
She nibbles at his chin, kisses the side of his lips, and then she puts her lips inches from his.
Her lips brush against his, and a severe shudder runs through her.
(breathing hard)
Oh, Chris! Oh, Chris!
Her lips open against his, wet, lush, salty because of her tears, sweet.
She groans and moans, turning fully into his arms, kissing him with a violent fervour.
Daddy. Stop that.
They come apart almost violently.
Junior is awake, and he is staring at them angrily.
Chris leans back, and his look is apologetic.
Sorry, Champ. Meet Baaba Brooks. A friend of mine.
Hello, my son. You look just like-
(cutting in)
Just like my father, yes, I know!
Chris chuckles.
His son�s temper is quite new to him, and reminds him so much of his own quick temper.
Hey, Champ. I said I’m sorry. Relax. Here, let�s go and blow some bubbles!
Chris stands up and gives his hand to his son. Junior holds out his hand and Chris pulls him to his feet.
Junior looks down at Baaba.
Miss Brooks, I want my Daddy and my Mommy to be together again, so please stop the licking of faces with him, okay?
Baaba laughs shrilly and nods, and then she salutes.
(mimicking a drunk)
Yas suh, massa, I no go licky licky man Bawa face agun!
Junior bursts into sudden laughter, and Baaba joins in.
Chris looks at them, and then he rubs a hand across his face.


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