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The police siren blared loudly in the air and they drove recklessly but careful enough so as not to cause accident, from the way the driver drives, one can deduce that he is not an amateur driver.
They’ve been on a hot pursuit on Chris.
“He won’t get away this time”, one of the policemen said to no one in particular.
These quacks have up their games, Chris chuckled, he wasn’t afraid, it won’t take him anything to start up a gun battle with the men in black but he just don’t want it now. He just want to exercise his wheels. He check his fuel gauge, it was filled to the brim, a smile appeared on his face, “these people don’t know who they’re dealing with” he said with a smirk on his face and changed to the next gear as he sped to the capital market. The policemen did the same, the guy in the wheel is a damn good driver but it didn’t match Chris. Chris got to the market, slowed down a bit, spread some bundles of N1000 Nigerian currency on the air. People rushed pushing theirselves as they struggled to get at least one of the notes.
The policemen got there and saw people still struggling to get the notes, the market women called each other names as one want to pick more than the other.
It’s yet another bad day for the police as they lost Chris again due to the market woman who had blocked the road as they bends down to tuck the moneys into their pockets and purses.

Danso Cuger the chief inspector frowned as news got to him about Chris escape. He was mad at them for allowing him go away again after he had attacked some policemen at a check point that morning.
“This Chris is really playing on my intelligence, I must deal with him myself” Danso Cuger said in his thick Igbo accent.
He came out gave some idle policemen some works to do as he melted into his car and drove home. On a note to plan his attack on Chris, “Chris will fall in to my trap”. He mused.
Althrough Eryam Kadem, Effe Kadem twin sister had been with Chris phone phone. Eryam had been dating Danso Cuger for some few weeks now, she don’t want to introduce him to her sister cause she was afraid the relationship won’t lead anywhere.
Effe and Eryam looked so much alike, it is difficult to spot a difference between them until one have a closer look. Eryam was with Chris phone when a message entered, she read the message but didn’t understand the words there it was coded.
Effe saw Chris entered though the gate, before now, Chris had disposed the car with which the policemen chase him with.
Welcome honey, Effe screamed, she love her husband so much that she can hardly trade him for anything. Apart from his handsomeness, he is caring and a loving husband. What else do a woman want in a man that Chris don’t have?
Hi Eryam, he greeted, Hi Eryam greeted back displaying her set of white teeth. They while away time as they engage each other into a random talk.

Danso is having hard time determining the best way to nab Chris. With all these atrocities he had committed the numerous policemen he had killed, the top politicians who planned to put the country in order to he had killed them too. He was angry, he hit his fist in the table as he mentioned Chris victims.
“I promise you Chris, you’ll rot in jail” he bragged.

He sent a message to Eryam, Effe’s twin sister…
Eryam opened her messaging app and saw the message, why does he need me to come see him? She said in her heart as her face formed an askance look.
Guys I need to be on my way she told Effe and Chris. “Oh, so soon? Why don’t you stay a little longer?” Chris offered.
As much as I want to stay I need to see a friend so important, see you guys later she replied.
She waved a taxi to take her to new moon hotel, she feels happy for her twinny but then she remembered that Effe snatched Chris from her because of their resemblance.
She was not at home that fateful day when Chris visited and she had asked Effe to attend to Chris but Effe seized the opportunity to snatch Chris, and Chris who wasn’t conscious of who was who didn’t care if I was the her or not. Maybe they’ve been secretly admiring each other she mused. Now she’s married leaving me to search all over again. Now tears began to form in her eyes. I’ll get back at them, she thought.
The driver could see tears forming in her eyes as he asked her a question, “Madam I hope say person no die for una family, he said in an Igbo Pidgin English, she was startled. “Just keep the hell shut and take me to my destination. She yelled at the driver. “And stop prying on my matters”, she barked. “No vex madam”. The driver shrugged.
The driver dropped her at New moon hotel gate, she paid and alighted. She walked in and saw Danso Cuger on a table of two seats, Danso is seated on one leaving the other unoccupied, he must have reserved the table for us only, she thought. She looked at the surrounding, it was nicely set, a large flat-screen TV hung on the wall at the extreme there.

She sat and after some little pleasantries, Danso relayed his reason for calling her, after he had stated his reason, Will you help? He asked, Eryam shrugged, I even thought he wanted to propose to me or even buy me a car but here he is begging a favour from me. She stood up to leave.
They’ve hurted you in the past, you can get back at them with this chance Danso offered.
Just then she remembered the hurt, the tears started flowing again, this time she couldn’t control it, Danso knew he had caught her, this could be your only chance, he said again. Just then, the tears stopped flowing, I am in she said nodding her head in affirmation. Let’s rumble then, Danso said happily. At last his plans of using Chris relative is working out, soon he’s gonna lay his hands on Chris.

A call came in to Chris phone, he checked the callers ID, it was the grand boss of the ghost corporation in which he is in. He is the third in commander there and also the hitman because of his smartness and attributes.
“You haven’t been attending meetings, you’re doing personal things Chris, and you know the repercussion of backsliding, I sent a text to your phone, asking you to report immediately you see the text but this is the 6th hour, you haven’t reported yourself” Charles voice sounded in the phone. Before Chris could say anything, Charles had ended the call.
“sh*t” Chris cursed, as much as he doesn’t want to appear rude to this man, he was not ready to cower at his every barkings. He needs to clear off his mind now, he needs to be somewhere lonely, he thought.
Off he went, grab his car keys. He lied to Effe that he want to see a friend.
He turn the ignition and headed out hoping to get fascinating place. He passed so many hotel which didn’t match his interest. He continued driving until he got to new moon hotel. This place looks nice, he thought. He drove in. Parked his car at the parking lot, located an empty table and sat down waiting for the bar man.
Meanwhile, Danso Cuger and Eryam who had engaged each other in one random talk or the other saw when Chris drove in they hid theirselves as they ponder on what to do.
Chris asked the barman for some alcohol. He doesn’t drink alcohol but on this situation he just needs to clear his head and the best way for him is to take alcohol. He was on the fifth bottle when a pretty damsel walked up to his table, she looked like his wife. She is still putting on the same cloth like Effe earlier in the day, she wore a perfect smile, she is Eryam.
Honey, what are you doing, Eryam faked concern, Chris whose eyes is getting blurry was just staring at her, not her face but her half exposed brea$t, “you beaudiful” Chris complimented with an American accent. “Oh thanks, I got us a room, do you mind”? Chris knew what she was driving at shook his head I don’t mind. Let’s go… He said.
They got to a room where Eryam had booked, Chris barely waited for Eryam to put off her dresses as he pounced on her, they led each other to cloud 9…

Danso had called for back up from the police headquarters, he told them his location.

He was waiting for Eryam’s message

After series of hot sex, Chris was fast alseep, this is the time Eryam was waiting for, she quickly took the tranquilizer Danso gave her some couples of hours ago and injected it on Chris.

I’m done with my part, Danso read the new message which just entered his phone from Eryam. He read the room number.
The policemen came into the room, they saw Chris sleeping like an infant. They handcuffed him and took him to their station.
It is much easier than he had thought before, Danso said.




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  1. Waw great story and I was expecting an open fire that should lead to chris captivity
    but was cold blooded as the name implies a shadow in the twilight

    1. You can comment here too
      make sure your comment is related to
      the story to show that you read it
      Give it a five star

  2. A very captivating story. It goes a long way
    to depict women as men’s greatest
    weakness. Chris in all his dexterity as a
    hardcore criminal was captured so easily
    like an infant.

    For me, this story has a 5 star rating.

  3. A very captivating story. It goes a long w
    ay to depict women as men’s greatest we
    akness. Chris in all his dexterity as a hard
    core criminal was captured so easily like
    an infant.

    For me, this story has a 5 star rating.

  4. this is really great and awesome!
    it shows that, the fact that you’re so
    close to a woman doesn’t mean she
    can’t poison you. ones have to be
    careful. well, as for chris, he really
    deserve it!

    kudos, the writer! with this, i rate it
    with 5 ?

  5. This is a very well plotted story, intriguing and int
    eresting to read.
    Chris deserve what he got at the end
    Writer should work on the structural grace of the
    This is a excellent story
    I give it 5 star.

  6. nice piece…I rate you 5/5…if only
    Chris had obeyed d grand master
    probably there might had been more
    actions in d story. lol.

  7. Nice work man.. Really captivating and d endin
    g was just baam… Nice work man keep it up.. I’l
    l rate it by 4? … There’s room for improvemen

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