More Than A Friend – Episode 8

© Olasunkanmi Opeyemi Ajibola

Throughout the first week, all the students I didn’t even know would call me on the street and greet me, “S.P!” then congratulate me, anybody that congratulates me would abuse David (if we were together) “See your life, your friend is a prefect and you have no post” David would reply them “a king’s friend is also a king” we would all laugh. I told my sister on phone about the head boy I just became, she was very happy and was proud of me,

“You this boy, you’ve turned the “head boy” to your family post abi, PRY 6, JS3 and now SS3 again, wow! You’re a darling” she said over the phone when I was smiling at the other end of the phone here, my mom was happy too and my dad bought me one big and expensive scientific calculator and a G-shock wrist watch. David was getting frustrated of students’ comments, he came to meet me;

David: Henry, these people wan frustrate my soul I swear, I wan shut them up.

I: (laughs) which people and how are you intending to shut them up?

David: I’ll go and meet our gentle principal that I need a post as a prefect too.

I: (lol) and which post do you think you can have again?

David: You forget, just follow me to his office.

I: That’ll be tomorrow Wednesday.

David: Wa sere paddy mi… no sex inside principal’s office again. (we both laughed)

David: Na assembly ground una go do am. (Laughing)

I: (laughs) Na you I go bleep last last, sick boy. (We both laughed again)

On Wednesday during the long break, David called me that we should start going to principal’s office,

I: You mean it?

David: No, I median and mode it. Let’s go joo before the man crawl into his car and go out.

I: (laughed and shook my head) Oya let’s go, your mouth no go ki*ll you sa.

(Off to principal’s office)

David and I: Good afternoon sir.

Principal: S.P and his friend, how are you today? How may I help you? “S.P, take (N100), buy a cold bottle of coke for me from the canteen” principal said, pointing the money to me, I collected the money and went out, I came back and saw principal seriously laughing “Chai! This boy wan ki*ll this old man with laugh” I said in my mind as I dropped the drink on the table.

Principal: Thank you, so how do I help you?

I: (pointing to David)

David: Sir, good afternoon once again sir, emmmmmm… I want a post too sir.

Principal: I don’t understand, a post where?

David: I…… I…… (stammering)

Principal: Oh! Calm down and talk.

I: (panicking already)

David: I want to be a prefect also.

Principal: (laughing uncontrollably as if he inhaled laughing gas)

David and I: (looked @ eachother and laughed)

Principal: Wow! Brave! But should I suspend the head boy for you?

I: (yelled)

David: (louder voice) Noooooo… but sir, a friend to the king is indirectly… (principal concluded it) …indirectly the king.

David: Please sir, I want to be officially called the “king’s friend”.

Principal: (laughing again) This boy! Anyway, if that’s what you want, it is not affecting the school, meet your friend to show you the rules and regulations of the prefects, then on Friday I will assign you to the post officially on the assembly ground.

David and I: (happy) thanks so much sir.

We left his office, on our way to class, we saw one of our friends in SS2, he hailed me “My S.P!” and turned to David, “Mr No-post!” And laughed. David responded, “God will shock you and your family on Friday by the time I become what I want to, Idio.t” the boy was confused as he laughed and left.

On Friday afternoon, the whole school was on the assembly ground, after everything, the principal came, holding a small white paper, he 1st laughed a little bit then started, some students in our class have heard the rumour, the principal began;

Principal: We have a new prefect among us, he is a science student that you all know, he’s a comedian as well, Abiola David Adeola should step out.

David came out, only God knows where he got the shoe he was putting on that afternoon from, the shoe was extremely high and big, it increased David’s height, students began to laugh on seeing David’s amazing shoe, principal continued

Principal: As we all know that he’s a close friend to the head boy, so he’ll be tagged as “KING’S FRIEND” (principal brought out a prefects name tag which was customized “KINGS FRIEND” , he suspended the name tag (lapel) on David’s shirt and began to laugh as he was leaving the assembly ground, the microphone was handed over to Mr Togbe, David requested for the mic as if he wanted to give speech;

David: (facing the students) Now, as the “school king’s friend”, everybody! On your kneels!

The whole students burst into laughter and the school was dismissed.


Being the head boy among those “criminals” I had as juniors then weren’t easy at all, huge, hefty, tall, big, older and notorious juniors indeed, sometimes they would just want to frustrate me to cause fight and beat me up, though anybody that tries that should be ready to leave school finally but that was not enough as they were even ready to leave school as much as I could still be caught after school and be dealt with, because of this, I so much maintained my level of seniority and I fasted for the wisdom to control them peacefully. A funny thought came to my mind and it worked, I would use those earth-shaking and thunderous grammars anytime I wanted to order or command any huger and older juniors to do something, they would find it difficult to respond most of the times. It looked like magic as they were more obedient to ‘small me’ than the ‘big others’, even Adewale had a fight with a set of juniors which God saved him as they wanted to beat him with “ifunpa” (black charm). ***fast forward***

Some parts of the seniority lifestyle were lovely, different SS1 ladies would hustle for my number, some would give their best smile to me whenever we meet, the annoying part is, I didn’t like those who really liked me among them while those I liked never showed green light, so I locked up until this SS2 lady developed a strong interest which I utilized the opportunity by collecting “things” to the peak value until she was tired. ***fast forward***

I would always see Quazeem (Michael’s closest friend) around Deborah, “what may be going on? Quazeem and Deborah? It is a hell-no! It can’t just be, something else must be going on” I would always think whenever I see them together. Dave was very active like better prefect (lol) he would call prefects’ meeting which I would cancel some, sometimes. Due to his funny attitudes, the stubborn juniors did not have his time that much, almost all SS3 students became ‘principal’ in the school because nobody could control them again, our WAEC was now very close, Deborah and I would still chitchat whenever we were chanced, the calling rate between us dropped to 10%, I was bothered though but I kept the bad feeling, everything was moving smoothly.


**fast forward***

Here comes the last day of my SSCE, also my last day in secondary school. I was so happy and over-excited to see that day, the last paper was to start by 2pm, I got to school around 10am, SS3 students have filled school up, everything was lively and shining, no teacher was monitoring the SS3 again, we were feeling the freedom already, some wicked teachers just became friendly overnight, some of us have started taking pictures, some were snapping others with their phones, some guys were organizing a final football match between guys and the ladies in SS3. I checked time and it was 10:49am, I brought out my 2nd phone (Nokia 2700. My sister gave it to me as a present when I became head boy), I was playing RF10 (Real Football 2010), I played it till 11:00am, I left the class (our class) when I discovered I was the only one sitting there, all my friends were catching fun here and there, I was waiting to finish the last paper before I would start mine, I brought enough money to take pictures and others. I went to the canteen outside the school to eat, returned to the same class and wanted to continue my game when I realized that I was having “2 bar” as my battery level, I cut the game and began to flash back and reminisce.

“So far so good, so far so memorable. It looks like we began yesterday and today is our last day in school, wow!

“It seems fast though, but many things have happened, this is not the exact population that resumed then in SS1, many got pregnancy, some died, some left for no reason or best known to them Hmmmmmmm… we that we’re ending it successfully today is not by our righteousness, glory be to God.

“Oh! I’m going to miss school life, where and when am I going to meet this set of friends again at the same time? David and I will depart and won’t have access to eachother everyday again because we may go different ways, is this how I’ll leave Deborah without telling her how much I love her, I wonder why the love has been untold all this while, when I promised my sister that I won’t have a girlfriend throughout here I remember that I promised myself not to keep the promise… and finally I kept the promise unwillingly, hmmmmmmm…

“This is my last day in secondary school and yet I never dated, the only person am so much in love with seems to be losing interest lately due to my over-seriousness, or what do I call it?

“Why haven’t I wooed her for crying out loud?! Was I stupid or something? Oh! I think it’s because I wanted to be free to any length with others and in the school generally, but the “others” I was considering will be departing in the next some hours, this girl that loves me so much can still be very near upon any distance, do I even think I can date?

“What does it take to date self? I think the best way to get answers to these questions is by dating, but who?

“Who else If not Deborah…..hmmmmmmm Deborah……. hmmmmmmm Deborah……. Deborah…..” I was saying Deborah… Deborah… Deborah… while my eyes were closed lightly and my body was moving gently, slowly and rhythmically, my phone began to vibrate, I opened my eyes to check the caller and it was… Deborah, I read out the name on the screen, “Mine”. I picked the call,

I: Hello, what’s up?

Deb: Am fine, where are you?

I: Am inside our class alone thinking about you.

Deb: You must be joking, you that don’t have anybody’s time. Should I come and join you there? (clears throat)

I: (happy) yes! I’ll be glad.

She came out from behind of the class building in not up to 30seconds.

I: So, you saw me here and was still asking where I’m?

Deb: Is that how plenty my credit is, that I’ll see you and still call? My boyfriends have not sent me airtime, (smiles and rolls eyes)

I: “boyfriends?” (I asked in my mind) Funny girl. (Faked Smiles)

Deb: You truly looked blue when I came, hope no problem,

I: I told you I was thinking about how am going to miss all of you, particularly YOU that’s standing in front of me. I will miss you more than you think.

(her face changed, she stopped smiling)

Deb: I will miss you more… (looking into my eyeballs and holding my hands) We both smiled and I changed topic before things go emotional right there.

I: Our last paper will be starting in the next 20minutes,

Deb: (she checked my wristwatch) yes, should we start going to the hall?

I: OK, let’s go.

(Silence for a while as we were going)

“Deborah Ope” We called eachother’s names at the same time;

I: Yes, am listening… you called my name.

Deb: No! You say what you called me for, (smiles)

I: OK, I wanted to tell you that you should see me before you go home, maybe I have something for you, who knows? (Winks)

Deb: Deb: (smiles) alright sir.

I: Now, you say why you called my name. (Smiling)

Deb: No. Nothing. (Laughing)

I: I knew you won’t say it again.

We continued to talk till we got to the school hall. ***fast forward***

“Five minutes more!” An invigilator announced, I raised my hand with like ten other students,

“What’s wrong” he asked, one of us responded, “I’m through sir”,

“Remain on your seat” the invigilator replied the boy. Very soon, they began to collect the answer booklet from us, I submitted and stepped outside the hall,

“And the WASSCE ended peacefully, all glory belongs to you God” I said, not too loud.

I took many pictures, the whole science department, the school football team, I and senior girl, Adewale and I, my close friends in group, David and I, and most of my other pictures were Deborah and I in different postures.

It was around 4:30pm, the school was about getting rough, I decided to leave, then I remembered Deborah, I headed towards our silent class, I pulled a desk to very close to the window, I sat on it and I was able to view outside very well, I brought out my phone to call Deborah,…. (ringing… but no one was picking up), I tried it the 2nd time but it was switched off.

I: OMG! Why is her number off again! (A voice responded behind me from the class)

Voice:… because the owner of the Number is here with you (laughing as she was moving closer and switching her phone on)

I: (big grin) Deborah, I was a little bit shocked o because all my mind was, am the only one in this class. How and when did you enter?

Deb: (lol) ‘transgendered’, I followed you right from the hall, I entered when you were dragging the desk to the window, the noise of the desk on the ground covered the sound of my footsteps.

I: (smiles) you ehn, how was Yoruba?

Deb: Fine as usual, you know it’s just like English language and this time around it’s our language, so I was able to do it very better. Ope, this is 4:45pm, it’s getting late, school will soon be rough with those commercial guys. Why are we here? (Straight face)

I: Hmmmmmmm… I don’t really know how I’ll start but to cut the long story short, Deborah… I’v been in love with you right from SS1…

Deb: Hmmmmmmm,,,

I: I was thinking it’s ordinary likeness that would later fade away as time goes on… I later realized it grows higher day by day… I felt like telling you my feelings then but I promised someone not to date in secondary school… I think I’ve tried and waited.enough and am ready now to get what my heart desires and love who I truly love and that is ‘you’…

Deborah mi, give some space for my love in your heart… I love you so much pls make it mutual by being mine… The rate @ which…….. (She looked up with tears and held my lips with two fingers)

Deb: Opeyemi….. Opeyemi…. (holding my hands) Ah! Why did you come late? You can’t tell me that you didn’t know that I so much love you and care for you… You made me to love someone else by force, after I concluded you don’t have interest… ah! This is not fair Henry…(crying)

…You’re my first love but now, not my first boyfriend, why? (Tears rolled down)… did you just feel like giving me emotional punishment when you discovered that my @ beats for you?… (sighs) anyway, it was four days ago that I said YES to Michael your friend.

I: (something echoed in my heart and the stagnated tears in my eyes dropped) Ah! which Michael!? Ah Deborah, you shouldn’t have done this… I can’t stand ‘you loving someone else’… talkless of my friend… my heart belongs to you… I love you.

Deb: (moved closer with tears rested her head on my chest) I love you too Ope… (she raised her head and dried her tears) OK, what do you want me to do?… Anything that will favour you am ready, you’re the one I love and not Michael… Quazeem convinced me to date Michael… I fell for the conviction because you didn’t have my time that much,… please what do we do? (Dropping tears)

I: (brought out my yellow face towel and dried her tears) (still looking clueless and speechless)

Deb: My love, should I leave Michael? Should I cause quarrel on mere reason so that we can be? Opeyemi, talk to me and stop hurting me more.

I: None of the suggestions will work as we want, I won’t want to hurt my friend, no wonder he would always ask me if we were dating… hmmmmmmm… God knows why I came late… God knows why you told Michael yes… (sighs) stay with Michael, but have it in your mind any day any time that I, Opeyemi loves and cares for you so much.

I thank God that I still have you as my friend anyway.

Deb: (tears rolling down) No Ope, you’re MORE THAN A FRIEND to me and I’ll continue to love you until it fades away maybe in forever.

(Looking at eachother, eyeballs to eyeballs)

I placed my left hand on her right shoulder the right hand on her portable curve waist (like coke bottle)… I pulled her lightly closer to me, I used the left hand on her right shoulder to pull her head closer, I began to caress her hair and the waist simultaneously as she moved more closer and closed her eyes, lips found oneanother, we kissed passionately as she was moaning lowly and gently in response to the sensation of the kissing, she would throw her head backward and grab me from back closer and tighter like an opposite charge of a magnet…

I would kiss from her lips downward to her throat (neck) and to her chest…. My left hand would move random to her bum and to her right thigh and tease the thigh with the skirt on… back to her succulent lips and her moaning was getting louder, things were getting intense… I stopped and we looked at eachother, smiled and hugged very tight for like five minutes as our body was moving slowly and gently … I whispered into her ear, “I love you” she responded with smiles on her face… “I love you more”

She sat down in front of me on the same desk, backing me and resting her back on my chest and her head on my left shoulder with her face up in an obtuse angle to her chest… I checked time and it was 05:40pm… I made her to sit right, then carried her while she was laughing and shouting with low voice, ‘if you let me fall ehn’… I dropped her and told her this is 05:40pm let’s start going..

Deb: (doing crying face) I don’t feel like leaving you.

I: (smiles) (held her closer) Am not travelling immediately after this exam, I can still be coming to your shop…

(She smiled little)

We stepped out of the class and off to the field to cross to the school main road, she would jump on my back on the field… we played like kids and she got to her junction,

I: Goodnight friend (I teased and smiled)

Deb: (smiles) Come-on! We’re more than friends.

We hugged and she pecked me, goodnight.



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