Love Really Is Strange – Episode 33

By Lydia Jonathan

We were on the road to God knows where. When he asked �Were to?� I couldn’t think of any place, didn’t even know what’s going to happen. I just told him to drive, and that’s what he was doing, without questions asked, and I was grateful for that. We passed houses, hotels, schools and restaurants. Lagos is a beautiful place, and I didn’t know why I didn’t go out much to see places

We passed a restaurant and I saw people gathered,celebrating something, with smiles on their faces and loud cheering. It brought a smile on my face just watching, and then it hit me

�Stop!� I yelled and he stepped on the brakes, causing the car tyres to screech before coming to a halt. Thank God we were both on seatbelts if not, there would be damages. Why did I have to yell, I mentally cursed, hoping he doesn’t get very angry. After looking around, accessing for damages, and there was none, he turned to me, his eyes in slits

�What the hell� he growled

�I.. I.. I eermm, I stuttered, while he still stared intensely at me. �I know where we should go� I spoke, thanking God I didn’t stutter this time. He rested his narrowed eyes before looking away to put the car back in ignition

�Where?� he asked

�We need to turn around first�I said and he turned to look at me once more before backing out, revising the car, and once more we were on the road

We came to a stop in front of a restaurant. Although he seemed confused, he didn’t question, just parked and we got out. We went in and got a table, while I looked around, it still looked the same, a little smile tugged at my lips as I remembered the fun we had and how we trashed the place. I didn’t know my smile was showing until his voice snapped me out of my thoughts

�Huh?� I asked turning to face him

�I asked why you’re smiling� he replied

�Um nothing. Do you remember this place?� I asked him

He turned to look round the restaurant for a while, stopping to stare at a particular spot, before turning back to me

�No� he shook his head �Why?�

�This is the place we first met� I said, and he looked up to meet my gaze

�Oh� he let out

�Yea� it was my eighteenth birthday� I went on, a faint smile on my lips. �I think I got drunk for the first time here� I smiled remembering the moment. �And then you thought I ditched you, because I got the news of my mom….� thoughts from that night came crashing and I stopped. He noticed and stared at me, but didn’t say anything

�So you got drunk?� he smirked

�Yea, it was crazy, and we danced silly also, Mimi and I�

�I can picture you’re younger self dancing silly� he smiled

�You have no idea� I replied, and we stayed silent. The waiter came back with our orders and we ate in silence. After we were done, he paid and we went out the restaurant and we were soon in the car

�Where to now?� he turned to me as he drove on the open road

�I know just the place� I smiled.

�Where exactly are we going?� he asked as we drove on

�Just somewhere� I replied looking straight ahead, a little too nervous too match gazes with him. He didn’t say anything afterwards, just drove. The plan now was to take him too all the places we’ve been, hoping it’d jog his memory, or at least aid him in remembering

�So, did Henry tell you anything?� I asked, as we drove to our next location

�Like what?� he took a glance at me before shifting his focus back to driving

�About us� I turned to look at him �You and me I mean� I clarified

�Yea, he did� he said �Back in the hospital, when I recovered. He kept saying something about George and Lizzy. And then I figured you’re Lizzy after what happened over at my place. You hugging me and all. Henry explained later on, that you know me.� he give me a brief glance

�He also said we dated, but broke up. That’s why I gave you a chance, cause I want to remember. And also know why the reason we broke up� he turned to look at me while still driving. His gaze making me squirm in my seat, nervous sweat rising on my forehead even with the air conditioned car we were riding on

�Watch out� I yelled pointing, and immediately he turned and saw he was about to have a Head-on collision with another driver. He expertly swerved, narrowly missing the other driver, and getting what I assumed were rain of curses from the other driver as he zoomed off. My heart was beating erratically in my chest, but I took a relieved sigh, not only because we just narrowly escaped an accident, but also because his gaze was no longer on mine

The rest of the journey was done in silence till we got to our destination

�You brought me to Lagos state university?” He turned to question, as soon as he was done parking his car

�Yes� we both went here, until you left for overseas. Something might jog your memory here� I replied, unbuckling my seatbelt and got out the car, not liking what his stare was doing to me. And worse, he doesn’t know

I walked in, and later felt his presence beside me as we both walked on

�What exactly is your plan anyway?� he asked as we walked, his hands in his pants

�Just to take you to places we’ve been, hoping it helps� I looked away from him quickly, and I think he’s noticed I was avoiding his gaze, but said nothing

We passed the entrance and I turned to him, cause he all of a sudden stopped and started staring around

�What, Do you remember anything? I asked hoping for something good.

�Yes� he turned to me

�I remember my first day here, how excited I was to be independent� he smirked and turned to walk away, leaving me behind as he walked on. I sighed �This is going to be hard� I muttered as I went to catch up to him

We went to the different places he’s been. The lecture halls, hostels etc. But nothing, he still didn’t remember me, and it was getting dark

�I think we should go now. You’re not remembering anyway, I said and he nodded. We headed back to the car, and he drove me back to the caf�

With a sigh, I unbuckled the seatbelt and stepped out of the car closing it to walk intothe caf�, but stopped when he called out to me

�I wouldn’t be discouraged, we still have two days� he smiled and I nodded. �And Elizabeth?� he called and I turned back to him

�You look beautiful� he said and with that, he wind up his glass and drove off, with me looking stunned and rooted to my spot

I walked into the caf�, Stephanie had already left and Mimi came up to me

�Goodnews?� she beamed as soon as she she saw me

�No� I shook my head, and her smile dropped

�So why are you smiling?� she asked, seeming confused

�He said I look beautiful� I replied, and my smile widened

�Then he said I was in his way� I complained to Mimi, the next day, about my once again failed attempt to make Evans remember

The next day he had picked me up and I decided the school wasn’t doing it. I decided we should go to the the house he stayed in. After pleading with the landlord to let us in just for few minutes, and thankfully, no one was occupying the house. He finally agreed to let us in and told us to hurry up and leave his property, which we agreed to

We went round the house, and finally to his bedroom, where we were intimate for the first time, hoping for him to remeber something. He paced around his old room and suddenly we were standing, facing each other, gazes locked. Because of the closed proximity, my heart was beating out of my chest and I feared he could here it. But then he opened his mouth to say something,and the words were �You’re in my way�. My mouth went ajar, as he left me and went back to the living room.

�It was awful Mimi, the little hope I had got shattered, and now I don’t know what else to do, or where else to go�. I turned to look at her, but she remained quiet all through my explanations

With a dejected sigh, I laid my back to the bed,since she isn’t saying anything, staring up to the ceiling, concealing the ache in my heart

�Maybe you’ve been going to the wrong places� Mimi’s voice drew me out of my thoughts

�What?� I asked, sitting up to face her

�You’ve been going to the wrong places� she repeated, drawing a frown from me

�Think about it. All the places you’ve been with him this two days are places where you guys had good memories. So there is no way that could trigger his memory or make him remeber, since the reason he lost it in the first place is because he was hurt� she stopped to stare at me, wanting me to say something, but I couldn’t because she did have a point. I’ve been taking him to places where we both had good memories together

�So you mean we both have to go back there?� I asked, dreading her reply

�Yes� she nodded

�No,No, we can’t go back there. I regret that day, and I can’t relive it� I shook my head at the idea

�Its the only way Lizzy, if you really want him to remember. That was the last place he comforted you, and it’s also the last place it all went awry. So you have to do it

I remained silent through her explanations. I want him to remember, but that day…… Even I wish to forget, that God awful day

Mimi squeezed my hands reassuringly, bringing my gaze back to her. �Its the only way?� I asked

�It is� she replied

I sucked in a deep breath. �Okay� I finally said, and she nodded smiling at me. I nodded, but her smile didn’t drop

�What? I asked her confused on why she had that goofy smile on

�Well, you know how I told you I wanted to bake something for Henry, but you haven’t been steady this two days because of Evans?�

�Yea?� I nodded, remembering her going on and on about wanting to bake something nice for Henry all by her self. �Poor Henry�, I had thought

�Well, I baked something� she said getting up to go pick a covered bowl placed on the table. She brought it over and opened it, showing two set of muffins in the bowl. �Taste it and tell me what you think� she pushed the bowl to my side

�Oh God� I thought, picking one of the muffin up to my mouth. She nodded for me to continue, and I took a bite

�So, what do you think?� her smile widening as if awaiting a result that her life depended on

�Well, for starters, I think you finally got the shape right� I frowned and her smile frailed

�Was it that bad?� she frowned

�I’m kidding� I giggled �This is not bad� I said taking another bite and actually enjoying it

�Really? Her smile returned, her face lightening up

�Yea� I nodded. �He’s gonna love it� I smiled and the look on her face resembled that of someone who just won an award

�How long did it take for you to make this anyway?� I muffled due to the big bite I took

�You don’t wanna know� she burst into laughter, and I joined her, knowing that could only mean, It took her a while. And seeing the joy on my bestfriend’s face did warm my heart. She really loves him, and he, her


The next day I sucked in a deep breath standing in front of the caf�. Today is the last day, and if I cant make him remember, it means I’m going to loose him forever. Nervous doesn’t even begin to count how I was feeling, as I stood with shaky legs awaiting his arrival, thinking back at the pep talk Mimi, Princess and Stephanie had giving me. They were all in it too, rooting for me to make him remember our �undying love� as Stephanie had said. A little smile tugged on my lips as I remembered how they were all pitching in ideas. But the smile disappeared immediately I saw his car pull up, and in place came back nervousness in full force.

�You’ve got this� I kept chanting in my head as I made my way over to where he parked, opened the door and got in

�Hi� I greeted, as soon as I got in, and buckled up

�Hi� he replied. �Where are we headed today?� he questioned

�Henry’s hospital� I replied, unable to look at him.

�Okay then� he started the car, and soon we were on our way, both in silence

He pulled up, and parked his car in the parking lot and we got out.

�Any particular reason why we’re here� he finally questioned, as it seemed I wasn’t going to speak

�Because I need to tell you everything� I replied and walked ahead of him. I greeted the receptionist as we walked past her, but didn’t fail to see the flirty look on her face when her eyes landed on Evans, but he didn’t seem to notice. We went up to the room Mimi was in when she had the accident, and he turned to look at me

�Why?….� he was going to ask but I cut him off as I made my way back to the hallway where it happened. He walked behind me, and I could tell he was clearly confused

I finally stopped and turned to him, making him halt too

�I broke up with you� I said

…To be continued

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