DEFILED -Episode 10

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Flashback Yesterday!!

Mantebea took all the stuff she had taken from Ragnar and hidden them in her house,she actually took nude pictures of him after he passed out ,she wanted to pay him back in his own coin..After this,she met Regina at the Junction Mall and they went to this quiet area around Nungua,they went into this house,Regina was not comfortable being there,but Mantebea assured she’s gonna be fine..she led her to a dark room.

Who is there?…came the voice

Mantebea:..Dr.Huff is me,Mantebea

Dr:..Hey,who do you have with you?…is she here to arrest me?

Mantebea:.Oh No..she’s my friend Regina

Dr:How can I help you..I told you not to come here again

Mantebea:,,I know,but its my friend who needs your help

Dr:help for what?

Mantebea:..She’s a week pregnant,she’s not ready to be a mother

Dr:..Let her speak for herself..

Regina was timid,the Dr. looks so scary and hostile..but she managed to spew out her words.. not ready to be a mother

Dr:..You knew you ain’t ready yet you went on to chew that goddamn meat?

Regina:..Oh not that

Dr:..STFU lemme gonna put your young life in danger,just make sure you keep your mouth shut when you leave this place…get over there and strip naked..I have to check how far the baby has grown


Dr.Huff is a German doctor leaving in Ghana,his license were seized in Germany after He administered wrong drugs to a patient,He has been in Ghana for sometime now,hiding in Nungua and illegally terminating pregnancies…

Go lie on that bed..He ordered

Dr.Huff took her blood sample and did some test..He returned after some minutes

Dr:..How did you know you are pregnant?

Regina:..I have the symptoms,vomiting,body weakness and some headaches

Dr:..Did you visit the hospital to test for pregnancy?

Regina:..No I didn’t

Dr:..Well,you ain’t pregnant..I don’t see any trace of gestation in your womb

Regina:..Whaat?…are you sure about this?

Dr:..Hey,you two should leave this place immediately..I mean now,go to the hospital to confirm this tomorrow….

Regina was not content with the solution,she knew she had to go check that in a hospital..

The search for Mantebea by Ragnar and Akosua was more of a ghost hunt,they had roam where they think they could find her,but got nothing..reporting to the police was just out of their options…they ended up in Akosua’s home..where Ragnar took her through pleasure hell…

Rama was soo disturbed,being suspended was the last thing she was expecting,she had cried throughout the night,she was left alone to after Aquila left for work…

Her mind went back to Ndego,she had a strong feeling Ndego had some kind of information what can help her payback Akosua,she tried calling,but He never did pick up..

Ndego was not at post today,He called Akosua,who was with Ragnar in his office…Akosua had told Ragnar about the Anonymous caller who had their sex tapes early on..

Akosua:..Please,am begging you don’t expose the pictures,I’ll give you everything you want

Anonymous:..I hope you are with the man..

Akosua:Yes’,He is listening

Ragnar:..Who are you..please,don’t go far with this,listen,we can solve this ok..Am a rich guy .

Anonymous:..Listen,if you play smart,I am smarter…now I want to play this on a low key..but trust me,I can be very stubborn. what do you need?

Anonymous:..I want GHS50,000.00 from you each,I mean separately..each pays GHS50,000.00

Ragnar:..Whaat?..Where am I,I mean We…were are we going to get the money?

Anonymous:..You told me you are a rich behave rich..

Ragnar:..Oh please..please reduce it

Anonymous:..This is not a robbery,,its a blackmail..Now you have until next week to deliver..failure to do so..I’ll drag you in the gutters..Goodbye


Ragnar was hot,Akosua was hotter,having your sex tapes with two different people was not a matter to over look..

Akosua:..What did He tell you

Ragnar:..He is demanding GHS50,000 from each of us

Akosua:..Whaat?…that’s unfair

Ragnar:..He needs it next week

Akosua:..What are we going to do now?

Ragnar:..Did you say we? better fight for not part of the “we” you talking about


Ragnar:now leave my office,I need to think

Akosua:..Oh cmon

Ragnar:..I said leave my office now!!!

Akosua came face to face with Aquila when she went out of Ragnar’s office…she tried walking away,but He stopped her

Aquila:..Hey you,listen to me carefully,I know what you did to Rama..I hate you for that

Akosua:..Hate me? should be thanking me for not exposing you too

Aquila:you think I give a f**k working here..I have companies abroad..the income I make a month can pay all the workers the boss

Akosua:then why do you work here?

Aquila:..Is for fun..As I said..I hate you…Stay off my tracks..


Regina went to the hospital and she tested negative for pregnancy,she couldn’t hid her joy…then Mantebea told her what she had retrieved from Ragnar..she shouted for joy..and the idea came immediately

Why don’t we make him pay for the damages he’s done to you..As in pay in cash..we have his nudity with us…Akosua wouldn’t be left out..Mantebea proposed..

Regina:..Good Idea..

After close of work,Aquila drove straight to Rama’s,He met her naked in sofa..

He came to life immediately and pounced on her like some kind of prey..their breath became deep,deeper,,and soon hotter…and Rama was soon ridding away her sorrows..

Akosua was in traffic when the stranger called again

Akosua:..Hello please

Anonymous:..Come to the Brick Hotel immediately

Akosua:..Brick Hotel?..for what?

Anonymous:..For a reconsideration coming there immediately

Anonymous:..don’t play smart..I’ll be watching you when you arrive..don’t come with anybody….

Akosua:I swear I won’t

Anonymous:.You have thirty minutes before I change my mind..come to room 57..

Akosua acted in haste,she took the shortest route to the place,and was directed to the said room 57..she opened the door,but nobody was inside..

Ndego was making sure she came alone,and when he was ok,He went in for his prey..


Ndego:..Shut less

Akosua:..But you don’t speak perfect come you are fluent

Ndego:..Small world..

Akosua:..How did you get the videos?

Ndego:..By being say nothing..or else I change my mind

Akosua:..So what is the new deal?

Ndego:..I want know what I mean

Akosua:.Oh not having sex with you

Ndego:..You sure?…I have the tape

Akosua:..Of not should be going..You will hear from me later..

Akosua:..Wait wait..

Ndego:What..if you are not ready..then I have to play my cards well

Akosua:..Just for today…

Ndego pushed her into the bed,she ripped her office wear open and started kissing her forcefully,Akosua begged him to use a condom,but that went over his ears,and before she could say jack..He had pushed himself up her cherry…she shouted and held on to the woodwork of the bed that made squeaking noise repeatedly..she was in pain..having sex with Ndego was the last thing she would’ve thought of..yet still,He was punishing her like hell…

Akosua woke up deep in the night,she passed out after the near death experience,Ndego was gone,He had taken another video of Akosua without her knowledge…He was going to make her a slave…

Mantebea also called Ragnar and demanded a GHS20.000 for a ransom,He agreed to pay the money on Sunday,Ragnar knew he was in deep sh*t..His bank accounts was being milked to cover his dirty tracks…

Mantebea threaten to send the videos to Ragnar’s wife if he fails to pay the cash…He knew he was dead,seeing his marriage collapse was the last thing He would ever wish for…

…to be continued


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