They lifted the dirge in accordance,
The earth broke in pieces with a callous elegy. Illusion followed in their fellowship.
And death brought the woman to her kneels, she wailed and wailed cracking the walls of the sky.
God created forgetfulness because of labour pains!
Because of the void in darkness,
Because of the many tales in darkness,
Because of your tears in darkness,
When do men start to feed curses as blessings?
How do they learn to hold their bodies together without holding the future in their tongues?
Men are bodies of darkness,
men are shadows of darkness,
men are souls of darkness;
Men were created in the darkness and that makes them dark at heart.
The sun unmasked the night as it stood in tears of what the dwarf cowardice has done to humanity.
The grasses were like sheep,
The clergy men’ scars drawn more chapters in the pages of jolted notes.
They’ve made darkness their companion,
They have hidden their faces in the belly of the night committing atrocities to the naked bodies of the earth.
When you get to the pit where parables are told, tell Satan that humans are tamed like goats.
Tell him that humans need more torture to be wild and weired.
A baseless battle baked this darkness that left men in the court of evil.
You see, I don’t know many things as a poet because, my eyes is full of dark colours; black. Red. Fire. Fear. Calamities. Sadness. Agony. Pains.
And more.
When you cut open the belly of my poems, you will see darkness burying themselves in mass funeral because men made it to be so.
Yours Poetically,
�John Chizoba Vincent

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