A Game Of Love And Obsession – Episode 19

� Lewis Dampson

I followed him one night when he got up from bed to do whatever he had always been doing at that ungodly hour. I was so filled with curiosity. I trailed him as he walked on the compound backwards in a spiral movement. He removed his clothing at a point and did walked backward again with his nakedness. I was so frightened. He was mumbling something on is lips as he walked. The next thing I saw was he approaching the dog�s kennel. What I saw with my eyes can�t be explained with words. But, let me try and explain as well as I can. I saw my husband having intimacy with the dog with do much passion. He had never expressed such passion to me I our entire marital life. I was so horrified. It was then I understood why he gave the dog more attention. It wasn�t just a dog to him,� Theodora began to wail at this point. Jesse embraced her and began to comfort her.

�I couldn�t keep quiet any longer since I was so horrified. I began to scream and something unexpected happened,� continued Theodora. �What happened?� Jesse asked. �He just looked at me, smiled and continued with what he was doing. My soul was pierced with arrows of disappointment and regret. I just looked on with my mouth wide open as he continued to do what he was doing. He occasionally looked at me and smiled. I couldn�t take the humiliation anymore so I fled to the bedroom in tears,� Theodora said and took a handkerchief to wipe off her tears.

�He came to the bedroom after thirty minutes. At that time, the pillow was soaked with my tears. Newman came and knelt beside the bed. I turned my face to the other direction because I couldn�t look at him without getting a flashback of what I had seen earlier. He continued to smile and began to talk. After all, he knew I could hear him loud and clear.�

�Now listen to me you fool! You are my wife and that means I own you. You can�t come into my life and determine my pace!! Do you know how all those money you are enjoying are made? All you know is spending! I am warning you seriously, no., rather take it as a threat because your life depends on it. If you dare inform anyone about what you just saw, I will ki*ll you with my bare hands and nothing will happen!! I want you to behave like my wife and I don�t give a damn about how you feel. If you can�t love me anymore, fake it for the outside world. I don�t even need your love anyway. If not for my parents who pressured me into getting married, do you think I would have come for a baggage like you!!? From now onward, we will be sharing the bed with the dog. It is far more important to me than you since I get all my money from it. So you can either accommodate it or move to another room. But, don�t dare think about divorce!! I will ki*ll you before you even do that,� that was what he told me, Jesse when he came to the bedroom.

�I cried my eyes out, but those tears could do nothing for me at the time. How foolish I have been to fall into this ditch? How could I have traded my relationship with you for materialistic gains? I have not been the same again since that faithful night. I am depressed, Jesse. I feel like taking my own life. I can�t bear this inhumane humiliations anymore,� said Theodora amidst crying. �Don�t say that, Theodora. That is not the solution to the problem, � advised Jesse. �Then what is, Jesse? Tell me because I am going crazy!!� exclaimed Theodora. �Give me some time. I will come up with something. I promise you that,� Jesse said. �If you say so. I have to take my leave now. I need to get to the house before that monster comes home. Please, Jesse, I am relying on you to come through for me. Keep me updated,� Theodora said, wiped off her tears again with the handkerchief and stood up to leave. Jesse escorted her to her car and she drove off.

Desmond tried all he could to make Sandra realize she made the right choice in choosing him. He constantly pulled up surprises and Sandra was indeed impressed. She still hoped she could actually fall in love with Desmond one day. He was so caring and romantic. She wondered why she couldn�t just love him back. She sometimes forced herself to establish that missing connection, but nothing worked. It became a constant worry since she always brooded over the issue. She often found herself thinking about Jesse although she was in the caring arms of Desmond who was putting in his all. A lot of things were going on in Sandra�s mind since she was resuming work the following day. She had been playing hide and seek with Jesse since the day he proposed to her. She didn�t want to tell him she had another guy in her life. She didn�t know why she felt that way. The only thing she thought was right for her to do was to hide herself from Jesse. She ignored his calls and even refuse meeting him physically.

Jesse didn�t understand why Sandra was distancing herself from him. It wasn�t like that before. She was the one who would even come to his house. But the situation was different now. She didn�t even want to pick his calls. He was wondering if what Jasmine did had caused an irreparable rift between Sandra and him. He even tried to visit her in her house, but she refused to see him. Or he had freaked her out by his proposal? He just couldn�t concentrate on anything. He was under stress from two situations. Theodora�s problems and the issue he was going through with Sandra. He was happy though that Sandra would be resuming work the next day. He shared the same office with her. That meant there was no way she would be able to avoid him. He needed answers for what was going on.

Jesse woke up early the next day to go to work. He quickly got dressed and was on his way. Perhaps, he would see Sandra at the stop. He was very disappointed when he didn�t see her at the bus stop. The bus that usually pick them came, but Sandra was still not in sight. He boarded the bus and went to work hoping to see her. To his amazement, Sandra wasn�t at the office too. Was she not going to work that day?

Sandra didn�t go to the bus stop because Desmond had promised to give her a lift to work. �I don�t like it when you always have to queue at the stop to go to work. You are my fianc�e now and I want that to stop. So from henceforth, I will be taking you to work myself with my car,� Desmond said to Sandra. So in respect to that, Sandra waited comfortably in her house for Desmond.

Jesse was in the office looking through the glass window waiting for Sandra to show up. He saw a car stopping in front of the company. The driver of the car which he knew came out and opened the car door on the other side of the car. Sandra came out of the car and they hugged. The guy stepped into the car and drove off. Sandra on the other hand walked into the building.

A lot of things were going on in his mind. Because, he remembered what happened at the hospital when he went to visit Sandra. He knew the guy was interested in Sandra. But, as to if Sandra was also interested, he wasn�t sure. Now, this is the same guy who had come to drop her off. He even hugged her passionately and gave her a peck on the cheek. �Why would Sandra be avoiding me and moving around with this guy?� he asked himself rhetorically. �No, there is nothing going on. I am just being jealous for nothing. I know Sandra likes me very much and she wouldn�t do that to me. I am sure he saw her at a junction and decided to give her a ride. After all, they are very good friends,� said Jesse trying to give himself some sort of hope. He was still troubled and needed answers. He was just waiting for Sandra to come to the office to explain everything to him.

What do you think will happen when Sandra shows up in the office? Would she be bold enough to tell Jesse she is dating Desmond?

…to be continued


  1. Woman u better face ur pblems nd leave Jesse alone biko, so u ar tellin him 2 go nd ki*ll ur husband abi? As if he wz d one dat gave u out 2 him, abeg park well.
    Sandra "ll nt cos she's a kind of hindin it 4tm him.

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