blame the society when a piece of meat is stolen
from your sinful pot of selfishness and greed
blame the society when your bread change
to a strange color from the one you made it
blame the society when your goat discovered
where those tubers of yam you seized from
the orphans are kept by your cohost in the night
blame the society when the roof of your home
is burnt and rats are seen packing some fishes away.
blame the society in the morning of your crisis
blame the society of your misfortunes in the night
she would accept your blames with laughter
blame the society when those currencies
arranged in your walls are discovered by the saints
the society must know what happen to you
the society must treat you when sick and,
if she fails, she must be blamed for that.
you have no money to pay your children fees
fight the society, she knows the cause of that.
your in-law has won the heart of your husband,
the government must be the cause of that!
why didn’t they provide the substances you
need to satisfy your husband at home?
the creaking wall would tell a tale tomorrow
the sun would wet our skin this afternoon
when watching the deeds told by our deeds
we must learn to blame the society daily,
planting accusation fingers on her face
she is the apple that sour our tongues
from the beginning when Eve was the goddess.
we are the society and the society is us
why then do we lay blame on ourselves unknowingly
claiming the society we created is our enemy?
© John Vincent Artistry

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