Shackles Of Pain

Ps: This happened to me some three days ago no form of fiction
I had walked some sizeable kilometers that morning
like an old adage that says
an idle hand is the devils workshop
my legs frail but I just can’t stay idle
I needed to work so as to feed the ever demanding stomach of mine
After the morning work and fruitless walk
I decided to rest at home a bit
I want to check how my face had become beautiless
a result from the raging sun which had plastered her anger on my mild skin
I held the mirror like glass, only for it to descend on my fragile legs and make a deep cut.
Ouch I winced in pain
trying to absorb the excruciating pains
before I knew it, I was in a pool
swimming through my own thick red blood
I blacked out.
�Modest King

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