Curious – Episode 4

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By Paula Keyne

Adanna was surprised at her husband’s gesture he came home with flowers,apologized and they ate lunch together before he returned to the office.

She was watching TV when her phone rang,it was Adams who was calling

“Hello neighbour” she said

“Whatsup Adanna” he replied

“Am all good and you”

“All good over here,was just checking on you”

“Wow thanks you have a lovely house and your gateman was nice to me today” she said
“Yeah he is nice, his name is Brytawon “

“Strange name. Is he the one that does the cooking and cleaning too?” She asked
“Nope that’s Hurklan , jmichlins and KingTom ‘s job”

“Okay that’s cool”

“Alright then,I will talk to you later, have a nice day” he said

“You too” she replied as he ended the call.

Samuel was busy at the office trying to make up for lost time when his secretary told him he had a visitor and ushered the person in, he was surprised to see Kylie walk in.

“Hi,wow am surprised to see you here” he said

“Well you were not picking my calls so I had to come see you myself to know why” she said as she sat down and crossed her legs revealing nicely shaved legs.

“Well I have been busy in the office as you can see but I would have call you back later”

“Hmmmm,you are sure its because you are busy and not because of the kiss last night huh?” She asked

“Hell no,its not because of that for goodness we are adults and shii do happen,we will just forget about that,you know just act like it never happened”

“You don’t say, well if you want to act like it never happened then fine by me. So are we going to hang out today too?’ She asked

“Nope,not today maybe another time”

“Hmmm, okay then I guess I should be on my way. We will talk on the phone and fix another date okay” she said as she walked out.

Taking a deep breath Samuel leaned back on his chair thinking about his life and the sexy hot gown Kylie was wearing some minutes ago in his office wow he needed to divert his thoughts from that if not he will have nobody but himself to blame.


Adams know he shouldn’t be thinking about a married woman’s but he couldn’t help himself ,he kept thinking about their conversations when she came to
visit, things she told him about herself and all that. Well since she is married and he cant date her at least he could paint her,so maybe the next time they talk he will ask her about it. With that settled he decided to
check up with some of his buddies and have fun.

Kylie walks into her apartment and flings her bag and car keys to God knows where. How dare Samuel to ignore her,does he know how many men will kill to
have her.

He doesn’t know how lucky he is that she is offering herself to him. She needs to Strategize well because whatever she wants she always get and right now what she wants is Samuel.

Who cares if he is married or not after all one night with her and he is going to forget all about his wife.

She sat down on a couch thinking about her next move. Maybe she should go to his house then size up his wife and see if the woman is any competition, nope on second thoughts she will just act like the wife doesn’t exist. Yes that’s what she is going to do.

Adams wasn’t so sure of himself after he had pressed the bell on Adanna’s house, what on earth was he thinking,what if her husband was around what
was going to be his explanation.

His thoughts were shoved aside when the
gate was opened and the gate man asked him the necessary questions before letting him in.

He walked in with his camera in his hands trying to give himself confidence,he was shown to the sitting room and asked to wait for Adanna to come attend to him.

As he sat down he looked around admiring the house
until he saw one of his paintings hanging across the wall,wow that means both her and her husband are his fans. He was still looking around when he heard footsteps and turned around to see her coming from the hallway.

“Hello Adams”

“Hi Adanna”

“I was surprised when the gate man told me you were here, so to what do I owe this pleasure?”

“I dunno its a pleasure to you or me sha” he replied

“How do you mean? Oh my goodness where did my manners go, am sorry what should I offer you?”

“Nahhh don’t worry” he replied

“I insist” she said

“Fine,then get me juice”

“You have any particular one in mind?”

“Nope any would do just fine”

“Okay lemme get orange juice for you then” she said as she walked out but came back some minutes later with a pack of juice and glass for him

“Here you go” she said pouring his drink out for him.
After a while she said

“So you were saying?”

“Lol okay,I just came over here to ask you if you have made up your mind for me to paint you” he said looking seriously at her.

“Hmmmm,I can’t remember saying I wanted you to paint me” she said smiling

“Please don’t try to pretend I told you if I let you see my paintings you will let me paint you”

“Geez and here I was thinking we were friends”

“Lol of course we are”

“Okay how long those it take you to paint a portrait?” She asked

“Well it depends on my mood and the model in question”

“So you do this often then”

“Nope I don’t, I have actually done just two portraits. One was for my girlfriend in school and the other I hired a model for it” he replied.

“Hmmm okay,but you need to understand that I am a house wife and have tons of chores to do”

“That’s no problem we can work around your schedule”

“I haven’t agreed yet, wait am not going to pose nude right?”

“Nope that’s not what I have in mind but if you want to do it I will gladly paint you in your birthday suit”

“Silly boy, you know what am going to agree to this only because no one has ever painted me before”.

” wow that’s fantastic, I will just talk to my accountant and then we can make arrangement for your payments, I can pay you the normal model price which is 700 naira for an hour or we can negotiate any price you fancy”

“Wow that’s good to know but no I don’t want your money all I want I’d that you let me see the painting first when you are finished”

“Okay that’s fine by me, but I have to warn you when I paint I try to capture mood,soul and everything that comes with it, I won’t change it even if you don’t like it. Just so we are clear”

That’s fine by me, I have seen some of your works and am sure you will do a great job”.

“I hope so, you never told me you had my painting in your sitting room?”

What painting?, wait you mean you did that oh my its cool,when we came to the house it was here,I think the interior designer was the one who placed it there. Wow I never knew it was yours “.

” Yeah thanks, so are you busy right now? ” he asked

“Nope am through with my house chores”

“Okay let’s get started then”

“Wait you mean today,like right now” she asked


“But I have not even had my bath,errm no way”

“Chill Ad I just want to take a couple of pictures and then a few sketches not like am doing the main thing now.

” okay so where do we start she asked?”

“We start by getting you something to wear,do you mind wearing a couple of dresses for me so I can select the right one” he said

“Okay” she replied.

The next couple of minutes saw Adanna changing into different clothes but none of them seemed right to him,he kept asking her to change till she told him she had no more clothes to try on.

He Pondered on it for a minute and then excused himself and went back to his house where he searched through his things till he found his old college shirt,he picked it up and then carried his sketch pad and pencils since he had carried his camera earlier on.

He got back to her house and told her to change into his shirt which she complied to and the shirt did the trick. It was able to bring out her femininity not in a sexual way but enough for you to notice her.

“Okay Ad,let’s get you a background can you move over to that chair opposite the window” he said

“Okay, and why are you calling me Ad?”

“Lol because I think it suits you”

When she was seated he lifted his camera to his eye,but then something didn’t feel right,he looked across to her and wondered what and then it hit him

“Ad pls could you wear your head up preferably in a bun” he said

“Okay” she replied as she packed her in a bun or as its called in Nigeria donut.

He looked at her and something was still missing, he asked if she had any jewelry and she said yes,she brought him her set of jewelry and he picked a large golden choker and told her to wear it and then he walked over to her and pulled out some of her hair from the tight bun making it a little bit messy around the edges.

He walked back to his camera and he shot an entire roll of film,telling her to move first this way,then that way,to tip her head this way and then that,to fold her legs and then to stretch them out,to have her hands across
her chest and then to have it behind her head.

He told her when to smile,when to frown,when to look numb and finally to look at him.
He finally walked up to her titled her head to an angle,arranged her arms as if she she was flying and then positioned her legs like she was doing
yoga and then he took pictures asking her to move her hands to different positions often.

He then asked her to seat in a way that it will be comfortable for her and hold still and then he started sketching. He did multiple sketches from
different angles and dimensions and when he saw she started to get tired he asked that they wrapped it up.

Samuel is working on his computer when a call came in he answered to discover it was Kylie making arrangements for them to see later on,when he
tried finding out where they will be going to she did not answer instead she told him to come pick her up at her house.

When he was finished from the office he headed down to a complex to get red wine as a peace offering,he got her favorite brand and then he headed for her house.

He knocked on the door and seconds later Kylie opened it and she was dressed in just bum shorts and a singlet,he was confused and ask if she was getting prepared or has their date been cancelled, she ignored the question and invited him in and then she took the wine from him,came back later with glasses for two of them and they drank the wine together while talking
about nothing in particular.

After a while she told him food was ready and
invited him to the dinning table and then she set out to arrange a well prepared fried rice and plenty of meat for them and they washed it down with another bottle of red wine.

He helped her in clearing the dishes when
they were thought eating but left her to wash the plates while he want to watch sports highlights.

Kylie returned when she was through and joined him on the sofa,after a while she leaned on him and kept her legs on the arms of the couch.

Samuel wanted to pretend like it wasn’t anything and continued with his highlights but occasionally Kylie’s hands will brush his thighs by mistake or she will lean a little too much and he can see her boobs.

He continued acting like he wasn’t affected but his little man under decided he had had enough and was slowly rising,it was only a matter of  time before Kylie could see the bulge forming under his trousers.

He used his hands to cover himself and at that moment Kylie removed her legs from the arms of the chair and stretched them on the glass table in front of them.

He didn’t want to but his eyes kept straying to her fresh laps and he started wondering how she looked under the shorts she was wearing. One minute he was staring and the next his hands were rubbing her thighs and his hands which seemed to have developed a mind of their own started to go up towards her zipper.

…to be continued

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