Who am I? (12)

By KingWax Oluwadamilare

James became a frequent every night, unless when Dave wasn�t around. Like every other guy, he got too accustomed to sex with me. Three weeks later, he I realised that he doesn�t want to talk about the safe anymore, he was talking about helping with Dave�s disappearance and running away with me. I became scared. Even though I ensured the sex was boring, he still went on to talk about being with me. I had to agree that all men are stupid whenever sex and beauty are combined.

�When is the guy coming, James.� I asked him, once he was done and putting on his clothes.

�What guy?�

�What guy?� I ricocheted his questions back in anger.

�You said when is a guy coming, and I don�t know what guy we�� He paused and rolled his eyes. �Oh, the guy?�

�Don�t tell me you already lost focus, James?� I shouted.

�Hush!� He quickly said and looked scared. �Keep your voice down or we�re both f***ed!�

�I can assure you, we are not f***ed yet. I am going to scream and tell Dave you threatened me and kept rapping me every night!�

He smiled. �You�re joking, right?�

I smiled back, �Yes, I am.� He knew I was not.

�Hey, Kate, you�re not serious, right?�

�You think you can keep f***ing me for three good weeks without going through with the plan?�

�Don�t get me wrong. I��

�Hey James,� His walkie-talkie came on, �what is taking you so long in there? You know Bryan��

I snatched his walkie-talkie and he froze in horror. �Please, don�t do that. Please.�

�James, James. Are you there?�

�Please, Please, don�t answer it.� James kept begging.

�When is my guy coming to crack the safe?� I stood in power.

�James, I am coming over.� Mike�s voice cracked and the walkie-talkie went dead with a husk.

�Your guy? I think he�s our guy?� James said. �I think it�s 50-50? A partnership!�

�Now, it�s 60-40 for stalling. So, when is my guy coming?�

�Listen Kate, you have to give me the Walkie-Talkie so I could call Mike off or�what the f*** are you doing?�

�What the f*** does it look like?� I growled back at him.

�You can�t take your clothes off. Now f***ing now! You can�t let Mike see you like that!� He screamed.

�Oh, I can, and I am. When is my guy coming to� ?�

�Sunday! Sunday!� He will be here on Sunday.�

He can�t be f***ing here on Sunday, James. Dave�s going to be here on Sunday and Thursday.�

There was a knock on the door. James went pale. He pleaded inaudibly. I shook my head in defiance.

�James, James!� Mike�s voice came with heavy banging on the door.

�Okay, Okay,� James fluttered, �We shall conclude this tomorrow, I promise.� He whispered.

�We shall talk about this on Wednesday, and there won�t be any sexual session.�

He nodded in agreement and the knock blared louder. I gave him his walkie-talkie and he snatched it from me and rushed to the door, just when Mike announced that he was going to break down the door. James was on time. He opened the door as Mike�s shoulder was about to smash it open. Mike came through the opening with the full force and crashed against the chair.

�What the f***, Mike?� James Asked.

�What do you mean, �what the f***�? I called your talkie many times you didn�t answer.� Mike said as he picked himself up.

I tried not to laugh.

�Yeah, that was because I was busy, trying to put the light back on.� James explained.

�Apparently, you haven�t done that.� Mike said, looking up and sheathing his gun. He put on the torch.

�That�s because you interrupted when I was about to. I told you, we gotta bring in the electrician in here.�

�We will talk about that. Let�s put this back on and get the f*** outta here. Where is the lady of the house?�

�She should be in her room.� James said. �She�s always there when I am working here.�

�I am right here.� I said after watching them through the dark.

As I came towards them, James eyes was wide with fear. He thought I was still Unclad. He was relieved when he realised I was already clothed.

�Wow�� Mike said as I revealed myself in the beam of his torch. �Sorry� sorry� I shouldn�t do that.�

�It�s okay.� I smiled. �James, I heard you say you were done. I need the light now.�

�Yeah, I�m on it.� James said.

I stayed with Mike as James went away to switch on the light.

�So, when are you guys going to get me an electrician to work on�?�

�Don�t worry about it Ma�am, I will discuss that with�There you go! As good as new.� Mike said as the light came on. He smiled broadly.

He was a shy one, he tried not to look at my face. I concluded that he and James were a bunch of weak knees with women- all men are.

�Did James tell you he was an electrician before he joined the security�?�

�Let�s go, Mike.� James came in an interrupted. �Bryan shouldn�t meet us in here.�

�You�re right.� Mike smiled. �Goodnight Ma�am.�

�You guys can just have some drink. Dave wouldn�t be mind.�

�Dave?� Mike was puzzled. �Who is Dave?�

�Long story!� James interjected. �We will talk about that in the cabin.�

�Dave is the guy that��

�That�s okay Ma�am.� James interrupted me. �Please.� He said that inaudibly and I smiled.

I knew what I was doing. I need to sow a discord- let them get into a little argument when they get back to their Caravan. I needed Mike to start interrogating James. I needed James to be scared that Mike may found out about our plan and would like to share in the money or worse, try to stop him. James, would definitely get into a defensive mode. That�s all I wanted.

�Mike?� I called as they were about to leave the room.
He turned back.

�You need to save me!�

�What the f***?� James squealed.

�What�what do you mean, save you?�

�She doesn�t mean anything. Let�s go Mike!� James tried to push Mike but Mike got angry.

�Leave me, man! What the Bleep is your problem?�

�Sorry, sorry.� James said. He was disorganized.

�Lady?� Mike said, his ears in anticipation.

I smiled. �Nothing. Just joking around.�

Mike looked and James, slowly, with a frown and the type of suspicion that I hoped for- James shrugged and looked away. �I told you.� He said.

Mike was not convinced. �You know you got to tell us,� He looked at James and changed the pronoun, �tell me, if you are in danger.�

�Do I look that I am in danger?� I asked as I leaned on the doorway to the room.

�I told you.� James said and went outside.

Mike starred for some time, looked around a bit and bade me goodnight. I was happy, I got what I wanted. Now, James would move the time table up much more quicker because Mike is now a danger to him. I watched them leave and smiled to myself.

�Goodnight, idiots.� I said.

…To be continued

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