Choices – Episode 2

By Tunde Oni

Okay so I was beginning to think maybe I did not love Uche so much after all. All I gave him was about 30 minutes tears and that was it. Tola and Chinonso started to reminisce about all the hot guys we met at the club last night and Uche’s treachery lay forgotten. As expected, he came knocking at about 5pm that evening and thanks to Chinonso, I didn’t even have to face the stress of dealing with him. She gave him the talk of his life right at the door and asked him never to come back. We always had each other’s back like that and Chinonso especially does not take crap from anyone. She is usually our mouth piece. The combination of both of us was usually more fun. Tola was the level headed one. Never wants to get into trouble.

I woke up the next morning which happened to be a Sunday to the annoying sound of my alarm. I groaned and rolled over putting my pillow over my head. I contemplated whether I really wanted to go to church. I was feeling really lazy but my mind was made for me when Tola opened my door and walked straight into my room. She knew me so well already and we had this argument every Sunday. She rolled her eyes as she laid on my bed,

”Don’t even try to wriggle yourself out of it Teni, we are going to church”.

I groaned and I covered my head again, “I deserve the day resting after being cheated on”.

”Nope, more like you deserve spiritual cleansing after being cheated on, get up and start getting ready, I don’t want to be late and I still need to wake up Chinonso”.

I laughed at that, Chinonso was always harder to talk into going to church which was very funny because she danced and had fun the most once she stepped into church. She was always in her zone.

”Good luck with that babe, I will be ready on time joor. Now leave me to finish loading”

As soon as she left, I relaxed for a few more minutes and finally got up to ransack my wardrobe and sort out my outfit. We finally walked into church at about 10 a.m, while the praise and worship was going on.  As soon as I sat down  and dropped my purse on the sit, I saw him. He was sitting beside me. I was pretty sure he felt it just as much as I did. The attraction was instant. He had the most gorgeous face I had ever seen. I quickly composed myself and averted my eyes after ogling him for over a minute when I heard the Pastor say,

”somebody shout Halleluyah”

I tried my best not to look to my right after then, I kept my attention on the stage and on Tola who was sitting to my left. I passed her a note I secretly scribbled, “I just experienced love at first sight sitting to my right, Oh my God!” I saw her pass the note to Chinonso who turned and winked at me. I was so jumpy through the service and listening to the Pastor’s sermon was a strain. It did not help that he was sitting so close to me. I caught his eyes on me so many times and the smile he gave me each time was melting my heart. I had to remind myself I do not even know the guy and I just broke up with Uche the day before. I really did not need a guy right now.  My rising heartbeat was definitely telling me otherwise.

I somehow managed to finished the service without embarrassing myself and I quickly picked up my purse to escape when I felt him tap my shoulder. I took a deep breath and turned to face him,

”Hi”, I needed to keep this short so I don’t give myself away.

”Hi, my name is Josiah, my friends call me Josy. What’s your name please?”

The sincerity of the smile on his face was so contagious, I felt myself smiling back at him and saying,

”I am Oluwateniola, my friends call me Teni”.

”Okay Teni, can I see you again? I would really love to know you better”.

I began to contemplate if I wanted to dig myself deeper into this. I knew without a doubt that this guy was definitely danger to my heart.

”Please don’t say no. Just give me your number. I promise not to be a pest”

”Okay here’s my card” I said while handing him my card. ” My friends are waiting by the car so I really have to go”.

”Okay Teni, I’ll call you”.

I turned and walked away and as soon as I got to the car, trust Chinonso to start bombarding me with questions.

”So how was the your love at first sight? Full gist abeg”.

I gave them the full details of what happened and Chinonso started singing a ridiculous song..

”Teni has found her love and future…. Her voice was so ridiculous, we burst out laughing.

As soon as we got home, we started cooking jollof rice. not up to an hour later, my phone started ringing. We all looked at one another’s face and suddenly I saw Chinonso running to grab my phone. She definitely thought it was Josy calling. I saw the disappointment on her face as she handed me the phone and knew she was wrong. I checked the phone screen before picking the call,

“Hi mum, happy Sunday” I said as I walked away from the kitchen. My mum and I were quite close so I had to give her the full gist of Uche’s betrayal and since she had always had some reservations about him. I was not surprised she just told me it was good riddance. As soon as I finished speaking to my mum and eventually my dad and other three younger sisters, I ended the call and went back to join the girls in the kitchen.

I kept checking my phone throughout that day waiting for it to ring but it never did. By the end of that day, I was really angry with myself for not getting his number.

”What if he lost my card Tola?” I asked later that night.

”If you guys were destined to meet, you definitely will Teni. Stop being such a baby, He is just a guy”

”He is not just a guy Tola, he is the guy, don’t you get it?”

Chinonso just had to cut in not long after, ” Teni relax, I know the guy will call. He’s probably trying not to be too pushy”.

I went to sleep that night and yours truly, I just had to dream of that gorgeous face in my sleep. By the end of work the next day, I had to tell myself, he is probably not as into me as I am. I walked out of the office at about 5:30 p.m and went to my car only to find him leaning sexily by the side of my car.

”Hello gorgeous”

I was so shocked, I left my mouth hanging open. It took a few minutes for me to compose myself.

“What are you doing here? How did you know where I work?” This was such a pleasant surprise but I could not tell him that. so I kept a straight face.

”You gave me your business card remember and it has your office details on it. The security guard showed me your car and told me when you were coming out”

”Wow! quite impressive, I did not expect to see you so soon”, I said truthfully.

”I did not expect it either. I hardly know you but I just feel so drawn to you and I have felt like that since yesterday. Anyway, let me take you to dinner”.

”Okay, I’ll drive behind you”.

We got to a cozy chinese restaurant somewhere in Wuse 2 and talking to Josy was so easy. We talked about everything and nothing in particular. We both avoided the serious fireworks that was obviously happening between us. There was no avoiding it, we definitely had serious chemistry. As soon as we finished eating, Josiah said,

“Teni, I really like you and I am definitely attracted to you. Can I get to know you better?”

I knew I felt the same way exactly and there was no reason trying to be modest about it but before I could reply, he said,

”Wait before you decide, you need to understand something”

I raised my eyebrows at that.

“I am married” he said.

”What?” I shot up from my seat immediately like I had been burned. ”Is this a joke? Are you mad? You are married? You have a wife?”

”Yes being married means I have a wife” he said looking confused

”So what the heck are you doing taking me out to dinner?” I did not even bother to sit down again. I already picked my bag, thankful that I came in my own car.

”Teni, please don’t go yet. I am in over my head. I have never done this before. I am not a habitual cheat but I have never felt so drawn to anyone at first glance in my life like I felt with you. I know you feel it too”.

I was so angry at the rubbish he was spitting out. ”Look here Mr Josiah, I don’t care if you cheat on a daily basis or monthly basis. Whatever stupid thing we could have felt evaporated the moment you mentioned the ‘M’ word. I do not date other people’s husbands. I cannot be your mistress. Tear up my card and do not ever call me again”.

I stormed out of the restaurant and it wasn’t until I had my car finally on the road before my anger began to dissipate. I cannot believe I wasted 24 hours crushing over a freaking married man.

…to be continued


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