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Last time on David Finley

Ginger visits David in prison and it doesn’t end well. Felicia is back, she strangles Naomi. Lady Mosette works against the first lady and Tamuno. Ginger decided to get another kidney from the morgue as the dead girl’s kidney doesn’t match Emily’s.

(Ginger’s office)
(Dr Vince barges into the office)

Dr Vince: (shouts) You must be insane Dr Finley!

Ginger: (smiles) Calm down! You don’t need to raise your voice like that!

Vince: why shouldn’t I? I don’t like this at all…I can’t be a part of this. This is wrong and illegal

Ginger: come on. This time around, there will be no mistakes. Trust me 

Vince: I want out! I won’t be a part of this devilish and criminal body hunting! How do you two sleep at night? Jesus! (he storms out)

(Cokers mansion)
(Austin opens the front door to meet a man in his early thirties)
Austin: can I help you?

Man: I am Louis. I want to see Lady Mosette 

Austin: do you have an appointment?

Louis: No…I …

Austin: She is not around…

Louis: Okay…is Funmi in? (Austin looks at him suspiciously) I am Dr Gilbert’s son. I have unfinished business with the cokers…

Austin: Dr Gilbert? That name sounds familiar…

Louis: (rolls his eyes) Can I come in?

(Austin makes way for him to enter. He goes to call Funmi as Louis settles in. He arrives a Few minutes later with Funmi)

Funmi: (smiles)Good day…

Louis: Its Louis…Good day 

Funmi: How may I help you?

Louis: I came to see the lady of the house. We have some unfinished business.

Funmi: (frowns) I don’t get. If you are looking for trouble, you are in the wrong place.

Louis: I want justice for my late father. I have a video that shows the role my father and others played in the Martins case.

Funmi: I am not interested. Take your video elsewhere. Or better still take it to David in Prison. I think coming here to stir up things wasn’t well thought. You should know better. If that is all you want to show us, I suggest you leave 

Louis: Hmmm…this is shocking 

Funmi: I am tired. We are tired and want all these to end. Enough of the shenanigans!

Louis: (smiles) You are definitely the wrong one 

Funmi: thank you 

(Cokers mansion)
(The kitchen)
(Ginger lights a wrap of marijuana and puffs. She opens the kitchen window, goes the fridge to take a keg of milk, gulps it and returns to the window. Funmi walks in with Princesa)
Funmi: (shocked) What is that smell? You smoke weed 

Ginger: (winks) Surgeons need inspiration at times.

Funmi: Do you consider those around you at all, I mean we have a baby in the house!

(Mama Ogadi enters)

Mama Ogadi: (smiles) My children what is going on here? (looks at Funmi and then Ginger) Is that ganja? Is she smoking here?

Funmi: Yes! Mama Ogadi she is smoking. I walked in with Princesa to make cereal for the little one and bumped into this Doctor, who should know better, smoking!

Mama Ogadi: (shouts) Oyinbo! Me no say make u no smoke but no be for where pikin dey. At least use common sense!

Ginger: (looks at them and smiles) Are you done? (grabs the milk keg and strides out)

Mama Ogadi: The lady has to know o

Funmi: definitely!

(Cokers mansion)
(Ginger’s room)
(Austin knocks on the door)
Ginger: (faintly) Come in 

(Austin enters the dimly lit room to meet her in her underwear beside the bed. She is smoking)

Austin: (smacks and licks his lips) I came to return your earphones bad girl!

Ginger: (stone eyed) Oh! Boy…thanks…lock the door behind you. Let’s share this wrap (taps the floor) Hurry and join me here

(Austin obeys and is soon beside her. He collects the wrap from her and puffs.)

(Ventura Hospital, Lekki)
(Dr Chaudry’s office)
(Bode sits across the table facing Dr Chaudry)
Dr Chaudry: I was at LUTH and the doctors there come highly recommended. In fact they have an American in charge of things for now. LUTH is the best fit for you 

Bode: (sighs) this feels surreal…I can’t believe that I will be going under the knife 

Dr Chaudry: (smiles) Don’t be scared. Competent hands at LUTH will make the experience smooth. I trust them to do a good job.

Bode: But…but…when you called, you said that there is a slight issue. What could that be?

Dr Chaudry: There is a waiting list and in order to move you to the top of the list, you have to part with some money.

Bode: Should I be surprised? Nigeria is my country… How much are we looking at?

Dr Chaudry: I have no idea but I have arranged a meeting with the medical director. We will finalise everything once we meet him.

Bode: (sighs) okay 

(Tamuno’s house, Abuja)
(Lady Mosette, Tamuno and Nkechi sit in the living room with paperworks in front of them)
Lady Mosette: twenty five trucks of rice have been set aside for the south eastern women 

Tamuno: hmmm…that is five trucks more than the other geo political areas.

Nkechi: It is only logical that they get that amount after being maligned over the years. They have to feel that this new government will be all inclusive and be in their interest.

Tamuno: (smiles) Brilliant…

Lady Mosette: Nkechi…how much did we set aside for the women leaders? I have thirty two million naira here…check your figures

Nkechi: (checks some papers) I have the same amount here. But I was thinking…

Tamuno: (looks at her) what dear?

Nkechi: (looks at Lady Mosette for permission. Lady Mosette nods) I was thinking…forty eight million will be appropriate. Look at these papers. They justify the forty eight million (hands them some papers)

Tamuno: looks good. What do you think lady Mosette?

Lady Mosette: (stands) I need to use the rest room. Good job Nkechi…(leaves)

Tamuno: (smiles) Good job Nkechi (winks)

Nkechi: (smacks her lips ) thanks boss

(Ikoyi Prison)
(In the visitors room, David sits in front of Louis, a table in between them and a guard close by)

David: We’ve been talking for some minutes and I don’t know where you are going with this meeting. I’m bored!

Louis: You killed my father and you will forever rot in prison. This one you are serving here will be nothing compared to what you will get when justice takes its full course 

David: (laughs) Is that all? I presume that will be your dramatic parting lines (claps) Bravo! Tony worthy! 

Louis: You think I’m joking right?

David: Oh no! I know you are serious. I mean…you are not Basketmouth

Louis: ha ha ha 

David: Yea…excuse me. (stands to leave) guard take me away 

Louis: Not before I do this! (brings out a bread knife and stabs David in the chest)


  1. Wow! Been waiting for this all day and you didn't disappoint me. Way to go!

    This Ginger and Austin weed romance is something else o.

    And what was this Louis dude thinking when he stabbed David? Smh for him.

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